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Recently Sunny Boy started writing a "Blog of the Week" feature which I really like the concept of. It’s a nice way of writing about and pointing people towards other similar and relevant blogs. At the moment I’m linking to 5 of my favourite blogs in the footer; I’ll probably replace this feature with "Blog of the Week".

I don’t believe I’ll stick to a weekly schedule so the chances are there will be some weeks where there are two Blog of the Weeks and there may be weeks when there are none. It’s just a nice trademark

Jensen Harris

Jensen Harris works for Microsoft on the UI of Office 2007 and has a fabulous blog which details and documents many of the new features and interface improvements in Office 2007. It’s a really interesting blog as it isn’t the normal marketing speak from Microsoft – the blog details some of the thinking behind the interface changes and some of the testing done.

Among the interesting posts:

For Office 2007 fans, user interface designers, Jakob Nielsen wannabes it’s a great read. The amount of posts has slowed down in the last few weeks but I guess that’s to be expected as Office 2007 is becoming a lot more stable and is almost ready to ship.

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