UFOs & Why Aliens Haven't Made Contact

Hi guys! I’m back in England… I spent the last two weeks in sunny America and had the delight of seeing Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon as well as spending July 4th in America (odd being British and in America on Independence Day but there goes). You’ve been treated to a couple of scheduled posts over the last two weeks; hopefully we’ll be back to full operation soon!

Hovering Lights
Creative Commons License photo: Todd Huffman

When I was in America, I had plenty of opportunity to experience the wonders of American cable television (which also seems to have a ridiculous number of commercial breaks).

I saw a discussion programme about UFOs and there was a theory about UFOs and why “aliens” haven’t yet made contact which I thought was pretty concieved and quite funny.

Now, the standard theory about UFOs is that they are aliens of extra-terrestrial origin. They crash landed at Roswell and the government has been covering it up ever since, either because they feel we are not ready to know or because the military feel it is a tactical advantage to keep such information secret.

They’re actually time travelling humans…

The theory put across by one contributor to the TV show was that they are not actually aliens, but humans from the future. They believe that time travel was discovered in the Philadelphia Experiment. The laws of physics don’t actually prevent time travel; they are apparently possible using wormholes. Some people have claimed to have made small particles travel in time. It is perfectly conceivable that a time travel device could be constructed in the future for humans or spacecraft. This time travel device might arguably be easier than a civilisation developing the capabilities to traverse great distances to make contact with extra-terrestrial civilisations (in this case, us). They argue that UFOs are actually time travellers from the future who have come back to prevent us from making big mistakes which would impact the future (like the temporal agents of “Star Trek: Enterprise”).

The reasons why we can never know the truth about UFOs is because if we know, we’d change the future. We might panic and destroy ourselves.

Why has it been documented that people in circumstances where they might experience more stress (e.g. during Wars) see more UFOs? Psychologists say that these people are more likely to “imagine” or make up stories about being abducted by aliens. But theorists say it’s because those are also the occasions are the ones which we might need more help to stop us from doing what is wrong.

Creative Commons License photo: Jami Dwyer

If there are indeed aliens swarming around in UFOs everywhere, why aren’t there more documented cases, especially with the number of camera phones around these days? Because the future human in their UFOs wouldn’t visit us unless there was something in history to correct.

I thought this was a totally genius theory because it manages to answer why the governments can’t disclose anything about UFOs and the paradoxes of believing UFOs are of extra-terrestrial origin as well as finding a solution for a paradox of time travel.

I thought it was certainly a rather interesting, although rather concieved theory for the origin UFOs. Of course, I’m very skeptical about it as am I about the existance of UFOs. The beauty of the theory is it can’t be disproved. But I’m sure that my future self will be able to come back in time and stop me from making this post to prevent me from the embarrassment of having to admit I’m wrong.

Deezer – Free Music

For those of you who haven’t already heard of Deezer, it’s a fantastic and free way to discover new music and to share it with your friends. It’s a eclectic mix of a music community, a jukebox where you can listen to music online, a Pandora-like “SmartRadio” service and a range of community features such as news and games.

It is a French website and the site is (as far as I know) fully licensed and legal in France and other countries. Certainly Deezer seems to have been around for a very long time, is fairly popular and hasn’t been taken offline so it would seem to be totally legit. The site is supported by advertising.

When Pandora closed it’s doors to listeners out of the UK, it had a big effect on me. I loved listening to Pandora on the computer because it played the music that I liked and without any adverts. Deezer’s SmartRadio does exactly that. I’ve discovered a lot of new music through Deezer and what’s great is that you can go back and listen to it at any time through the search feature.

You can also link to and embed songs into your webpage. e.g. Check out Utopia by Goldfrapp.

Deezer gets my seal of approval!

Friends turn mountains into molehills

Desert Leader
Creative Commons License photo: Hamed Saber

The New Scientist reports on a study at the University of Plymouth where students were asked to assess the slope of a hill. Those with friends estimated the slope at 10 to 15 degrees less steep than those who were alone during the experiment. They also found that the same effect could be achieved just by thinking of somebody close to you.

Fascinating stuff. I guess it’s pretty metaphorical too… how we can do tough and seemingly impossible things when we’re surrounded by great people who give us support all the way.

I wish the paper was made available for free. It would have been really interesting to find out exactly how the experiment was done and how other factors were accounted for e.g. saying something is easier than you percieve it is to impress your peers.