Sky Broadband Dropouts in Evenings

I’ve had problems with Sky Broadband lately. Basically, it’s been dropping out every evening around 8pm to 10pm. It starts off with a lot of packet loss, followed by pages taking ages to load, and so on.

I’ve worked out that the reason for this is due to the noise margin the router is synced at. I initially turned my router on in the morning where the noise on the line is pretty low (less traffic, etc.). The Netgear DG834GT router syncs with the ADSL2 service at this noise margin.

However, noise margin increases during the evenings. The router doesn’t seem to adjust to this and keeps attempting to connect to the service at the lower noise margin. This results in packet loss, etc. The fix is to reboot the router in the evening when the noise is high and then to leave it on.

Hope this helps someone!


I couldn’t resist giving Facebook a go seeing as people at work have been talking about it non-stop and Mozilla just launched Rock Your Firefox; their own Facebook-based application.

Well, I’m impressed. When I signed up, Facebook detected the face I used a e-mail address and gave me a link to the Gmail webpage! And upon signing up, you can automatically import all of your contacts from MSN Messenger!

Apart from that, the profile pages just look so exceptionally tidy compared to Myspace.

Anyway, I’m late to the whole Facebook party being one of those refuseniks who just used Myspace. I won’t bore you all to death by telling you about things you know. Facebook rules!