Foxytunes 2.0

Most of you have probably heard of Foxytunes before – it’s a Firefox extension which allows you to control your media player from within Firefox. I used it for a few days a long time ago but I got rid of it as I have a multimedia keyboard with buttons to change tracks and I didn’t find it particularly useful.

Jed Brown has some screenshots from Foxytunes 2.0 and describes some of the new features. There’s a auto-hide feature saving you space on the toolbars, it shows your album covers and it’s dead easy to use Foxytunes to find lyrics, images and information on the current song your listening to.

Where FoxyTunes 1 was simply an interface to use your media player from Firefox, FoxyTunes 2 integrates your music experience into Firefox and gives you easy and quick access to internet information related to what you’re listening to.

You can download the demo and see some screencasts on the Foxytunes website

  • A while ago Songbird Media Player did the rounds. It’s a media player which integrated Mozilla and VLC code. Between Foxytunes and Songbird, I think Foxytunes has a better approach – it builds on what is already there rather than reinventing the wheel.

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