The Internet's Obsession with Google

I only use 2 Google services every day: Google Search (Web & Images) and Google Adsense (not out of choice but because every site on the net has Adsense these days). I have not replaced MSN Messenger with Google Talk, I have not replaced Thunderbird with Gmail, I have not replaced Microsoft Office with Writely and Google Spreadsheets.

I admit, Google makes some decent products. Google’s search engine is still miles ahead of the competition and I can’t see myself using another search engine for quite an amount of time. Google Earth provides fantastic satellite imagery but I’ve never used it for anything else. Google Toolbar, Picasa, Desktop, Talk, Spreadsheets can be useful utilities but I’ve never liked them. Other companies – notably Microsoft – make much better products. Google Video is pretty decent but Youtube knocks the socks off Google (primarily because it has decent content). Google Maps has been easily rivalled by Yahoo and Microsoft’s offerings.

What really annoys me is every time I log on to the internet there’ll be an article on half the blogs I read and Digg speculating about a future Google product launch. Everytime there is a change in the robots.txt file it’ll make headline news. Someone will find a file which Google has accidently left on the web and people begin speculating. A small change to the visual user interface of Adsense or some screenshots of some user interface changes to Google which are currently being tested get posted again and again and again.

Sure, Google are a great company. They’ve done some great things. But people are obsessed with Google and every single trivial thing to do with Google will make the headlines. And right now, I’m sick of reading about Google. 

4 thoughts on “The Internet's Obsession with Google

  1. Right on! I hardly use Google’s products…not so much b/c I don’t like Google, but rather because there seem to be better competing products around. Google can only afford to come out with crap products b/c they offer them for free or direct traffic from their search to it. But even that seemed to have failed in the case of Froogle.

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