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MySpace is the world’s sixth most popular website. A lot of people love it, and a lot of people hate it. It’s been controversial and it’s been in the news on numerous occasions. A lot of teenagers and a growning number of adults are now on MySpace.

I was never a fan of MySpace. A lot of the pages are very badly designed, it’s slow, confusing and hard to navigate. It also seems so utterly pointless in many ways; MSN Messenger and e-mail provide a much better way of communicating. 

MySpace comments for example – they seem to be used for conversations. If you read somebody’s MySpace, you’ll often find one side of a conversation. Most of the time it’s about utterly random stuff and you wonder why they didn’t just use e-mail.

And as soon as you load a page, you’ll often get music coming out of your speakers at full blast. And there’s the desperate struggle to mute the speakers or find the pause button. (Luckily MySpace is slow enough that you can actually locate the music player, wait for the song to load and pause it before it begins).

It’s also so hard to navigate. The "Home" link seems to go two totally different places. And there are spelling errors across the site – notably "excercise(sp) caution when posting personally identifiable information". 

It doesn’t even work a lot of the time. I get server errors and right now just got "Server is too busy". 

But despite all these issues, MySpace still manages to be so utterly addictive. Why is this? Perhaps it’s the fact that you can spend ages decorating up your MySpace – adding cool images, videos and bits of CSS to try and get your friends to say "Wow".

MySpace Music is also pretty awesome. You can type in the name of almost any band and listen to 4 of their songs. If you friend a band, you’ll get a steady stream of friend requests from similar bands who’ll add you to try and get a bit of publicity. It’s a really nice way to discover new music.

The groups are also kinda cool. It’s essentially a big forum which you can start yourself and there are no moderators or imposed rules. You can keep in touch with people you met or share interests with.

What do people think of MySpace? 

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on MySpace

  1. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying… However I do have a MySpace account. I know it’s been said before, but whatever its failings, everyone has one and it’s an easy way to stay in touch with people.


    One thing that makes me laugh is how all of the pages are named with random different takes on the word "myspace." There is "" "MySpace" "Myspace" and "myspace". It’s basically just random.


    But whatever.

  2. I agreed with you on everything you said up until "But despite all these issues, MySpace still manages to be so utterly addictive."

    In my opinion it’s not addictive, but yes it is complicated and usability and accessibility aren’t exactly on the creators’ minds.

  3. myspace is teh suck(TM).

    I keep finding my photos get ripped-off by angsty teenage so-called "Christian" fundamentalists who don’t know the meaning of the word `copyright’. Still, we have ways & means of dealing with that automatically – it’s quite tempting to go on and post something like "so, what does your minister teach you about respecting others’ wishes?" except that would require registering, so stuff it.

  4. I absolutely hate it. I hate to look for a band on google only to find out that their only website is a myspace page. And I know of at least one band that closed its site down and just links to their myspace page. >_<

  5. I don’t mind it, mainly because I like to push it to its limits, I can block adverts, add javascript, totally re do the page to make it look nothing like a myspace page. It has messaging capabilities, a place to share photos, blogs etc. It’s a great place for people who can’t set up a blog or gallery to do it all easily.

     People saying it’s easy for companies to get information on you, to be honest they’ll get it anyway and probably have alot of that information anyway, and with regards to the whole child predators thing. If you are under 16 and actually say you are then your profile is set to private so people can’t view it unless they add you/know your name and email address. Also with regards to this I haven;t seen a report yet of a child being conned into meeting a peadophile via myspace yet, I have however read that two girls got a guy to meet him for a ‘date’ and then robbed him at gun point.

  6. `It’s a great place for people who can’t set up a blog or gallery to do it all easily’

    I thought was free. Flickr certainly is. Redbubble combines photo-sharing and social-networking. What possible excuse is there for myspace now?

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