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As somebody who develops websites from time to time, I often want to show my friends screenshots of my work in progress; maybe sometimes sending 3 or 4 screenshots of similar designs with small differences to find out which is the best.

It’s not just webpages; screenshots are also a fantastic way of getting help with a computer problem and working out what to do next.

Historically, I’ve always used Messenger to send screenshots – it’s fast and efficient. You get an instant response and you don’t have to bother with the hassle of things like forums, blogs, Imageshack, etc.

Screenshot Sender 

The single Messenger plugin which has saved me so much time in this respect is Screenshot Sender (you’ll need Messenger Plus Live!). It allows you to easily take a screenshot of the whole screen or just the active window and send it to a contact without the hassle of having to whip out the image editor, save it and then manually send it.

To use Screenshot Sender, type "/ssactive 5" or "/ssfullscreen 5" in the message box. You’ve got 5 seconds to switch to the window you want to take a screenshot of (generally you’d want to minimize Messenger in this time). You’ll get shown the screenshot before it gets sent, so you’ll get a chance to cancel the transfer if it goes wrong.

I strongly recommend changing the screenshot format from PNG to JPEG. JPEG is a much better format for screenshots and sends a lot faster. You can do this by clicking on the Plus! icon and going to "Screenshot Sender 4 > Preferences". 

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