Windows Sounds and Music

I was looking around my Windows folder as I wanted to retrieve copies of the sounds Windows uses. I discovered three very strange sounds:

  • C:\Windows\Media\FLOURISH.MID
  • C:\Windows\Media\ONESTOP.MID
  • C:\Windows\Media\TOWN.MID

I searched around the web and I couldn’t find much about these files. They just seem to be some MIDI songs and I’ve no idea if they are even used by Windows and if so, where.

I found a Windows Feed Discovered.wav file too which I thought was kinda wierd as XP doesn’t have any feed integration but I wouldn’t be surprised if this came from Internet Exploder 7. 

I also came across CLOCK.AVI in the Windows folder a while ago; googled around for this one and apparently some Windows drivers use this for internal timing or something.

14 thoughts on “Windows Sounds and Music

  1. I searched my computer for Windows Feed Discovered.wav and couldn’t find it – so I guess your assumption that it’s from IE7 is correct as I don’t have it installed.

  2. I think you have the same three sound files I have? I don’t know who created them or what the real names of the pieces are. I wish I did.

    onestop: the music in this piece starts off kind of stressed, in a way, like a piece you might hear in a movie when the main character’s being hunted by someone (I can’t think of any other way to describe it) then swing into these pieces in order: 2: rock and roll/3: a kind of sultry, ‘hot mama’ piece/4: ‘boogie-woogie’/5: Classical music/6: circus music/7: blues music/8: some kind of creepy music/9: light rock on piano

    town:  this piece sounds light, upbeat with kind of a caribbean rhythm behind the music

    flourish: this piece is upbeat too, but is has a lot of xylophone (?) music in the background

  3. I was searching for this msword easter egg, when I came across these files too. They’re quite well made, I would say, but I don’t know where they come from either. I think they are the easter eggs, although they should have different name. Oh well…

  4. My friend and I found town.mid on his HP computer probably a good 7 years ago, I’m pretty sure it was a Win98 PC. We’ve always been wondering where it came from and who wrote it, we love this song!

  5. C:\Windows\system32\oobe\images\title.wma

    Try this one! Maybe you get the Deja Vu effect (you probably heard it when installing XP)

  6. hi! it’s been some time since I found those MIDs you are talking about but I have still no idea where they come from. There’s not much about it on the internet. I only could find this (search for “flourish”)
    I actually use flourish.mid as a ringtone on my mobile. it’s a fantastic piece of music, with a 7/4 rhythm. I have a score of the piece (made with a score-writing software). the strange thing is that these files are never used anywhere else in in MS Windows. I guess the composer might be either someone from Passport Designs, you probably know Canyon.mid which I think has something in common with Flourish, though it’s a less sophisticated composition. Or Brian Eno, who used to do some music for Microsoft.

  7. Flourish and Town were made by Nathan Grigg. And Onestop by David Yackley.
    Both of them for Microsoft Corp. in 2000. I guess they were employees. Nathan Grigg seems to have been part of the Microsoft Game Studio.
    I don’t think they are related to Passport Designs BTW.

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