Is the iPod Nano "up to scratch"?

The iPod Nano scratch story has been getting huge attention in the online media, national newspapers and even local newspapers. The BBC’s story made the front page of the BBC News website. The Register covers the problem of iPod Nanos easily scratching again and asks if the iPod Nano is “not up to scratch.”

The register says there are almost 600 forum posts on the Apple forums. A search through the blog search engines also shows many iPod Nano users are unhappy with the iPod Nano.

Scratched iPods

The original story on The Register carried the story of someone who managed to scratch their iPod Nano by wiping it on a cotton t-shirt:

“I found that my black 4GB Nano scratched within minutes after peeling off the protective wrapper and wiping it with a cotton T-shirt”

It seems like the head of Microsoft’s Windows division bought an iPod Nano the day it came out. He said it stopped working after a day.

The BBC tells the story of a 15 year old who had saved up to buy a Nano and found the machine had a cracked screen within just three ours after buying it.

“I pulled my iPod out and my heart dropped. The LCD was half destroyed, but there is no visible scratch or mark on the outside of the iPod,” he wrote.

The iPod Repair company, iPod ResQ, has announced a price increase for Nano screen replacements because of “overwhelming demand”. Apple says, that the screen is made from the toughest materials and subject to vigourous tests.

This site has complaints from many iPod Nano users about the product. According to The Register, sales of the Nano are also slow. By scrapping their most popular model, the iPod Mini, and replacing it with the iPod Nano which has had impossibly bad press, could this be the end of the reign of the iPod?

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