Further to yesterday’s crazy CAPTCHA:

Codeman38 pointed out in the comments: “that one is amazingly baroque. Not only do you have to deal with looking at the squares in numerical order in a parallel grid… the letters *still* aren’t legible even then! (Is character 4 ‘G’ or ‘C’? Is 6 ‘M’ or ‘N’?)”

More Crazy CAPTCHAs

Well, this one was beyond me. I can make out the 3, 4 and K. My guesses would number 2 and 4 would be 4 and G.

This could be SY9C22 or CS2Y29. Compared to the other CAPTCHAs you can get, this one looks quite simple. If I were a bot, I’d refresh the page continuously until I got this CAPTCHA.

Well, at least this one has instructions. Unfortunately, the text isn’t exactly easy to read either. Is the first character of the last CAPTCHA supposed to be a lowercase g or a number 9? Looks more like a “g” to me but all the other letters are capitals. On the last line, between the A and 1 – is that stroke a character or decoration? Line 2 has a similar issue – at the end: a 1 or redundant decoration?

On the first line, is the last character a sans-serif 1, an I or a lower case l?

Are we going too far with CAPTCHAs?

4 thoughts on “More CAPTCHA WTF

  1. Even simple CAPTCHA’s have allways anoyed me. So much as to mean that in many cases I won’t post/register.

    When I do decide to try my luck I frequently find myself having to tryserveral times before sucess. This whilst thinking I was making a very carefull entry. 

    I understand the need for them but I hate them and wish there was a better solution.

  2. The first one, I *think*, is 3446K… but I can’t be certain. It’s supposed to look like 3D ‘mountains’, it seems, but the render’s not very good.

    The second one has the significant readability problem you mention: is left-to-right more significant than top-to-bottom, or vice versa? The letters are staggered just enough to make it ambiguous. If it weren’t for that problem, though, you’re right, it’d be a cinch.

    That last one, on the other hand… now that looks positively demonic. Trying to match up the images with all the visual interference in the background is a taxing enough task with mild dyslexia… but on top of that, they made the elementary mistake of combining characters that are easily confused for one another by humans. I *think* the letters are all caps (and an instruction to that effect, embedded in the image, would be useful), but even then, for instance, ‘I’ and ‘1’ can be ambiguous in some fonts.

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