Plans for Cow's Blog

Longtime readers of this blog may have noticed a drop in the frequency of updates at this blog. This is due to several reasons mainly boiling down to the fact that I’ve now got so little free time.

The amount of work and commitments is stacking up and generally life has been a lot more busy. I haven’t managed to update Geneone, Evolution or Reflection.js recently for exactly the same reasons.

I haven’t written much recently simply because I haven’t been able to research material. I’ve tried to turn the blog into a hub of useful links and resources – into a homepage for my activities across the internet, into a useful resource of links and blogs.

The "Blog of the Week" feature provides an interesting blog each week which I hope will be of interest and I’m bookmarking a lot of pages on

I’m hoping to redesign the blog sometime soon with a bigger emphasis on these features. I hope to keep the blog active as well but it probably won’t be running the two-updates-a-day routine which I’ve maintained previously.

Interestingly enough, I made a very similar post this time last year. Do autumns always spark downturns for blogs?

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