New Star Trek Series In Works has information from long-time Trek producer David Rossi about plans for a new Star Trek series set in the 26th century. The new series will be animated (like The Animated Series continuation of TOS) and CBS have given the go ahead for test artwork and scripts for 5 mini episodes to be developed.

The series will probably be broadcast online on the Star Trek website; a first for the franchise. With the success of sites such as YouTube, this is the natural next step forward in television broadcasting and it’s not too surprising. As well as that, it may also be shown on TV and DVD.

The series will be set 150 years after Picard and Star Trek: Nemesis.

The setting is the year 2528 and the Federation is a different place after suffering through a devastating war with the Romulans 60 years earlier. The war was sparked off after a surprise attack of dozens of ‘Omega particle’ detonations throughout the Federation creating vast areas which become impassible to warp travel and essentially cut off almost half the Federation from the rest. During the war the Klingon homeworld was occupied by the Romulans, all of Andoria was destroyed and the Vulcans, who were negotiating reunification with the Romulans, pulled out of the Federation. The setting may seem bleak and not very Trek-like, but that is where the show’s hero Captain Alexander Chase comes in. Relegated to border patrol, Chase is determined to bring the Federation (and a ship called Enterprise) back to the glory days of seeking out new life and new civilizations.

There are some really interesting twists – for example the chief engineer of the ship “Mr. Zero” needs to wear an environmental suit to survive on the ship. There will also be a security team with some Borg technology.

The TrekMovie report contains more details and some artwork from the series in works.

The project is currently believed to be in a holding pattern until the release of the 11th Star Trek film in 2008.

I think opinion amongst Trek fans is going to be divided. In some ways, I still feel Enterprise should get another 3 seasons and to be finished off. An animated series would be interesting but should it be considered part of the Star Trek canon? Or perhaps this is a last desperate attempt to revive Star Trek?

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  1. I agree, why animated, just make it a proper ST. I heard somewhere else they are only going to be 6 minute episodes each. but WTF, cant we get on with a new series. Im ok with it being set far into the future with a dismantled UFP and the vulcans going awall, it could be set up as the dark times for the UFP, but as long as they are committed to making it, not just some half assed animated series, nor continuing to hang around TOS for the memories, I’m not going to see the new movie, because I am so sick and tired of hearing about Kirk and the rest of his buddies. Future, borg tech, dismantled UFP, yes lets go.
    But if its going to still be animated, i too have the question should it be ST canon? Do we still have to call the ship Enterprise? Is this the same thing we all read about the Star Ship Cardinal in Ferengi Space?

  2. We need a new generation of Star Trek with new and exiting technologies like Starfleet experimenting with transwarp on the USS Enterprise E in the 25th century with a new crew or maybe go further and have an Enterprise F? it could open up a whole new concept of galactic exploration. Maybe even beyond. We need to see new technologies the way we saw new stuff when TNG first came out; we saw replicators and holodeaks. We need to see stuff that takes Star Trek to the next level like long range transporters and instant short range transporters, ones that take less than a second to dematerialize and rematerialize. What about the deployable hull armour in endgame? Or what about phaser resistant personal armour? Or personal shields? I want to know what happened to the class of battleships of which the Defiant was the prototype. The ones that carried more firepower than ships three times there size. How about all those cool vehicles we saw in the last three films? How cool would it be to see the federation in an all out war with say the Andromedan Empire? Transwarp would totally make intergalactic travel, exploration and war possible. We don’t want to see an inexperienced bickering crew of the Cardinal fresh out of Starfleet, we saw that with Harry Kim, and Bashir and others. We want to see a crew that is young but has worked their way up to the top, to the Enterprise, through other assignments. We want a professional crew, not a soap opera. Please don’t let Star Trek suck any more!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the above but the truth is the series died with Roddenberry. After season six of TNG. it was all fighting… no science, no exploration, no brain.
    All they need is another show based on the Enterprise slightly after TNG (for cameo reasons) and people would watch. That and perhaps using some of the thousands of scripts they recieve annually from scientists all over the world instead of letting a few people try to write material that is far beyond them.

  4. Because from what I have read so far “Cardinal” is the worst Star Trek idea yet and if the outcry is loud enough maybe, if we are lucky, it will get scrapped.

    More war and arguing, no science and exploration…..once again.

    But you are correct, hoping that the people in charge will wake up and listen is certainly a waste of time.

  5. I agree with nearly all the sentiments above, Enterprise was an abomination. We want to see people going bodly where no-one has gone before. Let’s face it, TOS were always encountering, shooting or shagging a new race everyweek whilst still coming up against old favourites every now and then. That said, please can someone make this new idea for an animated series into a real show? The ideas interest me and it would be cool to see some ‘dark times’. I think the main problem we have these days is making the series seem new and fantastic, with TOS and even TNG the innovations such as personal communicators and automatic doors were unheard of now they are everywhere, the shows really need a crack team of science geeks to keep the wow factor going.

    Oh and one more thing, never again should any Star Trek theme song be allowed to be anything other than orchestral. Enterprise’s theme stopped me from liking the series before the start of the first episode!

  6. Enterprise was so awful I never watched past the first season. The theme was bad I agree, in fact I think the same woman wrote the Aerosmith song they used for Armageddon which was equally horrible. The thing with Enterprise I couldn’t get past was a Vulcan with fake breasts. Sounds stupid I know, but it just seemed contradictory to the past characters ideals.

  7. ok so i agree with the people that are saying a animated ST series is a waste of time, and this reverting bk to the beginings of starfleet and the federation in past series and the up coming movie is rediculas, there just not viable as sources of entertainment because people already no the forthcoming star trek technologies and how they came about is often described in series such as TNG and movies such as first contact. People want to see the future of the federation, the increase in technological advancements and, how we get from enterprise E to time ships. The galexy is bigger then our universe, yet the producers and writers dont seem to understand this. It also makes sense that such ideas as animated series is not something which will appeal or attract a wide audiance. ST was about moving forwards yet it has begun to contridict itself, Its time for a all out new series about the future of the federation using sets and actors and set in a time where we can still go to places weve never been with other series.

  8. I have no interest in the proposed Cardinal idea. The more recent proposed 26th century idea sounds better….but the ‘bleakness’ of it isn’t inspiring. Nothing beats TNG and Voyager. Now those series were all about science and exploration. And WHY get rid of the Vulcans? Are you kidding? For many that aren’t as fascinated with ST as us Trekkies….Spock, the “v” sign & “Live long and prosper” are things they immediately think of when Star Trek comes to mind.

    Get back to the pure idea of exploration. There’s plenty of fighting to be done when exploring, ya’ know? If they feel the need to add more and more fighting/violence….they need to realize it just isn’t that neccessary. Not for true fans.

