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I decided to freshen up the design on this blog. After 6 months, the old dark blue design has been retired. I’ve updated the blog to use this new theme which is the third major design iteration. This new design is based around the blues with a hint of purple and green. 

With this design, I hope to present a bigger emphasis on other content besides the blog entries. I also wanted to improve aesthetics and readability. You’ll see links from and photos from Flickr around the place.

I also wanted to turn the website into a better resource of useful content. As well as the bookmarks, the "Blog of the Week" feature has been integrated into the site. 

The Design

I based the colour theme of the site around the colours I found in the following photograph which I took in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. 

Victoria, B.C. 

This design marks a return to using sans-serif fonts, a dark on light colour scheme and a fixed width design for better readability. Oh, and a sensibly sized footer 🙂 

The design still isn’t totally final and the paint still needs to dry. I’ve been pointed towards several issues such as the fact it is quite hard to find your way home from blog entry pages, and the green header doesn’t always look in place (maybe it’d work better being purple).

I won’t claim to be a professional designer or somebody who has done a substantial amount of website designing, so any pointers in the right direction and critiques are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Old Designs

Just for comparison, here are screenshots of the two previous designs:


Design 1 – Salmon – October 2005


Design 2 – Two Point Zero – May 2006 

6 thoughts on “New Blog Design

  1. I didn’t konw you’d been to Victoria! Wondeful city – did you visit Vancouver nearby as well? The 15 minute boat trip is well worth it, even just for a day.

    Anyway, good work on the design, although could more entries be displayed in full on the front page again? I sometimes don’t visit for a week or two and it’s quite annoying with the new design to look back be clicking Older Entries – which is a bit difficult to get to get to, as well. 

  2. Thanks for the feedback David!

    Victoria is beautiful 🙂 I spent a few days in Vancouver taking the seaplane to Victoria to stay there for several days.

  3. Just visited the homepage for the first time since you upgraded (normally I just visit stories from RSS) and I have a small suggestion. Having the circle things at the bottom of each box looks weird. What might look good though was if the background pictures of all the boxes made up a bigger picture (big circles?) when viewed.

    Just an idea. 

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