Is RSS the new email?

I’m sure most people have experienced it – coming back from vacation and having a huge backlog of emails to read and to reply to. When I came back from holiday this year it wasn’t the e-mail which piled up – it was my RSS feeds.

I had about 100 updated feeds, many of which with several dozen new items. It’s taken me 4 days and I’m still not through reading all of these feeds (just three left). Usually reading blogs and sites through feeds is an enjoyable experience – half an hour to 45 minutes at the start of the day catching up with all the news and gossip. It’s a little tedious to read a months worth of it in a go.

Sure, part of the blame is on myself for having so many feeds and also on insisting that I read everything from the last month. I will admit that it probably isn’t necessary to read every entry from the last month but I don’t want to miss anything important or uber-interesting. It’s the same with e-mail; you don’t have to read every single e-mail but you probably end up doing it anyway. 

4 thoughts on “Is RSS the new email?

  1. I use Sage which integrates really nicely as a Firefox sidebar.

    I’m not suggesting that RSS is literally replacing email; only that rather than being email overloaded, whether we may now be becoming RSS overloaded. 


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