  9. T’Pol had fake breasts? Didn’t know that… but I did appreciate the sex appeal which has been a Trek mainstay since TOS.

    Totally agree that Trek needs to keep up the wow factor and reveal some new technologies that the average person wouldn’t expect. However, with the Federation teaming up with the Roms in DS9 along with the storyline of Nemesis, it seemed to me they were gearing Trek fans up for an eventual alliance with the Romulans… so this plot seems to be out of left field and a deviation.

    I’m all for some Trek “dark times”, but I think it would be more interesting to see the Feds and Roms as allies and a different race as the antagonist. (Not to mention it seems kind of absurd to think the Romulans could take on the Klingons AND the Federation, both powerful races and badasses in their own right)

    Also, yeah… animated series seems like a bad idea. Let’s get a real show… animated series to me sounds like it would alienate the more serious Trek fans. Beyond comedy, cartoons are for kids. (Except Anime I guess… but Trek + Anime sounds like a bad idea)

  10. Just like to say one thing. Animated series why??? because its cheaper and if its a flop they can pass it off as an internet based programme with little press coverage.

    The owners of the trek brand are cowereds, bite the bullet and put something into full production (and not animated).

  11. Animation, for the most part, is for kids. I want a live action, well-scripted, and well-acted series. With the huge discoveries made in astronomy in the last 10 years (with Hubble and over 150 extra-solar planets), the new series has plenty of material to draw new and imaginative locales… Then add in characters as products of these new environments and other technologies… There is just too much material and too much imagination to work with. Bring back another Star Trek!

  12. i had an idea that could bring all the series together, it takes place at star fleet command san fran, where a sr. class studies lord garth, janeway, and other historical starfleet officers. starting in the class room, then following their star fleet career. the doctor from voyager still running his program, loars body datas chip, tuvok back as an instructor again, seven of nine and the doc. together after all that time. the borg find a way to adapt and assimilate species 792 and thats the new war path, bio borg tech. insta-worm hole travel, and a temporal flux inhibitor that breaks as ofter as the Q appers

  13. i want to be a dax, telaxion, borg, starfleet ambassador, who finds neelix and brings his back yo earth, if this idea gets picked up.

  14. Ummmmmmm, animated? wow don’t think so, if they were lookin for a good idea they certinly didnt find it. The story is ok, but why not have it real life, and instead of having some random captain workin with the Enterprise, I think it would be better to have it centered around a ship that belongs to section 31!!!!! Section 31 Bends the Rules and I for one love it! and with a story like that why not have a crew thats willing to bend the rules to restore order to the federation?

  15. personaly i like voyager the best i mean come on the original ST’s were good and all but with voyager they did something they never did with any other ST series they sent them 75 000 lightyears away from home to the delta quadrent meeting ALOT of new spesies and finding new scientific discoverys that ST series was all about exploreation lets get back to that i don’t think that these series sound to bad but they need a bit of fine tuning in the idea and plot department.

  16. It is so true that the enterprise series was rubbish, I guess the only reason I watched it was to see that sexy Vulcan T’pal get it all hot and steamy with the chief engineer Trip. I miss the true trekkie series with action, science and that wow factor not that animated foolishness I hear going around, I want to see new innovations in technology like the holographic communicator in the DS9 episodes, ablative armour transformations and wars with the Borg, Romulans, Dominion or something. I want to see some wickedly cool series set in the far future with real actors. Star Trek to me is dieing and getting a bit boring, all I do these days is just sit their looking at the TV rewatching old series….. I need some something new not that prequel foolishness, that just boils my blood….Give Me The Future…. Give Me New Tech….Give Me Spectacular…..NOT PREQUELS & ANIMATIONS….NO! NO! NO!

  17. I’ve just come accross the Cardinal idea on another site and left a message. I think its the dullest thing I’ve ever heard about and will not only kill star trek but will dance on its grave.

    My idea is to set a star trek series in the late 24th century (or early 25th if you prefer), it can be set on the Enterprise F or another ship (it doesnt matter), but I would base it on the exploration of the Beta quadrant (apart from Klingons and Romulans we know next to nothing about it). The Federation could be setting up colonies in the unclaimed regions of the quadrant, ,aybe welcoming new worlds into the federation.

    I think it should reveal new technologies, have relevant social and moral allegories and messages for the current times and feel more like TOS and TNG.

    (I have absolutely no talent for writing, just got ideas so I’d leave that basic premise in the hands of more talented people.)

    I would also suggest that the ideas and stories of scientists and ordinary fans are given more consideration.

  18. Well, again another bad idea has been heaped upon the legacy of Star Trek. First off, I disagree with alot of you out there; I thought Enterprise, though it had the crappiest theme ever, had amazing potential. They took a literary charcter, Captain Archer, and started to develop him in such a way that fit with exploring the unknown; insatiable curiosity coupled with a pair of balls when the excrement impacted the occilating rotary air mover (think about it). And you gotta admit, de-con was pretty cool. And on top of that, we got to see that the venerable stoic Vulcans really do have the same short comings as most people. On top of that, the way the series was wrapped up not only took an established story line and ran with it but also established an amazing continuity between TOS and Archer’s time. And we finally find out what happened to the Defiant in Tholian space (at least in thte Mirror universe). That alone would have been amazing. To see the Empire take on the Halkans or the Organians.
    Now, the original animated series was kinda cool and I have the entire set. I watch them on Saturdays because today’s cartoons pretty much suck minus a couple of cool ones. There have been some incredible feature length Marvel and DC movies that are great stories told in a different media. But to bring on a new animated series, you’re gonna hit a couple of snags. For one, you are trying to appeal to a younger audience that, since they did not grow up with the series(s), the IPod/MTV generation has the attention span of a donut these days. The flashback movie might be cool; still reserving judgement. But there is so much great material out there to develop on. As wakeyboy said, why not start tapping the fans that are submitting potentially great stories and scripts? Why not start a new series about Captain Mackenzie Calhoun? New ship: The Excalibur. New missions. Not a captain cut from Starfleet fabric but a revolutionary fighter that Picard sees potential in. And you also have a couple of carry over characters from Next Gen that kinda ties it all together and answers some “Whatever happened to…” questions. Good to see Shelby off Riker’s back. Little Miss “Rules”…Leffler, I think? Wesley had a thing for her even though we all knew he would end up gay. Their Vulcan Medic was in the Academy with the gay Wesley Crusher. I love the Enterprise, but last I heard there were 12 ships in the original fleet and it has only grown. Is the Enterprise the only ship/crew that go to do anything? Seems like every time there was a crisis the Enterprise was the “only ship in the qudrant”. If I were captain, I would be pissed at all the other slackers out there! So don’t kill the dream and vision that lives in the hearts of Trekkies everywhere in the interests of making a buck. You can put KISS faces on anything and it will sell. But with Star Trek you have a loyal hard-care fan base which quite frankly is responsible for one of the most successful franchises ever. Your fan base genuinely cares about how their favorite modern day mythos is handled by a group that may not realize how lucky they are to be involved in something so many people love. But with that comes a great responsibility to your fans. Don’t let it be tarnished or soiled by people who are just concerned abut how long they can “milk Star Trek”.

