Flock Update

The "social web browser" aka "Web 2.0 Browser" Flock has released version 0.5.11 which fixes some annoying bugs and adds some new features.

This release introduces private bookmarks so you can bookmark webpages and keep them to yourself. Spell checking has also been added and a blog editor which uses TinyMCE. Geneone also uses TinyMCE although I’ve noticed a few bugs and annoyances in it; hopefully it’s integration in Flock will mean that these little annoyances get fixed.

It also introduces Firefox 1.5’s update system and allows you to migrate your settings from Firefox to make that switch much easier. Personally I’m sticking with Firefox 🙂 

You can download 0.5.11 at the Flock Developer page. If you are upgrading, read the upgrade notes. A public beta version of Flock is expected at the end of April.

Why on earth are subheadings on Flock’s website in a smaller typeface than normal text? 

Google Eradicates the UK

The Google Store Map doesn’t contain the UK but Hawaii appears even though the UK’s total area mass is around 10 times that of Hawaii (UK: 244,820 km², Hawaii: 28,337 km²)

It seems like Google also overlooked Madagascar which weighs in at 587,040 km² – 20 times larger than Hawaii.

I guess it’s to make up for the fact the world map in my geography class makes the UK to be about the same size as the rest of Europe.

Via Google Blogoscoped

Britain is world's favourite nation

Brand Republic and The Inquirer reports on the Anholt Nation Brands Index which rated the UK as the world’s favourite nation brand "after scoring well on investment, sports, cultural heritage and its highly skilled and educated people". Switzerland came 2nd and Canada came third.

Brand Republic adds:

The survey, the fourth of its kind, relegated the $18 trillion US to 10th place, finding that the States was the nation that most divided opinion. The world’s only remaining superpower, while scoring highly for product brands, pop culture, investment and technology, came near the bottom for cultural heritage, governance and for ignorance, while France were rated the world’s rudest nation.


"Extremely critical" Mac OS X Vulnerability

Heise reported on a security hole in Apple’s Safari browser and explains how it works. Secunia rates this vulnerability as "extremely critical" (there is no higher rating). The user doesn’t need to do anything at all but visit a malicious website to get infected. The owners of that website can do whatever they want on the system – delete files, install programs, etc.

There is a demo of the vulnerability at Secunia. 

Secunia recommends users "deactivate the option "Open ‘safe’ files after downloading" in the "General" section of Safari’s preferences" or to use an alternative browser such as Camino or Firefox.

Or use a better operating system

Ricky Gervais sells out

According to Bit Tech, The Ricky Gervais is going paid.

The show features British comedy personalities Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Their irreverant brand of monkey-based comedy has seen the weekly half-hour podcast storm to the top of the iTunes charts and stay there.

The first run of 12 episodes was sponsored by UK newspaper the Guardian and were free to download via iTunes. Following on from the success of the show, the second run of episodes will be hosted on Audible.com and will be accessible only to those who’ve paid a subscription fee.

The news is confirmed at Ricky Gervais’ official website.

I hope Karl gets his fair share of the money (approx. 95% of it)

No chat for Opera users?

When I logged in to Gmail today I noticed that I had finally had the built in Google Chat in Gmail. I wanted to test it out by talking to myself (ha) so I opened up Opera and Opera didn’t get Gmail Chat. Gmail Chat seems to be enabled for both Internet Explorer and Firefox but not Opera when logged into the same account.

Firefox Opera 9 Internet Explorer

Left to right: Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Internet Explorer 7

It’s actually quite interesting looking at Gmail in the browsers side by side. IE doesn’t get the curves which Firefox and Opera get. 

Opera gets Firefox Feed Icon

After Microsoft adopted Firefox’s Feed Icon in their already outdated next generation web browser, Internet Explorer 7, Opera has now also adopted the icon.

As expected, the Opera community isn’t exactly happy and prefer the old icon since it wasn’t invented by Firefox.

It’s only a matter of time before Safari adopts this icon and end users can finally subscribe to feeds without wondering what on earth RSS is.