Geneone: UI, Drafts, Templating

Over the last week or two, I’ve been working on Geneone to revamp the UI a little, switch templating systems and to implement a Drafts system.

UI Updates

As part of the effort to try to turn Geneone into a BSD-licensed software, I’ve removed all Crystal SVG images and replaced them with images from the Tango Project.

Moderate UI 

The full moderate discussion UI has icons and description of what each function does. Commands such as "Move Discussion" should really be lumped in with these options too. Looks a bit wierd with the radio button in between the description and icon but I think it makes it easier to use. I also considered using checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

Notification UI

These new message classes mean there is a more consistant look across the whole application and the messages are more visible and harder to miss than before. 


Drafts are a real nice feature. They allow you to save a copy of your content on the server which may be half-finished. You can return to it later, either to finish it off and publish the content or you could save it as a draft again. As drafts are implemented in the actual application rather than the object code, you can save drafts for any type of content – blog entries, forum comments, pages, etc. 


When you have some saved drafts, you’ll get an extra item on your "member bar". Click on this to access all of your drafts. From here you can continue editing them or delete them. When you select to edit them, the draft will load into the form. Options such as categories/tags will not get lost when you save it in your draft.


As previously mentioned, Geneone now uses Gene_Template which is a dead simple templating layer which uses PHP to parse your templates. I’m a big fan of the new templating system – it’s 3.7KB instead of 300KB for Smarty.

2 thoughts on “Geneone: UI, Drafts, Templating

  1. It looks really nice and it’s a positive change to see smaller icons in the Geneone interface! You remember you were criticised for the default UI of Geneone for looking too much like a Wikipedia site, well the new message classes may get you more! Really nice improvements and hopefully the templating changes will make it easier to design for. 

    Oh, I do hope you’re not using tables… 😛

  2. Damn right I’m using tables!

    In the first and third screenshots. The first because I couldn’t be bothered to get it to work in CSS (and there is next to zero benefit of doing so), the third one because it’s tabular data so should be in a table. 

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