SUSE better than Vista?

A writer at Desktop Linux (biased, obviously) compares Vista and SUSE Linux and concludes that SUSE is the better operating system. He cites issues getting wireless networking working on Vista and the ease of getting it working on SUSE (although it does sound quite technical).

The reviewer also says Aero Glass (apparently Aero stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open) runs quite badly and has issues such as bluriness and artifacts. Now I’ve not used Vista so I’m not going to comment on any specifics but simply what I’ve read through the blogosphere and on sites such as Win SuperSite.

The UI

Vista’s glass might look nice but it doesn’t help the user achieve the end task – whether that might be to find information on the internet or finish that essay. The UI may even slow down the user as they can’t see which window is selected as easily as would be possible on Windows XP. From screenshots, the title bar text can also be a lot harder to read on Vista with glass turned on.

Vista’s "Aero Glass" is said to use quite a lot of system resources – you can turn it off to increase readability and possibly make your system run a bit better but I much prefer the look of Luna Element.

Ubuntu and SuSE don’t have such nice looking interfaces but they’re practical and usable which is the main thing.


The main thing that has been preventing me from switching to Linux in the past has been the lack of support for Windows applications. There are about 8 programs I use every day:

  • Mozilla Firefox – This is available on Linux.
  • Microsoft Office – Open Office is *OK* but I much prefer Microsoft Office
  • mIRC – Xchat is satisfactory or mIRC can be run through WINE
  • MSN Messenger – I have yet to find a good MSN Messenger client for Linux
  • Media Player – amaroK is better than Windows Media Player
  • Crimson Editor – There is no shortage of fantastic text editors on Linux
  • Paint Shop Pro – I have yet to find a good image editor for Linux
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – This is available on Linux

The main issues are the lack of Microsoft Office, image editor and IM client for Linux. Many more applications these days are cross-platform which is fantastic and open source applications get better by the day. Some of them still lack on the usability front (GIMP) but I think Linux applications are coming close to their Windows counterparts.

Anyways, WINE is pretty good these days and many Windows applications will run without any issues. 

Other Reasons

Based on security and speed, Linux beats Windows outright. On Linux you can pretty much live without anti-spyware programs and anti-virus which can slow your computer to a crawl on Windows.

My current PC is over 2 years old and it’s still got quite a bit of life in it. I’m not planning on upgrading the PC but I’d like to change the operating system as Windows XP has way too many security issues and has ran quite slowly when AVG is scanning the system. At the moment, Linux looks a lot more attractive to me than XP, or Vista.

9 thoughts on “SUSE better than Vista?

  1. Thanks for the info! Crossover looks quite nice; shame it costs extra!

    I haven’t tried Gaim 2.0 yet but I looked through the changelog and it seems like it does custom smileys now. The main problem I’ve had with Gaim in the past is the slow MSN file transfers. I’ll try out Gaim 2.0 though; as MSN 8 continues to add more bloat and junk to Messenger.  

  2. I find the GIMP illogical and hard to use. However this may be because I haven’t used it for an extended amount of time like I have with PSP.

  3. Lets see:

    As for a PSP alike, newer versions of wine OR gimpshop.

    MSN Client: Well, gaim is all i know, but you should know that wine keeps improving these days

    And as for crossover, compile it from source. If your satisfied, buy it. if not, download the trial, which has a kickass gui, which automatically fixes up your settings.

    After trying vista, i really wish there would be a way to use compiz on it, because my linux bootloader is gone right now and my suse cd1 wont boot(dirty)

    I got used to regular gimp. Although, i do wish the tool window was a toolbar and every file open was an mdi window inside of the toolwindow. And the brush settings should be changable on hand… Thats very annoying to not have. I need to try gimpshop one of these days.

  4. about 6 months ago i stoped using winslows XP(due to me having a pirated copy), now i use linux mepis (, i am more than pleased with my switch… i have never used anything other than windows before that. it did seem somewhat complicated at first.. but with some simple google serches, i have yet to run into any problems that i cannot solve. GAIM is alright except for the fact that there you cannot do a voice chat. i have used WINE, its not all that good, its missing alot of the dlls needed for common programs and it dose not allow you to install drivers, but i did get a couple good programs from it. i am very happy with crossover, i was able to get all the games that i play, itunes, adobe CS, but it was kind of slow when playing online games.
    my solution:
    i took the source codes from WINE, crossover, and reactOS ::cough::and a few windows bits and pieces ::cough:: , and made one program(i had to make a completely new GUI oviously), but i havnt had any problems with any installation since.
    with that and the sheer brute strenght (not to mention the uncomparable security and faster wireless connection) combined with linux mepis. winslows is horrible slow, unreliable, expensive, and ugly, now when people menton the word "windows"… i laugh at them… bill gates has enough money… OS’s should be free…
    but, if you are not going to be spending alot of time on the internet, and already have winslow, and are satisfied with its unstibility, and dont feel like spending about a week to get linux to work how you want it to, then linux is not for you.



  5. Vista is awesome, I beleive Linux is crap. I ran *nix for over 7 years back when I was an admin for a startup ISP back in the day and I hated every minute of it. Having to recompile kernels to fix modules and having to compile every peice of software known to man. It’s a pain in the neck. Also Linux is one of the most hacked operating systems in existance, you just dont hear much about it because linux doesn’t make any money and does not hold hardly any consumer market share and defiantly does not hold the publics attention because only super/l33t users know what it is. Also the applications available for linux are plentiful if you like buggy GNU software, because 99% of it is just that. So if you like stuggling non-stop to achive your daily acitivities and like operating systems that are extremely verbose and formal in their operation then by all means run Linux. If you want a comfortable area to get your work done without having to be a genous or type 100+ wpm then go with Vista. Also if you are in to gaming then linux flat out looses. Wine is a poor pile of crap that can’t emulate Windows worth a damn, and it wont be able to emulate DirectX 10 which is what every new game comming out is going to be using. I think I pretty much said it all 😀 I’ll probably never come back to this page again because I just randomly came accross it so go nuts on your responses 😀  

  6. I use linux every off and then. I tried many distros. The one I try most of the times is Suse. I love the interface and how smooth it runs. There are many issues when running linux on a laptop. Most of the hotkeys don’t run since the laptop is programmed to run on windows. Linux doens’t have shockwave player which many of the school application use (Forget the gaming world). It takes forever to use a shared printer over the network (printer on the windows server). I really do prefer to use Linux but it doesn’t offer all the support for a student trying to use it for college applications.

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