Blog Update

Just to let you know, there will probably be a big software update (hopefully tonight) on this blog as I upload the last two weeks worth of development work.

  • There may be possible downtime.
  • The URL to the RSS feed will change from rdf.php to xml.php. I’ll leave a HTTP redirect at the old URL. If your feed client doesn’t support redirects, you may be screwed.
  • The format of the feed will change from RSS 1.0 to Atom 1.0. If your client does not support Atom 1.0, you may again be screwed.
  • There will now be 10 entries in the feed rather than 5.
  • There may be errors and/or strange looking pages across the whole of as there are tons of templates and the chances are I’ll miss something whilst merging the codebases.

This update will bring the codebase up to date and will have some of the improvements described here.

I’m looking at a public alpha of the software in the next few months. 

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