  19. I agree with most comments, however how would you feel if they put the whole Star Trek thing to sleep & never bothered again?

    Boldly looking forward to new Star Trek shows…..

  20. I agree with many of the comments above but wat if the new series were set in the distant future in and many of the Federations enemies had banned together in there own Federation-esque coalition? Maybe it could could be the Voy. Doc as the captain of the ship cause his ECH sub routines have been revamped and added borg technology in. The enemy coalition could band together to attack Earth or something. Or a small Federation fleet could explore the Gamma Quadrant. We really haven’t gotten to see much of the Gamma Quadrant. Really all we know is that the Jem’ Hadar, the Vorta and the Breen are the only species in the GQ. Yes i know in DS9 there a couple of unique species but wat else is out there? I do believe that ST Franchise needs a drastic new twist to bring the series new life. I don’t agree that Enterprise was as bad as some of the comments above led to but yes it was not as good as past series. And yes the new theme needs to be nothing more than orchestral. The Enterprise theme was “ok” but i’m sure it had Gene Roddenbery doin flips in his grave.

  21. Prequels inevitably cannot live up to the originals. Funny how prequel technology looks more advanced than series tech. The new movie should have been based on Voyager. I doubt the ship and it’s crew would have been retired after it got back to Earth. There were many hints to dark times for the Fed it would be interesting to see Voyager’s part in it. What happened to Janeway, Chokotay, Tom Parris, Belana, Harry Kim, the Doctor and Seven of Nine?

  22. Star Trek voyager was one of the best in my opinion! I wish the voyager series would have lasted longer. I dont think they should have had help from the future to get home.

  23. I think the new movie should have involved the Voyager crew and The Next Generation crew.

    I also think that the ending of ST:Voyager was very poor. As soon as they arrive in the alpha quadrant, cut to credits. What?!? Had we been watching all those years for that?! What an anti-climax. And where was captain Braxton to stop Admiral Janeway?

    I also think they could have done more with the characters.

    Tom and B’elanna was about the only thing they did right. They should have had the Doctor choosing a name and getting his own quarters.

    Neelix should have made it to the alpha quadrant.

    Chakotay and Janeway should have got together.

    Seven of Nine should have started a relationship with someone, possibly the doctor.

  24. I agree with the comments above that the next Trek should be based in the future with new and exciting technologies and themed around exploration and new discoveries. I think most fans will agree that they are drawn to Star Trek becuase of its optimistic view of the future and space. We want a fantastic powerful ship with great new technologies and compelling ethical metaphores that connect with our time. Give us something new and fresh and exciting but don’t change the original formula- why do you think McDonalds doesn’t change their fries?? Optimism+technology+exploration+bad-ass ships+ethical lessons= Star Trek.

  25. After watching some TNG episodes last night (the one where Riker is abducted and goes insane in a “mental hospital” and the one where the Enterprise is “frozen” in time due to lifeforms in a Romulan’s artificial singularity), I felt like the more recent series have detracted from these great types of character-driven and story-driven episodes.

    Yes, it is exciting to have multi-episode or seasonal arc-stories driven by war and explosions (Dominion War, Temporal Cold War, Xindi), but these have all come at the expense of character development and nuanced story telling.

    Building on what “Brandon” posted above, go back to making quality episodes. Yes we want our shiny ships, futuristics techs, and quantum torpedo explosions (transphasic torpedoes?), but take the polished techy-look of the later series and go back to the great story telling of the first few series.

    • I don't know how you can say multi-episode and seasonal arc stories don't come with character development. Watching season 3 of Enterprise, it was entertaining to watch how the characters changed over the course of their season long mission. Especially Cpt. Archer, who tortured one guy for info and attacked an innocent species another time to steal their warp coil (or whatever). Watching them sink to lower and lower depths in order to complete their mission was something i haven't seen in trek. It was good to see Archers shift from an optimistic captain excited to explore and see what's out there, to be a more seasoned captain, well aware of the dangers out there and being a lot more cautious and realistic. Thats character development imo.

      I have no interest in this animated series, both the storyline and format don't appeal to me at all. Theres a huge fan base out there, just sitting there dormant, waiting for a good series to come and wake them up. It's not much of a risk for CBS if its done right, they should just jump in with both feet and make a quality live action show centered in the early 25th century (at the latest), and bring back the elements of trek that have appealed to so many. LIkable characters, quality story, awesome technology. But i agree, a new ship thats not the Enterprise (or voyager) is needed.

  26. The Enterprise grew on me after while I felt Paramount/CBS should have gone in a different direction. On a side note I liked the theme song. I felt it was fitting for the show. Showing exploration through the ages. Enough on that.

    They should do a series that took place at least 5-20 years after the Dominion War. I don’t know about you but I was left hang wondering what happened to the federation or voyagers crew. Maybe they should of done a series involving an akira class ship or the starship promethius. Both class of ships were built for war. They could of done a series were the warships had to operate in a time of peace. Act as exploration vehicles and still serve to protect the federation while it is recuperating from the war.

  27. New Star Trek series would be great but set few years after return of voyager crew. but the idea of animated series would be rubbish, and from what ive read about 150 years after nememsis is boring story and not attractive to this star trek fan. i didnt even find last animated series interesting. Im truly excited about new film so i love to see news of new series after that film. starship exploring gamma quadrants.

  28. I also agree with everyone, in that:
    !!! THE ANIMATED IDEA IS NOT GOOD !!! (they need to be real people!)

    We need a new Series thats set in the time period folowing from Voyerger coming home.

    it will need good digital graphics, and good story line.

