YTMNDs in Firefox

I’m sure everyone has visited YTMND before – a real work of modern internet art. Unfortunately for me, I’ve had troubles getting YTMND to work in Firefox before – Firefox displays the yellow information bar saying a plugin needs to be installed. When you click it, it tells you to install Quicktime even when Quicktime is installed.

It seems the problem actually occurs due to a Quicktime configuration issue.

Fixing the Issue

Go to Control Panel and click on "Quicktime". Go to the "Browser" tab and click on MIME Settings. Check the boxes next to Audio and MP3. Restart Firefox and sounds on YTMND should now play in Firefox. Now you don’t have to switch to Internet Explorer to view YTMNDs!


There are way too many great YTMNDs to list. Here are a couple of sci-fi related YTMNDs:

See a list of YTMND fads.

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