Nofollow fails

Dylan Tweney says nofollow is Google’s embarrasing mistake

Since its enthusiastic adoption a year and a half ago, by Google, Six Apart, WordPress, and of course the eminent Dave Winer, I think we can all agree that nofollow has done … nothing. Comment spam? Thicker than ever. It’s had absolutely no effect on the volume of spam. That’s probably because comment spammers don’t give a crap, because the marginal cost of spamming is so low. Also, nofollow-tagged links are still links, which means that humans can still click on them–and if humans can click, there’s a chance somebody might visit the linked sites after all. Heck, if we really wanted to eliminate comment spam, why don’t we just get rid of hyperlinks altogether?

Jeremy Zawodny says:

Look. Linking is part of what makes the web work. If you’re actually concerned about every link you make being counted in some global database of site endorsements, you’re probably over-thinking just a bit. Life’s too short for that, ya know? Link and be linked to. Let the search engines sort it out.

I’ve never been a fan of nofollow and there seem to be more effective ways of stopping spam by stopping spam in the first place rather than preventing spam from getting Google-juice.

If you use WordPress, Dofollow will remove nofollow from your links encouraging your visitors to leave comments and stop Google from penalizing blogs (blogs tend to link to each another using nofollow so blogs get less pagerank than they deserve)

Via Jeremy Zawodny.

  • In September, Google used nofollow to stop Katrina Charities from getting PageRank from the Google Homepage.

One thought on “Nofollow fails

  1. Jeremy Zawodny is right on. The Web is the Web because of links. Why couldn’t Google figure out which part of the HTML in a blog page is the comments section and deal with off beat links accordingly. Google could build a rocket ship if they wanted, I think they can handle this. I’m sure this was a very economical attempt to "fix it" though.

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