    But it needs to be done right this time! not messed up like StarTrek Enterprise (it was a boring series, and to cut it and put such a rubish ending on it, was a waist of that time period)
    StarTrek Origenal Series – I Dident Watch. ?/10
    (too old) lol

    StarTrek The Next Generation – Is Good. 9/10
    (later seasons were a lot better)

    StarTrek Voyager – Is Good. 9/10
    (wasent so keen on ‘Janway’)

    StarTrek Deep Space Nine – is my faverit. 10/10
    (wasent so keen on ‘Major Kira Nerys’)

    StarTrek Enterprise – I Dident like it. 3/10
    (the od episode was ok, season 4 was the worsed)

  29. What is going on with with David Rossi, i’m not sorry to say that an animated star trek set in the future is a bad idea, if it were filmed that would be different as it would be more easily and enjoyable to grasp. I know that the opinions of the common trekkies differs from person to person but i’m sure that most would believe this to be a futile manoeuvre, are the writers should know they’re consumer audience, obviously it does’nt seem to matter enough anymore as long as the networks are happy. Sod the networks, this 11th movie had better be good…because i personally feel let down…again…

  30. Wow, It’s pretty amazing that most of us have the same opinions about all of this. Not only do I feel like an animated series is a bad idea (because I wont’t watch it), but I feel let down. I’ve been waiting for a new series for so long and now that I know ones gonna be coming out I’m probably not going to be able to watch it. Cartoons aren’t appealing to me. I’m just not able to sit down and watch very many of them. I get bored really quick with the few “animated” shows that I watch. I agree that the series has to appeal to the new generation so it doesn’t die with us (Long Live Star Trek). The more I think about it though…. It seems like the more they try to appeal to the TREKKIES the better AND more popular the show is. The Trekkies know what makes a good Star Trek show. All they have to do is make a good show and it will be appealing to new viewers. Once they make a good new show they can ADVERTISE it and get new people to watch. Seems like advertising hasn’t been invented yet by the 25th century. I absolutely love Star Trek and I didn’t even know Enterprise existed until after it was canceled. I was just sittin at home all happy watching my TNG, Voyager and DS9. I have to disagree with anyone that thinks Enterprise sucked though. I just think it wasn’t as good as any of the others. I can’t even imagine how amazing a new Star Trek show with new graphics, new technology, new ideas, new anomalys, new places, new races, and old concepts would be.

  31. Personally I think that sounds rubbish. I was thinking about this and I realised a few things (partly due to reading other posts) about star trek (IMO anyway):

    1) The Borg always have the best storylines and episodes and usually pull in an audience and have so much we still dont know about them.

    2) Why are there so few HUGE space battles in starTrek? It wasnt until the later seasons of DS9 we finally got a decent number of ships together on screen, but even then it wasnt anything epic.

    3) There are so many loose ends unfinished in ST including Wesley crusher, the origins of the Borg and what happened to all this nice new technology and intel that Voyager brought back.

    Now imagine they did a 3 or 4 season ST show that finally filled in all those loose ends, including Wesley and the Borg and gave the chance for countless cameros from other spin-offs?

    Wesley has been travelling the Galaxy and other plains of existance for a long time now and no doubt he’s been to the Gamma and Delta quadrants and knows the state of affairds there but hes not allowed to interferre.

    What if he knew of an impending, ultimate, attack on his home quadrant and planet by the Borg with a fleet of hundreds of ships and technologies we havent seen yet?

    Would he sit back and just watch or warn us?

    Imagine he wasnt able to just watch and had to warn someone, and he found his way to Picard on the new Enterprise and told him knowing his hatred for the Borg and it was decided by the Starfleet to finally take the offensive and wipe out the Borg and for all.

    There you have the basis for an entire series I think!

    You get to see what happened to Wesley, you have the chance to get back story on the Borg (finally) using those cool LOST style flashbacks and maybe we might even sympathise with the Queen if we understood her more.

    And we FINALLY get the chance to use some new Voyager technology to span the galaxy faster with Transwarp drives and portable holo-emitters and so on.

    It also finally allows us to see a true federation fleet on screen week after week, taking the offensive, kicking some ass instead of just th usual one or two. It allows for cameroes from Picard, Jane way and even Benjemin if they take the Enterprise, Voyager and Defiant along (and why not?).

    The Borg could attack on one front using the worm hole, wiping out or assimilating the dominion as they go and we get to see vorta and alike in Borg style. A true, massive invasion even bigger then that of the dominion.

    While attacking on other fronts.

    It has the potential for a truly huge battle, using the new CGI we have now there is no excuse. Imagine seeing fleets of Forengi ships and others we have only heard of and never seen like the Breen!

    A true alliance of alpha, delta and gamma quadrant races taking one final attack against the Borg to wipe them out.

  32. okay i love ST but after Voyager they said okay prequel time what is up with that? They introduce like 10 new races that have never even been talked about at all. The new enterprise was horrible, vulcans with emotion so close to the surface and so secretive and underhanded. And the new idea for a animated series? are you serious? The 26th century is cool hey they have been all the way up to the 29th century that’s okay but animated NO. and to redo the kirk and spock original with new people that is well plain dumb no one but WS should play kirk Cmon get new ideas people

  33. I definitely do not like the idea of an animated series. In these days of CGI, a regular series would be better. In term of story lines, how about the pre temporal cold war. Will defnitely talk about new technologies and we could even include Daniel from ENT as one of the characters.

    with that sort of storyline, havijng cameos would not be a problem.

  34. i like star trek but i’m fairly new to it as i’ve only ever watched Enterprise series and Nemesis, i havent chosen to watch the older series because i hope they DO bring a new series or continue enterprise but i dont think it would be a good idea to have an animation as it just wont suit the series and people wont be able to relate to animated characters compared to real life people.

    as far as new plots are concerned, for some reason or other (i think the idea came when i watched the episode where there were two enterprises), i would really like a new series to feature two main Federation ships with “equal status” on the show. with people here discussing going further and deeper into space, i think it would be great to have an ally close by. i’m not sure if it has happened to a series before or been discussed at all, but it would be a change from the age old idea that earth could only ever have just one class leading ship at any one time. anyone have any comments on the idea? i haven’t at all thought it through thoroughly so any thoughts or criticisms from true trekkies would be welcomed.

  35. I don’t see why people did not like Enterprise. I liked it when it was being shown in real time 2001-2005, and I like it even better, watching the episodes again on DVD. Some complain that Star Trek should be about futuristic science and technology, but that Enterprise didn’t fulfill that. I think Star Trek should also be about a futuristic utopia, and what I liked about Enterprise was that it took place halfway in time between our current world civilization and the utopia of Kirk’s and Picard’s times. Enterprise tried to bridge the gap between the world’s current depressing state and a possible utopian future. How would a good-ol’-boy from Florida deal with getting pregnant? How would he deal with sexism against a being belonging to a 3rd sex on some other alien planet?

    I see people write that they miss the old morality tales of the TOS and the early TNG years, but after re-watching the first 2 seasons of Enterprise, I find plenty of those. As for the 3rd/Xindi season, I liked the season-long arc. The multiple episodes-long arcs on DS9 were a new and enjoyable twist to Star Trek. Personally, I really enjoyed the 4th season of Enterprise – it seems like the writers had more fun with the stories that year (what could it hurt, right? since Ent was going to be cancelled anyway).

