YouTube is probably the internet’s favourite video site. It has videos such as clips from television shows such as The Office, Extras and the Simpsons, movie trailers, Karl Pilkington clips, etc. There are also some great music videos and parodies.

It seems like everything on Youtube which is actually worth watching is copyrighted and may not be on Youtube legally. Type in the name of a television show or celebrity and you’ll normally find a few dozen clips from the show. These range from blatently pirated recordings where someone has taken a camcorder into a cinema to DVD rips of films and deleted scenes.

For example, type in the name of a fantastic science fiction television show and the videos include opening credits, whole episodes, outtakes, DVD features and even alternate opening titles

Most of this content probably isn’t legal although I know that Youtube have deals with some companies so there’s no telling whether what you’re watching on Youtube is actually allowed to be there. However, most of it is probably illegal so I don’t know how Youtube gets away with it. 

Besides copyrighted content, there is nothing decent to watch on Youtube. Music videos (where people take clips from a show and remix them to music) are most likely illegal as they contain copyrighted music. In fact, the only thing worth watching on Youtube which isn’t copyrighted commercial content is probably The Wine Kone. But even his videos often contain clips of copyrighted commercial music.

Google Video is an example of a website which actually stops people from uploading copyrighted content (or makes it difficult). It’s no where near as popular and there isn’t much to watch on it.

And apparently Youtube is worth $1bn. Anyone who buys Youtube is buying nothing but lawsuits.

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