Maths Laughs

I recieved these off a friend (source unknown) and I couldn’t resist posting them.


If you’re still with me, terrible maths joke:

Q: What is the volume of a pizza with radius z and height a?

A: pi z z a 

And I got this one off a university graduate. I was sat there stone faced when he told me it.

There is a maths party and all the functions are invited to it. Sine, cosine, log e^x and everybody else is there. During the party, cos notices that e^x is in the corner, by himself. Sp cosine walks up to e^x and asks him: "Why don’t you come and integrate with everybody"? e^x replies, "I can’t, I only integrate with myself". 

Yep, terrible – be glad I didn’t post HTML jokes!

10 thoughts on “Maths Laughs

  1. The mathematician returns home and gives his wife a bouquet of flowers saying "I love you". She takes the flowers, beats him up with them and eventually throws him out of the house. What did he do wrong? He should have said "I love you and only you".

    no further comment 😛 

  2. Hi there!!

    Noooo I’d have really wanted HTML jokes! LOL

    Apart from that, I’m writing to ask you something about your ffx extension… Could you please contact me via e-mail? Thanks

    Iraiscoming from Milan =) 

  3. lim(1/(x-8)) as x approaches 8 isn’t infinity, though, it’s undefined (because approaching from the positive and negative directions doesn’t converge).

  4. Here’s another one:

    One day e^x is walking along and 42 goes running by screaming, "There’s a differential operator at the end of the street! If he catches me, I’ll be nothing!"
    So e^x goes up to the operator and says, "I’m e^x. You can’t do anything to me!"
    And the operator says, "Hi, I’m d/dy."  

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