Geneone 0.6.7 Technology Preview

I’ve just released an updated build of Geneone which features all of the modifications and improvements made over the last month.

What’s changed? 

Key changes include:

  • Replacement of Smarty templating engine with Gene_Template
    This means you can now use the more powerful and easier PHP in your templates. Templates should also be simpler to understand.
  • Drafts
    You can now save half-finished blog entries or forum posts to the server and return to them later. More information in the post about drafts.
  • User Interface Update
    In the continuing effort to try to remove all GPL-licensed code from Geneone, I’ve replaced the Crystal SVG icons with icons from the Tango Project. There are also some error message and moderation UI changes.
  • Syndication
    Feeds now use the Atom 1.0 syndication format and blog entries reference the feed URL of the main blog as well as the comment feed.
  • Revisions
    You can now revert to older revisions of a document.

See full changelog.


Geneone is still in a technology preview state. It isn’t even alpha yet, so you should not run it on a production website. This release is unfinished and will contain bugs. There will be no way to upgrade from this version to a later one and pretty much every version has broken backwards compatibility with the previous one.

If your still interested, download it (810 KB).

One thought on “Geneone 0.6.7 Technology Preview

  1. Are you still Carrying on with Geneone if not please can you tell me your email to talk about it.

    Also i have had problems installing it!

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