    I think the show was cancelled because Star Trek fans got spoiled and didn’t notice the good stuff they had in front of their eyes. What did Kirk do when V’Ger threw a tantrum? Refused to cooperate …

  36. There are plenty of concepts to be explored in the Star Trek universe. TOS,TNG and DS9 had great concepts and great character relations. The shows had a base that could be built on and the characters developed. Voyager seemed rushed, potentialy it could have been great. The characters were dull for the best part (The dr was original at least) and the stories were generally weak, barr a few episodes a season. The last two seasons looked as if they had run out of ideas.

    Enterprise could have been better! I agree it improved with time but Mr Berman is out of touch with what people want to see. The two last decent productions made were first contact and DS9 and its funny his involvment in these projects was limited creatively. An animated series is a cop out just as is a prequel movie. A series should be set in the aftermath of the dominion wars/Voyagers return. Perhaps a decade or so?

    Oh and something everyone seems to forget is that a certain Captain sisko apparently part prophet is yet to return from the celstial temple. Where i believe time has no meaning. He could return to warn the federation of impending danger since everything is not linear until he returns. A new ship, crew and captain are needed. With possible cameos from previous series cast members. Admiral Picard, Admiral Janeway…..endless list.
    Would anyone care to see Captain Troi and the USS Titan?

    Also since cardassia was pretty much left in ruins at the end of the domion war would it not be reasonable to assume it may have tried to join the federation? The romulans never would (more story arcs involving them would be appreciated).
    As for the Borg, while i agree that they contribute towards the best episodes i often feel they are overused and under developed. Theres no depth there. As is it so apparent with any new Trek Series.

    I would rather WAIT a few more years if necessary for someone to have developed a great idea, great charachters, and even a couple of seasons worth of GREAT stories before production begins.

    Any musical artist will write far more songs that can be fit onto an albulm, the same should be considered for Star Trek. Remove the episodes that are there to fill the gap and put something out there that has Depth, Meaning and is generally desireable!!!!!!!

    Manny Cotto seemed to get the gist…perhaps he should be considered ahead of Rick Berman.

    Oh and one last rant. Star Trek has been an inspiration to us all, it has given us drive, ambition, imagination and hope that one day we may put aside our petty differences. For this reason we are in love with Star Trek. Please for the love of god stop treating Trek as a money making commercial project and treat it as if it were a masterpiece of Art!

  37. I’d like to see them explore the 26th century. In that time, the federation’s mission is partly to explore history and preserve the timeline. Not only will there be space exploration, but lots of time travel. Could be interesting. This period has already been alluded too in TNG, ENT, and TOS. Seems like a natural next step.

  38. WOW a lot of comments on this subject. I myself agree that an animated series is not a good idea. I myself have started writing a new series idea.

    Set 10 years after Voyagers return and developers have built the first Quantum Slipstream Drive, with the help of Seven or Nine and DATA (an yes before you say, i know DATA died but i’ve wrote it so that the android that died was actually B4).

    Admiral Janeway and most of the Voyager crew are at the launching cerimony and another familiar face is a member of the crew – Lieutenant ‘Naomi’ Wildman.

    The new ship – USS Excalibur – has a shakey start when the Slipstream drive automatically activates sending the starship hurtling across space, but not just through space but through time where the Borg have been defeated and Federation ships are fitted with Borg technology.

    It’s a work in progress and thats just the pilot episode, they do get back to there own time like but i think it makes a great opener for the series i call; Star Trek – Excalibur

    Let me know what you think and any ideas let me know…

  39. I think it’s a cop out to have an animated series, viewers want the old politics and psychology of TNG, not fake boobs/collagen duck lips of T’Pol. I don’t mind having it set in the future, but the action has to be limited, I hated seeing my precious franchise turn to a bland shoot-em-up show. And we need a better station than WB or CW or whatever it’s called this year.

    All I’m saying is that Star Trek needs an overhaul, I’m worried about the movie turning it into something that it isn’t.

  40. Animated? Are these people crazy? Do you know how expensive and cumbersom it would be? I am getting tired of these no-talent executives who are living on their own fricking planet-hello…what color is the sky up there? Animated? quit mimicking Star Wars and get on with some real material (I am a Star Wars fan above all but these people are trying to ride a wave that may not be a good change to Trek). These jerks are really whacked!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Don’t animate it. Just don’t.

    Everyone would still watch it of course, including myself, but I’d be able to take a live-action series a lot more seriously, and be a lot more enthusiastic about it. I think those who say that Star Trek has run its course are completely wrong. Enterprise and Nemesis were all right but not great, but it is not logical to simply brush off a franchise that has booming for 40 years just because it hit a rough patch (and by the way, there is something to be said for a series whose worst entries are still better than most of what tv is offering). With the right leadership, Trek can not only get back on it’s feet, but I believe it can come back better and stronger than ever. Whether J. J. Abrams is that leadership remains to be seen, but he’s gotten Star Trek up and running again, and I think we are all grateful to him for that.

    And I like Kassman17’s idea in an earlier comment about having two ships exploring deep space together; that’d be kind of cool.

    And don’t hate on Berman; he made some mistakes, but he did a lot of good for Trek before that, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

    So, in conclusion, real is better than animated.

  42. If some genius out there could figure out a logical and inventive storyline to make the federation and the borg coexist under a flag of peace in future cannon and make even hard core trek fans belive it… thats the kind of inventive and fresh mind we would need to make a new star trek series ever be successful again, the ability to combine polar opposites and learn something from it.

    personally on that note i think that would be a facinating concept and would fill in alot of needed plot devices to push a new series into the future, it could explain the federations aquistition of trans-warp, with borg star charts it could allow the federation to explore the rest of the galaxy and beyond and perhaps the federation could provide the one thing the borg seek as a balance… artifical existence, if soong could create data, imagine what several centuries of study could allow star fleet to create. As for a hook reason, perhaps a galaxy wide war is sparked by a race not indiginous to the milky way, bent on domination. The borg and federation are “so far as we know in trek cannon” the strongest and most numerous collective forces around…it’s only natural that they may join forces for mutual survival…. that plot was made briefly practical in voyager when species 8472 invaded the delta quadrant… perhaps several centuries after TNG takes place,when both the borg and the federation have equal technology, there tactical advantages/ disadvantages will cease to provoke war between them. and yes i realize most will think yeah …BS. but hey at least it made you think.

  43. How about a full out expedition to the delta quadrant? With Janeway as fleet admiral and captain picard at the helm of enterprise leading the expedition. They could expand on the idea of creating a wormhole from a red giant like in that one Voyager episode where the ferengi tried to steal seven of nines nanoprobes. Expanding on that and making regular travel to the delta quadrant a real possibility. Possibly initiating species like the Komari into the federation.

