Firebug 0.4

Firebug 0.4 is here! Along with Web Developer Toolbar, it’s a fabulous tool for web developers and turns Firefox into a fantastic environment for building and creating websites.

Firebug’s primary focus is on Javascript. It provides an improved version of the Javascript Console, a Javascript debugger , various inspectors and live editing of the DOM! In the past I’ve tried to debug Javascript in the same way I debug PHP – in PHP I use a print_r() call at various points in the file (a bit like a poor man’s version of breakpoints). I tried to replicate this by using alert() in Javascript but most of the time, it wasn’t very useful. Firebug makes it a lot easier to work with and debug Javascript.

New in this version:

  • Javascript Debugger with breakpoints, line-by-line stepping and variable inspection. Can replace Venkman.
  • Stack Trace
  • Error Debugger: can break on error
  • Console logging

See a full changelog

LiveHTTPHeaders is another extension that I love. I rarely use it but it’s there and available when it’s needed. This one is useful for debugging issues with cookies (e.g. checking expiration dates, paths, etc.)

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