You know what I’m talking about… people who keep talking about AJAX and Web 2.0. What’s up with that? I mean… I’m making a website and your making a website and you’re pretending your site is more cool and flashy ‘coz it’s 2.0. How would you like it if I wrote a blog and you read it and all I did was write about AJAX, how it is a new generation of web technologies, how Google is going to write an operating system to destroy Microsoft and how your site is so cool that it’s a whole version above the rest. And every time you make a site, I think you suck because guess what… I’m Web 2.0. I hate you AJAX people. Arggh, so mad! Argh!

You know what, I’m gonna call you guys Xajas from now on. People who are always constantly banging on about AJAX are Xajas. Spread the word guys! They’re called Xajas! Xajas! Grr!

Stolen and adapted from Wine Kone

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