  44. What??? Animated??? Thats not StarTrek !! Come on!!!! Does not matter what the setting, techno devices or the characters, just not animated !!!!

  45. I don’t believe the animated series rumors–that’s too ridiculous to even speculate about.

    The series so far in order of coolness: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, DS9, TOS. T’pol was hot and if you didn’t like the show because of her then you’re likely gay (and that’s cool, that’s cool) or a chick. Wesley Crusher was the gayest part of TNG and it would’ve been a way cooler show either without him or with someone else–someone that didn’t look like the wussy brother from The Swiss Family Robinson. What was the deal with him and all of the turtle necks? He lived on a climate-controlled starship for crying out loud. And why couldn’t they put Beverly in some cleavage shirts and thigh-highs? Geeze.

    The new movie seems really cool. They need to reshape viewers’ paradigms of the show similarly to what happened with Batman in Batman Begins. I want to see something else with Shatner and Nemoy–something that doesn’t look like the set was made in someone’s garage using Christmas lights and beta players for the bridge controls and oragami tied to a fishing pole for Enterprise.

  46. I have completely enjoyed Enterprise. I thought the show was well cast, well written and produced and stayed true to Canon Ideals.

    The acting could be very average at times, but on the bigger picture it was a nice link between current and TOS. I am watching it again on HDNET (thanks Mark Cuban) for the fourth time now. They covered a lot of ground in 98 episodes. Sure there were some duds but as a body of work (series) it was very fulfilling.

    I thought it a complete winner.

    A funny on Jolene was her story about driving home to San Diego to see her niece, in full make-up and was quite a site on the interstate.

    (One additional, HDNET has provided extended crew interviews after the commercial-free 1080i HD episodes, they all were looking forward to seasons 5-7 before the rug was pulled – The interviews are great stuff, though not playing on this run-through…)

  47. Like it or not, the real Star Trek was Gene Roddenberry.

    The Original Series and the Next Generation were his- at least at first. Personally I think Deep Space Nine was the best written Star Trek- I think they were lucky as Mr. Roddenberry did not have a direct influence on that, but it was spun off by people who knew what they were doing.

    But to try and be objective, after TOS and TNG there is no consensus on what is good Star Trek. Now everyone has their own take on what is good Star Trek, and chances are the fans are never, ever going to agree again.

    I like Deep Space Nine. I know I am in the minority. I did not like Voyager and did not even give Enterprise a chance. Other fans are just the opposite. They hate DSN and love etc. The few fans that like “everything”, well, I don’t think even they can give the franchise a direction.

    Can you imagine Star Wars without Lucus? I suggest fictional universe must be consistant with itself. In the Star Wars universe the creator lives. In the Star Trek universe, there is no creator. You could argue “we are the creator” but in this case I don’t think we are going to get any good Star Trek from that.

    There are always possibilities, but a new Star Trek that will appeal to everyone will be very, very hard to do.

    By the way, I do not intend to see the new movie. Something is missing, and without it it is not my Star Trek.
    If it is yours, live long and prosper.

  48. Ok if you want a new series lets get totally out there and set it in the temperal war scenario which was going on in the background of “Enterprise”.Get in real deep and have episodes set in all of the Star Trek series’s.They could rehash all the cool stuff from past series and new stuff to really go hard.
    And to the guy who said DS9 was the best written series”Come on dude don’t6 you think getting all god and preachy with the Profits was a bit lame?”(It did have some good bits though i guess).

  49. Voyager was an exceptional series – a female captain with balls – half a crew of rebel marquis foced to work together with their ‘Starfleet’ enemies resulting in a crew with conflicting personalities and opinions, a former marquis who doesn’t always c eye-to-eye with his captain, B. Torres as chief engineer, and Tuvok as the most convincing Vulcan I have seen since the legendary Mr Spock. Parris and Tom, the Doctor, oh yeah – and 7 not a bad addition if I do say so myself! – especially with that non-standardised lycra.

    Although Kes was far too angelic for my liking and Seska’s breakaway could have been limited to a couple of episodes at the most it was by far the best star trek I have seen.

    Being stranded in the Delta Quadrant was GENIUS and it worked! – No help from Starfleet, no reinforcements or starbases offering a safety net anytime Janeway and her crew bit of more than they could chew – they were ON THEIR OWN and they were in the complete UNKNOWN – both recipes for a great series based on PROPER exploration and everything that comes with it including many battles against those that would have voyager destroyed from every corner – it truly had the perfect balance!

  50. “The setting is the year 2528 and the Federation is a different place after suffering through a devastating war with the Romulans 60 years earlier. The war was sparked off after a surprise attack of dozens of ‘Omega particle’ detonations throughout the Federation creating vast areas which become impassible to warp travel and essentially cut off almost half the Federation from the rest. During the war the Klingon homeworld was occupied by the Romulans, all of Andoria was destroyed and the Vulcans, who were negotiating reunification with the Romulans, pulled out of the Federation. The setting may seem bleak and not very Trek-like, but that is where the show’s hero Captain Alexander Chase comes in. Relegated to border patrol, Chase is determined to bring the Federation (and a ship called Enterprise) back to the glory days of seeking out new life and new civilizations.”

    …Dark days ahead for the federation then hey! Taking a little from the background story of Warhammer 40,000? In the 41st Millennium there is only war! – the Imperium of Mankind spanning a thousand worlds plunged into darkness where warp travel is rendered impossible by a galactic phenominom that lasts hundreds of years – outlying former colonies of Earth are overcome by marauding armies of aliens and former loyalists turned by the insidious forces of chaos emanating from the transpatial rift left by the phenomenon, known as the eye of terror…
    interesting though!

  51. Begin the new series in the days after Voyagers arrival back to Earth!

    How bout a Voyager B – a new ship some of the same crew – a mission to send a federation ship to the Delta Quadrant to pickup where the previous ship had left off but this time it is a ship prepared with the ability to traverse the space in a matter of months – or so we think!
    On transit – through an artificial wormhole, or by use of transwarp or quantum slipstream drive whatever – take ur pick, something goes wrong and the crew find themselves not the other side of our galaxy but in another galaxy altogether…

  52. a new series you say

    how about a new series with the one thing that made star trek that fire it had

    a series called
    star trek : the story of the klingons

    the story of the race that is so much apart of our ancient history from the start of the trojan warriors to that of the romans and of the barbary of the vikings
    the story of the klingons as a series would put the trill back into the star trek series

  53. how about a new series with the one thing that gave star trek that fire
    a series called
    star trek : the story of the klingons

    the story of the race that is so much apart of our ancient history from the start of the spartan warriors to that of the romans legions and of the barbary of the vikings or the spanish conquest for power, etc etc etc
    the story of the klingons as a series would put the thrill back into the star trek series

  54. Well some new stuff has been put on since i was last here. Listen everyone…as i stated in my earlier comment, i’ve been writing a pilot for a new series of trek set 10 years after voyager. Now so far the pilot is finished, but ive got to perfect it to so it good enough for them to consider. I’ve also planned out the rest of the series for season 1.

