Dr Who & Stargate

A load of rumours floating around the science fiction world recently…

Doctor Who Movie

Digital Spy reports that producers plan to produce a Doctor Who movie with Billie Piper (Rose) who left the show at the end of last season:

The decision was prompted by the realisation that the show’s budget was constraining it in terms of sets and effects, according to the Daily Star.

A source told the paper that the proposed movie would also see assistant Rose Tyler, played by Piper, reunited with David Tennant.

It was reported only earlier this month that David Tennant was to leave Doctor Who for Hollywood so he could get onto the big screen. This movie is perhaps a way for the BBC to try and retain Tennant.

It isn’t clear to me whether they mean a TV movie or a theatrical production but I’m assuming the latter. I’m unsure whether there are restrictions on movies made by the BBC but I know that the BBC isn’t allowed to publish a book based on a television show and consider it canon because people should be able to follow the story with nothing more than the license fee. It’s possible the same could apply to a movie or maybe they can get around it by showing it on television.


After the cancellation of Stargate SG-1, there have been various campaigns on the internet to get the show back. It has now been reported that SG-1 will come back as a series of television movies. I’m really not sure whether this is a good thing; movies cost more and longer to make and you only get two hours or so of content, compared to a whole TV series which is some 14 hours.

Perhaps it’s time SG-1 came to a close; it doesn’t seem to have the same magic, fun or challenge about it. Or MacGyver.

Spoilers: Atlantis fans may be quite shocked to hear of a character death which is thought to happen in the second half of season 3. There is quite a lot of evidence for it and in some ways I think it is the right thing to do; but theres gonna be a lot of fan outcry.  

One thought on “Dr Who & Stargate

  1. I agree that Stargate SG-1 should be scrapped now (or atleast at the end of season 10, maybe 11). It’s lost it’s flavour. It’s nothing to do with the new cast members – they’re great – but it’s lost it’s will. We’ve beat the monsters with glowing eyes and they should’ve stopped there.

    I do hope they’re not going to kill of Carson. I don’t see why they’d need to and personally, I like his character and believe that he should have an even bigger role. If someone was going to be killed off, I’d like it do be Ronan (most unlikely) or erm.. the woman. Teyla! That’s it. Just because they think the British will take over…

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