Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream is a cool computer-generated 10 minute film created using open source software – mainly Blender. It’s licensed under the Creative Commons. I’m not sure exactly what it’s about and what the storyline is (beyond me) but the graphics are pretty impressive and look fantastic.


It reminds me a bit of Blue: A Short Film which is a 23 minute CC-licensed CG short film. Blue is "a sci-fi adventure about a small robot who wakes up all alone on a space station and gets into more trouble than he can handle". You can get it at LegalTorrents.com.

3 thoughts on “Elephants Dream

  1. You may have noticed that I had mentioned Elephants Dream in my MSN name for a week or so until about 2 days ago. It shows what open-source can do, and reports are that DVD sales have actually enabled the project to make profit! Amazing stuff, though the storyline is beyond me – the ending wasn’t really an ending, was it?!

  2. Seemed very matrixy. As they said on Lug Radio though, you can see why Pixar and co also pay alot for the script writers and voicers, but a brilliant show of what open source can actually acheive, maybe soon we’ll see more and more open movies- possibly full length.

  3. Yeah, I wondered if it was supposed to be a parody of the matrix but it didn’t really seem to have any references anywhere.

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