    You guys have given so many ideas to look at and intergrate into it and so far ive been able to expand alot. Keep them ideas going, if anyone wishes to look at my ideas and contribute more your very welcome to email me with them.

    i’ve also posted a trailer for my new series on youtube, if you wish to view it, go to the below link:

    Hope you like it…. just to re-cap on my pilot episode idea please read below:

    Set 10 years after Voyagers return and developers have built the first Quantum Slipstream Drive, with the help of Seven or Nine and DATA (an yes before you say, i know DATA died but i’ve wrote it so that the android that died was actually B4).

    Admiral Janeway and most of the Voyager crew are at the launching cerimony and another familiar face is a member of the crew – Lieutenant ‘Naomi’ Wildman.

    The new ship – USS Excalibur – has a shakey start when the Slipstream drive automatically activates sending the starship hurtling across space, but not just through space but through time where the Borg have been defeated and Federation ships are fitted with Borg technology.

    It’s a work in progress and thats just the pilot episode, they do get back to there own time like but i think it makes a great opener for the series i call; Star Trek – Excalibur

    Let me know what you think and any ideas let me know…

    …..and that’s just the pilot, ive got loads of ideas for the rest of the series too, but please email if you have any yourself or wish to hear mine….thanks….

  55. I think the main reason for DATA being blown to bits is mearly that the actor “Spiner” is just getting too old to look like DATA anymore as sad as that is.If you want another android just have another Sung android discovered or Lal re activated in any case make it a hot chick Ha Ha.

  56. I’m not really going to comment on anythig already said here. You all have already said everything I would have, and much better than me besides.

    But I have an idea I would like to pose to you all:

    What if the fans Came up with the next series idea?

    What if the fans came up with each episode plot?

    Think about it…
    I’ll give an example:
    Say, We go with a live action version of the new show that they are proposing, but instead of relying on them to come up with everthing, they set up a few websight for fans to admit an episode script proposal. It obviously wouldn’t be for that week’s or even the week after’s show (probably as far as three weeks).

    They sift the proposal and put a quick one day time limit poll for the best of, say, ten.
    then they shoot the winner of the poll over to their script writer and he puts one together. (while at the same time makeing sure it ties in with the overall running plot.)


  57. Imagine how many scripts there would be it would be chaos.
    What about,if before filming each episode the script gets put online for all to see in a format like wikipedia where the fans can change the script untill an ultimate episode is born.
    Probably just as chotic but lets face it they’ll never let fans work on trek anyway

  58. As a Trek fan for over 30 years, I was disapointed with the last movie, only in that Vulcan can’t be destroyed, unless the next movie brings it back The Federation will be a far differant Universe. Old and New Spock can’t be in the same time line, come on people think. Most TREKERS ignore the animated series I personally found it to be a joke. Lets try to keep Gene Roddenberry’s dream alive and not fuck up a good thing. Star Trek if anyone bothers to care was not about constant battles it was the exploration of the Universe and human nature, stick with that.

    Personally I give the New Trek movie a 8 out of 10 sometimes rehashing is a waste of time. With 5 series and 11 movie its time to say good-bye. With the people at the helm won’t make Star Trek Live Long and Prosper but die, ‘a good time to die’ as a Klingon would say.

    Trek for me is history, the golden age of Trek is gone.

  59. in regards to #basils remark. It was BECAUSE the series has become thin and worn out that the new star trek film did what it did. had vulcan not been destroyed, then the film would ….for all intensive purposes served as the last missing gap in the storyline between the “enterprise” series all the way to voyager. Which would have made this a legitimate origins film. BUT when vulcan was destroyed Virtually the entire trek universe that occurs after that moment become completly null and void…. it creates a clean slate scenario. The trek universe could be reinvented. however i do not see this happening….in the end this film will most likely end up being a self contained continuity bubble in the cannon…. just an alternate short lived branch off of the main cannon. The main reason for this….. Is because without vulcan… spock cannot be revived after the khan/ genesis battle. ….hmm now that i think about it…. if they make a sequel to this film… it will probably be a half ass attempt at combining star trek 2 and 3, utilyzing the genesis project to reincarnate vulcan which in essence would bring balance back to the series….interesting. i guess we will see.

  60. I think the solution is simple.
    All that they need to do is make another movie where they go into the future and stop the distruction of Romulus and all goes back to normal.Easy

  61. I think you’re missing something here.
    For those of you who consider trek to be or should be dead, I sympathize but don’t agree. Yes, I freely admit that they have screwed up trek a lot here and there, but I will always be a faithful follower because star trek is a vision of the future I wish we could experience. I don’t expect it to actually happen, mind you, but it’s a celluloid dream that I refuse to turn my back on. sorry guys.

    As to the movie and spock’s resurection. You guys just got finished say that the destruction of vulcan created a clean slate. Who’s to say that they ever stumble upon the Botany bay in the first place? Or if they do, who’s to say that they don’t keep tabs on the colony in this version? Heck who’s to say that they even decide to settle on ceti alpha six? maby they choose another system altogether? the variations are endless.

    You’re painting yourself into a corner with preconceptions. I personally think this movie was a great idea. Now it’s all new, all different. anything is possible.

    And Basil, this one’s for you: I understand how you feel, and I’m not belittling it but in regards to the old and new spock meeting?: They explained it in the movie. They didn’t just go back in time, but by their very arrival created an alternate time line, so no paradox. I too, thought it was a bit Tricksy, but an elegant twist just the same.

  62. I say just continue where the Last movie left off, and keep the new crew of the movie, well the new younger Spock could use a nose job, man it was like the whole focal point of his face, So either get a nose job or get a new Spock, Oh hera, she had a modern haircut that didn’t fit with the time, The original one had a very 60’s Haircut and so it should of been the same. Other than that, it would be a no brainer, to make like 10 season easily from where that move left off, Kirk could get into lots of fights with spock and have his way with tons of women, just he always did.

    Also I think that William S, and Lenard N, should continue the cartoon series from 70’s and finish it, there voices are still good. Since that toon series just end and really didn’t end with any sort of final episode.

  63. If there is too be a new trek why base it apon just the federation. I think if these is to be a new one I would like to see it based in Cardassia after the dominion war, or sommit like that. Possibly on the Klingons fighting the romulans/federation in the past. forget the usual shite ie a ship called enterprise flying around, been there done done it (twice) what made DS9 & Voyager (too a lesser extent) good was the many stories around it. Make sommit new thats not been done before!

