bLaugh & Joy of Tech – Blog of the Week

This week’s "blogs of the week" aren’t really blogs in the traditional sense. They don’t consist of articles or stories – rather they look at the world of technology through a web comic.

bLaugh is a web comic describing itself as "the unofficial comic of the blogosphere". I think it’s quite a new comic.

YouTube Killer

Firefox Outfoxes IE

I think it’s quite a new comic and I’ve only been reading it since yesterday but I read through some of the older comics and it’s good stuff.

Joy of Tech is another nice technology comic strip. It’s run by a bunch of Apple fans so most of the comics tend to be pro-Apple. It’s been going for several years and there are some quite amusing comics in the archive. I was a big enough fan at one point to buy the book

It’s also worth mentioning xkcd, a comic which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

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