Bon Echo Alpha 3

Mozilla Developer Centre reports that Bon Echo (Firefox 2.0) Alpha 3 has been released.

This alpha contains Safe Browsing phishing protection from Google, Google Suggest and Yahoo Suggest integration and Web Applications 1.0 Client Side Storage


I really dislike the phishing protection in it’s current state and the suggest integration as it interferes with the old autocomplete mechanism which was a lot more useful (see footnote). Try it out and if you agree, let’s try and get this fixed for 2.0.

Testing without messing up Firefox 1.5

If you don’t want to screw up your existing Firefox 1.5 installation, download Portable Bon Echo. Portable Bon Echo comes with Alpha 1 and you’ll want Alpha 3 so download the latest Bon Echo build as a zip file and replace the contents of the firefox/ directory so it contains the files for Alpha 3.

What’s new?

Check out my review of Firefox 2.0 Alpha 2 for details on some of the new features and improvements. Microsummaries are pretty amazing and at the moment is one of my favourite new features. Grab XPath Generator to create some microsummaries. 

The Burning Edge has a pretty comprehensive list of what’s new in Firefox 2.0. 

Edit at 15:00 – It seems like Alpha 3 has an improved Suggest box which combines autocomplete and suggestions from Google/Yahoo. I’m a bit more pisitive about the new functionality although I still wonder how much value Suggest adds. 

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