At the moment, we’re using the widgEditor WYSIWYG script. It’s
pretty nice and standards compliant, but there are several problems.

  • Not particularly easy to extend; too spartan – missing some pretty essential features.
  • Doesn’t work in Firefox 1.5
  • Breaks the back button in Gecko browsers

I am therefore working on integrating the TinyMCE editor.
TinyMCE certainly isn’t simple nor small like widgeditor but it’s
relatively standard-compliant and powerful. I’m hoping that it’ll be
possible to work some magic and make it more standards compliant.

works in Firefox 1.5, doesn’t break the back button (this is a big
annoyance with widgEditor) and contains many of the features that a
proper blog/forum/community will likely to require. Also seems to have
been tested and developed more than widgEditor.

There are quite a
few people who still don’t like the concept of WYSIWYG editors on the
web. I was never a big fan of them either but I’m convinced that having
a WYSIWYG editor greatly improves usability especially for those who
are less experienced with bulletin boards and markup languages. It’d be
nice if some day browsers could just have a built in and easy to use
HTML editing component – ideally through use of a simple HTML tag. Hint, hint….

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