A while ago I reported on phpBB’s new CAPTCHAs which I really disliked as they were esoteric and tricky. Well, here’s another interesting CAPTCHA I came across today – possibly one of the strangest CAPTCHAs (albeit amusing) I’ve ever seen.

It’s a “Web 2.0” mashup with the website HotOrNot and tries to determine whether you are a human by checking whether the three people you chose and deemed to be the hottest match those of other HotOrNot visitors.

The site offers a quick and easy way to use their web service to implement this CAPTCHA. From the site:

“I met my wife on your captcha!!!” — Steve, from New York

Thinking about it, it’d probably be dead easy for a robot to pass the CAPTCHA by mining data from HotOrNot, but it’s an amusing CAPTCHA regardless.

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