Swift: Safari on Windows

Three months ago I posted some links to services which allowed you to test your website in Safari. Most people use Windows these days, and KHTML/Webkit is the only major browser not available on Windows.


Click the image for a full screenshot. 

WebKit has since been ported to Windows and there is now a browser called Swift which implements it. It’s at version 0.1 alpha stage and the browser itself is pretty rough – it crashed on me several times, a lot of stuff doesn’t work, etc. Additionally, the mousewheel and right-click doesn’t work.

It probably won’t look exactly the same on a Mac because of things like fonts and screen differences, but it’s a pretty good way of making sure your site and Javascript works with the WebKit engine without having to fork out a few hundred dollars for the Mac Mini. 

(Oh, install it for all users on the system, not "just me" or it won’t work) 

2 thoughts on “Swift: Safari on Windows

  1. I downloaded it earlier this week. Pretty nice but it’s extremely buggy and it can’t seem to browse local files (via direct address bar input).


    Good idea none the less. 

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