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I’ve written about Pandora before, a free internet radio station which is customized to your musical tastes. It’s made by people who really love music and rather than using social recommendations, Pandora looks at the style of music (instruments, vocals, etc.) to find music you’ll love. It works really well.

Pandora Radio has almost replaced my music collection in some ways – I now listen to Pandora almost as much as I listen to my own music in Windows Media Player. It was annoying to have to keep a Firefox window to listen to Pandora and Pandora’s flash client didn’t like the multimedia keys on my keyboard.

Pandora’s Box is a desktop Pandora client I came across a few days ago and I’ve used it ever since. At it’s heart, it looks like it’s just an embedded web browser control which shows the Pandora client (I assume this because you get the annoying click sounds you also get on IE). The client works exactly the same as the one on the Pandora website. It sits in the system tray, minimized. From the tray, you can rate songs and switch radio station.

Pandora's Box 

It also implements a few extra features which are really cool:

  • You can display the song you are currently listening to on MSN Messenger.
  • Support for browser multimedia keys (makes it a lot faster to pause when phone, etc.)
  • Easy to use, fast lyrics browser to instantly find lyrics for the song you are listening to. No popups!
  • Notify on song change: A little popup notification which lets you know what song is playing so you don’t have to switch to Pandora. And since Pandora is all about discovering music… 

3 thoughts on “Pandora's Box

  1. I would use Pandora and other things like it, but none of these internet radio station (if you can call them that) support individual quirky songs, just normal bands.
    One off artists and odd songs probably consitutes most of my collection.

  2. Foxfm for the win. I don’t really concentrate on any particular type of music so Pandora wouldn’t be for me. But your current emo phase works well with it :P. Nah, good idea and good in practise.

  3. Pandora does support quite a lot of bands which aren’t so well known – I managed to create a radio station for Pendulum – Slam, Nightwish and DragonForce, and even David Hasselhoff. The QuickMix is really nice, so you can have a mix of rock/techno/pop/classical/punk/cheese. 

    Though I doubt they’d support Doctor Who music. Maybe Klaus Badelt though. 

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