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I’m currently rewriting the user profiles feature of Geneone, my community management system.

To date, the profile pages have been very basic and have been modelled off the profile pages found on forums. Forum profile pages generally just list some interests, show your signature, avatar and contact details.

In contrast, MySpace almost gives you total free realm over your page. You can customize the whole look of the page, add photos, quizzes, videos, music, comments and all kinda random stuff. Myspace is built on it’s user profiles.

With Geneone user profile pages, I wanted to go somewhere down the middle. We don’t want totally stupid customization, crazy colours and animated GIF backgrounds like Myspace, nor do we want the boring, drab profile pages you find on forums.

Additionally, Geneone is designed very differently from most blog/forum softwares – it should be dead easy to integrate other applications. Evolution is a game which was integrated into Geneone around a year ago. It should be easy for Evolution to add game information onto the user profile pages.

Geneone is also designed to be extensible and versatile. On one installation of Geneone, you could run several blogs, a few hundred forums, a few content pages or maybe even a wiki. The profile pages should integrate information from these sources.

I’ve modularised the user profile system and added hooks for extensions and other scripts to add their own fields, customizations, etc. to the profile page. We’ll be replacing the existing Evolution profile system sometime soon with a slightly customized Geneone profile system.

To make the profile pages a bit more interesting and more personal, I’ve introduced "personal pages". With these personal pages, the user has free realm to add photos, links to their favourite websites, a list of interests or whatever their creativity permits! To edit a personal page, you get the same TinyMCE WYSIWYG interface found everywhere else on Geneone.

Example of new profile page 

Old Profile

Example of old profile page 

An example of things which could be possible with the new profile page:

  • Flickr/Delicious/Youtube-stream, etc.
  • Polls and Quizzes
  • Music
  • Buddies List
  • Comments
  • Latest Blog Entries/Personal Blog integration
  • Forum, blog stats

4 thoughts on “User Profile Pages

  1. I think I found your blog due Geneone and it looked promising over a year ago. I actually wanted to use it for our "Abipage" (Abi=Abitur=something like final exam in Germany in 13th grade) but eventually decided against it because I already started working on the site using phpNuke as base. How could I be so wrong. I hacked almost every module because phpNuke is. I have no idea, a bunch of code, splitted up in several files. And of course, those splittes overlap. Themes? Well bad luck as some parts are hardcoded into the different modules. And each used different hard coded parts. Using phpBB for comments display? NOOOO! Every module defined its own comments part with own database table, own smiley display and so on. They just shared one preferences file. It was just a mess and I think I would have been better off if I just took Geneone and completely rewrote everything. Well, next time. If there is one that is.

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