Merry Christmas

It’s the 29th of September and there are still 86 days until Christmas but it seems like Christmas is already beginning. Christmas seems to be getting earlier every year.

Over the last few days I’ve heard an Argos advert on the radio which seems to have Christmas background music. Although it doesn’t actually mention Christmas; it does remind me of Christmas and I presume the idea of the advert is to subconciously remind people that Christmas is coming up and that we should begin to think about Christmas gifts.

A few days ago, I read an article somewhere about a town which has already put up their Xmas decorations already. Perhaps the world is just conspiring against me. Even Bill Gates is in on the act; Windows Media Player’s shuffle feature decided to play me 3 Christmas songs including a very strange R&B Christmas Remix.

Just earlier in IRC, there were a few guys discussing the last posting dates for mail to be sent if it’s to arrive by Christmas. And whilst tidying up a bit earlier, I came across a cool little Grinch freebie from McDonalds. It says Merry Christmas when you press it or something.

This all reminds me a little of when I went to Canada earlier this year on holiday. It’s a beautiful country but imagine my surprise seeing a well-stocked Christmas gift and decoration shop in August. It was a hot day; the sun was out and it was the middle of a heatwave. I decided to check out this Christmas shop armed with my short sleeve t-shirt and shorts. The shop had the air-conditioning on overkill; it was probably the coldest shop you could find in a mile radius. But it was a lovely shop with a huge range of Christmas decorations – trees, tinsel, other stuff for the tree and a whole load of different christmas ornaments from around the world. It really was quite strange being surrounded with all the Christmas music and decorations in the middle of August.

But maybe that’s not so odd – it’s September and already the retailers are beginning to get into Christmas mode. It’s feeling more like Christmas everyday. Perhaps it’s because the hot summer months are over, the weather is changing, and everybody is calling in sick with the cold and flu. And we need something to look forward to. 

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