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Long Zheng’s "I Started Something" blog is a technology blog which over time has slowly evolved into a blog which mainly talks about cool innovations and Windows Vista.

The blog provides a fantastic insight into what’s new in Vista. There are interviews with Microsoft staff, some awesome screencasts, and competitions to win software, et al. There are also some tips and tricks for users of Vista – for example Vista scales wallpapers differently depending on how to set it.

4 thoughts on “I Started Something – Blog of the Week

  1. Awwwe. Thanks for the feature Cow.

    @Ashyyy: Handwriting feature is only enabled to Tablet PCs. If you install Windows Vista on a Tablet PC, the feature will automatically appear.

  2. Its scary, seems everyone I know, knows each other in some way…

    Long is the guy who started The Forum Insider, which in turn created OneCommune… if you didn’t know 😛

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