MSN Messenger Sign-in Problems

I’ve been experiencing problems signing onto MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger since this morning. Error Id 81000314 and 80072745. offers the following quick fix by adding the following to the hosts file: 

On Windows XP, you can usually find the Hosts file at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\hosts.

You can remove these two lines after a few days when the issue should be sorted.

Alternatively, you can sign in using Web Messenger.

It’s amazingly annoying when there are downtime issues or other technical difficulties with MSN Messenger. It used to happen all the time but more recently it’s been getting pretty good. I’ve said quite a few times that one should always have another IM program such as Yahoo or Jabber for times like this but it’s really problematic as nobody else has them. 

Anyway, that explains why not many people are online and why you may not be able to connect

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  1. HELP!
    I cant sign in to messenger on my account but can on my daughters? Anyone know why and what can be done? Im useless on computers as it is so Im stuck proper!!

  2. thanks!
    if msn shut their services, they as a company would be less popular and i guess people would have to start using yahoo, icq and irc~ but the problem with irc, is people who have no idea about the net will most likely not be able to get on there.

  3. pls some help.i did all those things you say and now i can open only one of my two accounts.the other account can’t get in and it doesn’t show any messages now..plzzzz help me

  4. error code: 80048820
    extended error code: 80048412
    any one can help me out n tel me what sort of errors r these?
    thanx u all


  6. to smile i had the same problem i looked up and cam across this and it worked for me

    Steps to fix the sign-in error 80048820-80048412 for Windows Live Messenger

    If you are receiving error 80048820 when trying to sign into Windows Live Messenger you should also get an extended error code. If this extended error code is 80048412 the problem often occurs because the time and date settings on the computer are incorrect. The error will appear like below:

    You cannot sign in to Messenger. Additionally, you may receive the following error message:

    We were unable to sign you in to the Messenger at this time. Please try again later.
    To let us try and troubleshoot the problem, click the Troubleshoot button.
    Error code: 80048820
    Extended error code: 80048412

    The following steps may help resolve your issue:

    To troubleshoot the problem on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer:

    1. Click Start, click Run, type control timedate.cpl, and then click OK.

    2. In the Date and Time Properties dialog box, confirm that the date and time settings on the computer are correct, and then click OK.

    To troubleshoot the problem on a Windows Vista-based computer:

    1. Click Start, type control timedate.cpl in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

    2. In the Date and Time Properties dialog box, confirm that the date and time settings on the computer are correct, and then click OK.

  7. Hi
    I can’t sing in to my account on msn messenger but i can on my husbands. It keeps allways giv me error cod 810003c1.
    Please can some one help me.

  8. i’m having problems with my msn aswell,I keep signing in,it stays on for a couple of minutes and disconnects having to sign in again and going through the same thing again and again. Anyone knows what I can do?

  9. hi , I have a proplem with my masenger that i dont have the hosts in my pc in the way that should be ther
    I go exactly ther but ther is no hosts
    ples help me

  10. i cant sign in my msn live id as other can sign in only my id is not getting sign in. even i can sign in my hotmail. the error code it gives is 81000306

  11. I cant sign into msn messanger although i keep trying. It says that my contacts list is not available and give the error code 81000378. Please help, how can i fix this? x

  12. i can’t sing in my messenger or my e-mail account i even open a windows live account but still not working it sais error code 80048823 it sais the windows live ID or password you enter is incorrect please some one help me “but i wonder how can my sister sign in but i cant?” if my password and id its wright. I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  13. I’m new with this msn and I can’t sign in on it, beacuse it says that there’s a newer version I have to install. I tried to install it, but it doesn’t seem to work, as I still get the same message with the needing to install that version. Can you help me solve this? Thank you.

  14. gah, thank you so much
    i’d tried adjusting and playing with my host files for over an hour and a half, and finally i come across this in a google search
    i just insert two lines, bah, so simple

  15. ok. so i can sign into messenger using web messenger directly from hotmail. but i cant use it just by clicking on the icon for windows live messenger it gives me an error about the hosts and proxy settings error code 80072efd.

    “your host file contains msn related entries which may interfere with name resolution”

    talks about proxy, firewall.
    …not sure what to do about it …or how to fix it. i’ve been using the trouble shooting that comes up on the microsoft website..followed them but it doesn’t work. ..tried the repair..but that doesn’t work either

    on the check list where is looks to see whats wrong there is a yellow yeild sign with and “!” inside of it. beside HOSTS and PROXY SERVER.

    could you help me with that ?
    i’ve tried uninstalling and restarting the computer and reinstalling it…

    thanks so much
    – michelle

  16. hello everybody.this problem its really annoing me.when I press sign in it takes a few seconds and then it shows to me this window:”a newer version of messenger is avaible you want to download it now?”.either downloading it either not its the same cause my msn hasn’t opened yet.please can anyone help me?thanks a lot bye everebody

  17. i got a
    8e5e0158 error in my windows live messenger. This is the latest version of my messenger.
    I cannot sign in my messenger
    some one plz help me

  18. Hi , can somebody help me ? I cant sign in to my msn . I can use my msn about 1 minute , and suddenly disconnected . I tried using my computer , same problem occur . Somebody pleaaase help me .

  19. plz help me i check out all my messenger error is 80048820 all thing is ok then why its not open when i click on trublshoot all thinhgs are checkd but wirless is not check plz help me

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