Apple distributes Windows Virus on iPod

How on earth did this happen?

Apple is warning that some video iPods are harbouring a Windows virus.

In a statement on its website Apple said that a small number of video iPods sold after 12 September are carrying the RavMonE virus.

And Apple even had the guts to have a go at Microsoft on their website. It’s quite amusing how Apple keep on reiterating the fact that it’s a Windows virus on their website (I counted 17). Also of interest is the fact that Apple called OneCare "Microsoft Live OneCare" rather than "Windows Live OneCare". It almost seems as if Apple are trying to avoid the blame by blaming it all on Windows.

A few days ago McDonalds Japan distributed MP3 players with spyware. 

On the topic of anti-virus, I currently use AVG. Does anyone have any preferences with free anti-virus programs? Are they really neccessary? 

6 thoughts on “Apple distributes Windows Virus on iPod

  1. Depends on who uses the computer. On my PC, I only use Kerio to control internet access for specific applications to stop spying (every DirectX Game connects to an IP address before starting, shame on you MS) but I don’t have an Antivir Guard installed. If I’m suspicious about a file downloaded from the net I use BitDefender which is free without guard to check this file. However, this happens very rarely as I usually know which sources I do trust and which not. Hadn’t had a virus in ages and my unpatched XP still works fine although it’s been installed for about two years now.
    However, on my parents’ PC I installed AntiVir (not sure how its name is, I’m talking about the one with that red umbrella logo) because it’s free with guard and it auto updates with minimal user interaction. It’s not a solution to everything, but at least it’ll detect many of the viruses that they could download. Saves me from fixing their computer all the time.
    Since they don’t use IE anymore the infection risk is much lower anyway. I chose Firefox over Opera because Firefox auto-updates itself, they need to click "restart now" or "later" once, but that’s it.
    So, for the most common dangers an anti virus guard is a huge help. Since my parents don’t use their PC excessively, they’ll in most cases only face the most common dangers. 

  2. I used Kerio for my firewall and AVG for my anti-virus solution. I’m using the Windows Live OneCare beta at the moment, but I don’t trust it. I think that some level of anti-virus is needed, but a regular scan should suffice (regular as in atleast once a week if you don’t use a 24/7 protection client).

  3. To be honest this stunt by Apple has sealed it for them in my eyes, I plan to never buy any apple related products again. When my nano’s battery is no longer good enough I plan to move to a more open music player. The fact they blame microsoft because their OS is succeptable to viruses is pathetic. Even if it was a mistake taking a shot a microsoft is crap, conspiracy theories saying they put it on just to draw attention to security problems in Windows and that OS X was not vunerable is also pathetic.

     Overall I think Apple are going to come out worse on this one seeing as it was their fault and they try to blame windows for their ineptness at being able to scan the ipod at a manufacturing level.


    [edit] anti virus? I run linux 😛 [/edit] 

  4. Interesting 🙂 I’ve heard of AntiVir but never tried it; might give it a go some time. AVG just updated to 7.5 too; hopefully this one is faster.

    The Wolf: Chances are the Evolution account is gone but the account used for blogs, etc. is still there 🙂

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