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Further to my earlier post about Messenger Plus! Live, I decided to flex my Javascript skills so I attempted to write a script for Messenger Plus! Live. It was dead easy to write a script; even easier than writing a Firefox extension. I suppose my script is fairly basic as it doesn’t require any new UI or i18n or anything but I’m still quite impressed how easy Patchou made it to write a script.

This is a dead simple script. All it does is it reads a text file every 10 minutes, picks out a random non-blank line from that file and then sets that as your Personal Message on Messenger. You could use this script with IRC logs, a list of quotes, etc.

Source Code

function updateMessage() {
    FileSystem = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
    file = FileSystem.OpenTextFile("E:/Documents/testfile.txt", 1);
    i = 0;
    lines = new Array();

    while(!file.AtEndOfStream) {
        line = file.ReadLine();
        if (line != '') {
            lines[i] = line;

    linenum = Math.floor(Math.random()*lines.length)-1;
    Messenger.MyPersonalMessage = lines[linenum];

function OnEvent_Initialize(MessengerExit) { }
function OnEvent_Uninitialize(MessengerExit) { }

function OnEvent_Signin(email) {
    if (email == Messenger.MyEmail) {
        MsgPlus.AddTimer('randomtext', 600000);

function OnEvent_Timer(timerId) {
    if (timerId == 'randomtext') {
        MsgPlus.AddTimer('randomtext', 600000);

Hopefully most of this script should be fairly self-explanatory. OnEvent_Signin is called when a user signs in. This function checks that it is the current user who has just signed in, and if so calls updateMessage() and schedules the next call for in 10 minutes time.

OnEvent_Timer gets called when a timer is triggered – in this case it’ll get called after 10 minutes. The function calls updateMessage() and schedules the next call for in another 10 minutes time. updateMessage() opens a text file, reads the whole file putting it into an array and then selects a random line and sets it as the personal message. 


To use it, go to Plus > Scripts and select "Create New". Enter a name for the script and paste the contents of the script above into it and save it. You’ll have to sign out/sign in or restart Messenger to make it work. Make sure you’ve also changed the path to the text file which is E:/Documents/testfile.txt by default.

It’ll overwrite your whole personal message. If you want it to appear as part of your personal message, concatenate the random line with something else. For example, you could change:

Messenger.MyPersonalMessage = lines[linenum];


Messenger.MyPersonalMessage = 'My Personal Message | '+lines[linenum]; 

If you want to change the update interval, change the value of 600000 (600000ms is 10 minutes).

19 thoughts on “Messenger Plus! Random Text Script

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  2. Hi.

    For some reason this didn’t work for me, so I changed it a little bit (I got errors in the OnEvent_Signin() function, something about line 3 that ” isn’t a valid name).

    I put:

    MsgPlus.AddTimer(‘randomtext’, 600000); 

    in the OnEvent_Initialize() function and deleted the OnEvent_Signin() function. Now it works.

    Also, remember that when you specify the filename of the PM file and you’re using a backslash, make sure to use 2 backslashes (\\) instead of 1. If you don’t you’ll get a "File not found" error.

    Thanks anyway! 

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  7. Okay people if you were downloading MSN plus from the actual site you wouldnt need an activation code,

    Also to the girl with the script thingy that send viruses or what eve out

    Thats called the MSN VIRUS

    You need to make a new MSN account

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