xkcd is a pretty immense comic. I found out about it on the BBC’s technology show, Click. It’s very different in style to most comics you find on the internet and many of the jokes may include maths, computers and other things which actually take quite a lot of thinking about.

Certainly, it’s polarizing opinion – I’ve shown it to some friends and have got a whole range of responses from OMGPMSWROFLMAO!!! (Oh my god, pissing myself whilst rolling on the floor laughing my arse off) to OMGWTFBBQ!!! (Oh my god, what the frell, barbeque).

I’ll point to several I found funny:

  • Sandwich – This refers to how Linux refuses to do anything unless you sudo first. More specifically Ubuntu.
  • Join Myspace
  • Pointers – You’ll probably have to know a bit about programming to understand this one; refers to patching, etc.
  • Content Protection – A comic about DRM. Basically saying that television these days is mainly reality TV shows showing people in a house.
  • Blogofractal
  • Useless

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