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Pandora is a cool internet radio service where the music you hear is tailored to what you like. I’ve been a member for several months now but I’ve only really been getting into it recently.

When you first start out, it’ll ask you for the name of a song or artist which you really like. It can sometimes be quite hard trying to think of one artist or song but you can specify a few if you wish.


I’ve been getting really into Nightwish and DragonForce recently so I used these two bands as the initial input for my radio station. Pandora then found similar artists who made similar music and played them on my radio station – often bands who I’ve never even heard of but make some pretty decent music. It’s a great way of discovering new music.

The Pandora interface tells you why it decided to play the song which just came up e.g. "hard rock roots", "subtle vocal harmony", "electric guitar riffs". There seems to be quite a lot of musical stuff behind the scenes to find similar music, but it seems to work really well.

In some ways, it’s similar to and Yahoo’s Launchcast. In my experience Pandora is the best out of three. requires you to install a plugin to your media player to "scrobble" your music. The player will then play music which it thinks you will like. In my experience it hasn’t worked too well and keeps on playing me some random foreign music.

Launchcast used to be pretty good but the limited skipping and adverts became annoying. Additionally, it didn’t work in Firefox (I’m not sure whether things have changed). 

Pandora is really great – it’s flash so works in any browser, it’s ad-free and sounds great (I believe it streams at 128k mp3 quality). You don’t have to rate music; You don’t really have to do anything but to leave it running in a tab and to enjoy the music. Strongly recommended. 

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  1. I live in the UK and still listen to Pandora.  You have to make up a USA Zip Code – that’s all.  Then it will work for you.  It is a BRILLIANT music facility!



  2. I also like it and live in Scotland. Had a look at Pandora on your mobile but its for US only, i realised this as soon as i saw the ‘mobiles’ from about 5 years ago! Still don’t understand why one of the worlds biggest markets are so far behind with mobile technology

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