Update, Geneone 0.6.3

For those of you who have tried to comment over the last week or so and have had problems, I’m very sorry; the issue has now been fixed. A big thank you to Dagur for letting me know.

Geneone 0.6.3

I’ve released a build which contains all of the work on Geneone over the last few months. There is social tagging functionality in the forums, the ability to move discussions, users can re-use old names, a tidyup of the Javascript (smaller prototype, JSON, fix IE bugs) and some big security improvements regarding session security.

Geneone is still in a technology preview state. It isn’t even alpha yet, so you should not run it on a production website. This release is unfinished and will contain bugs. There will be no way to upgrade from this version to a later one and pretty much every version has broken backwards compatibility with the previous one.

If your still interested, download it (911 KB). 

See full changelog

I’ve been releasing a build around the 12th of each month for the last few months. I hope to reach a more stable stage with a script which can be tested in a few months time. 

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