  64. the theme song sucks but i like enterprise, alot of the ideas were fresh, dont knock it just because there is alot of warfare, that is just the time they live in. animated and on the web though? i think not

  65. NO ANIMATION, EVER, there is no potential for demographic expansion that way. NO MORE PREQUELS. Movie was good but don’t push it, ENOUGH NOSTALGIA. Enterprise grew on me but I couldn’t stand some of the incontinuities. How come we’d never heard of Archer before ST:E if he helped create the f#@$ing Federation?! Voyager was mildly interesting because of some new species, but that’s about all it had, and some of them were little more than re-hashes of Alpha-quadrant races. Biggest point is WE WANT TO SEE COOL NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Which series were ultimately successful? TOS and TNG. Why? Because they INTRODUCED RADICALLY NEW TECHNOLOGIES – not just “transwarp” (i.e., Warp “II”) and nanoprobes (we already have nanoparticles today), favored STRONG ACTING/CHARACTERS OVER BIG TITS – crucially in the Captain and Vulcan/Artificial Life role (Voyager’s best attribute was the Doc’s character), explored SOCIALLY RELEVANT STORIES, and each had a subtle SENSE OF HUMOR AND FUN. THAT’S IT!!! FOUR THINGS! THAT’S ALL IT TAKES FOR A BLOCKBUSTER STAR TREK SERIES THAT THE TRUE FANS WILL LOVE TOO! For f$#@’s sake these execs piss me off! Since TNG, they’ve just been slapping together aspects of TOS and TNG and the films with lower-and-lower quality actors and writers, trying to squeeze every last penny they can out of it, ending up with mediocre generic Trek, wondering why it bombs in the ratings, and then pulling more money out until its barely a husk of a show that can’t even afford to properly wrap up its storylines. F#$@ YOU PARAMOUNT and F@$# YOU CBS, HAVE SOME F@$#ING FAITH IN STAR TREK!!!! I HOPE ONE DAY BORG DO EXIST AND THEY COME AND TURN YOU INTO MINDLESS DRONES. OH WAIT, THEY WON’T F@$#ING HAVE TO. SO THEN I HOPE YOUR PETTY GREED AND ASININE NEGLIGENCE OF A CULTURAL LEGACY TORMENT ALL YOUR SOULS THROUGH AN ETERNITY IN SCORCHING HELLFIRE.

  66. I would think that true Trek fans would be happy to see a new series animated or not.
    And yes, new technology and new races are probably what people find most exciting (myself I like the alien races) but regardless of setting, good writing is what makes a series entertaining.
    I remember when TNG and DS9 were on the air at the same time, I was in Trek heaven. In my area TNG aired on Saturdays at 6 p.m. and DS9 followed at 7 p.m. on a different station. At the time I looked at DS9 as the “little brother” but still enjoyed it. Years later if given the choice I would gladly watch 10 hours of DS9 than 10 hours of TNG.
    I now see that DS9 had a grander storyline and actually had a beginning and an end. TNG was much like TOS in the fact that it was made up of mainly stand alone episodes.
    Voyager was middle of the road, there was an overall thread but still many stories that were sidebars to the main story.
    And then Enterprise took the storyline to the extreme which I think might have been part of the problem. True fans tuned in every week and the casual viewer maybe missed an episode here and there and felt lost when they returned.
    So live action or animated? I will be happy to see Trek on TV again in either form, be it on TV or on the web as long as the writing is there and up to the standards that true fans want.
    So let’s rejoice in the fact that Trek could possibly return to TV in this century. When Enterprise ended I had doubts that I would ever see another series.
    But until the new series becomes a reality let’s all look forward to the debut of SGU and allow it to pacify our Sci-Fi taste buds.

  67. And one more thing that I intended to address in my previous post.
    I can live without the constant SHOUTING and use of the “F” word thinly disguised with punctuation.
    I would prefer (and I would wager that many others agree) that posts be made with a friendly tone without profanity just for the sake of sounding cool.

  68. How about a series of the USS Titan? Frakes is not too old (yet) and I think it would take!?

    Enterprise? NOT!!!!!!

    After they INVENTED history and blew time line technology all to hell. Like NOT! The series was good in story and actors but they blew it in canon time limes worse than the whole franchise together!

  69. no animation. no stupid 5-6 min episodes.

    i liked enterprise. i liked how they finally explained why klingons looked different on TOS as compaired to the other series. i like how they even threw a little of section 31 into it. the theme song was too religious sounding, all about faith and whatever

    DS9 was my fav. it had amazing characters, and it really went into new species. it went further into klingons, but it made the fans like the ferengis. they were good for a few laughs. they introduced us to changlings, dominion, vhortas, trills. i liked how there was a war going on. not to mention, dukat was an amazing enemy, nice to your face, but just evil, and a fantastic actor. also garrick was a perfect enigma. he played a simple tailor, but if you needed something done (pale moon light episode was fantastic) you could always count on him

    i thought voyager was the worst. there choice of characters were terrible. the doctor was just a gimmic of data (a machine, is he human, or alive). i hate the idea of holograms being apart of the crew. why not make holo security, engineers, captains, admirals. the whole idea of humans being out in space is so that they could experience it, instead of having technology do it for them. tuvok? another vulcan? we already know all about them. have a new species. b’lenna? a klingon? already been done. to top it of, the borg were pussies in this series. the first time we saw the borg in TNG, they were a deadly, ass kicking collective. by the time we see them in voyager, janeway is making deals with them, boarding their ships to steal technology. come on. it got to the point that when i saw the borg on voyager, i knew that they were not going to be the same deadly collective that they should have been. also, since they were able to get 7 of 9 back from the collective, after she had been with them almost her whole life, why havent they tried to get anyone else back (besides picard of course)?

  70. No animated series…please! I liked all of the ST series..except the TOS. Enterprise was surprisingly good even though the inconsistencies in ST timeline little annoyed me. It was always assumed in the 80’s and 90’s series that Enterprise NCC-1701 (Kirk’s ship) was the FIRST Enterprise. How can there then be another one..NX-01? Anyway the episodes in Enterprise were guaranteed ST quality with moder day stories. I liked it.
    My favourite series were DS9 and Voyager. They looked better that TNG or TOS. I don’t like very much. Crappy effects and so on…
    The Ne ST movie was good. Though it creates an alternative reality which can be or not..explore.
    I prefer that the next series is fixed after Nemesis. The idea about USS Titan with William Troy sounds good. Books about USS Titan exist already.

    Anyway I truly hope we could get a new ST-series in tv soon.

  71. I agree , Voyager made the Borg look pathetic , i want a DS9 film , imagine this for a sec:

    Opening credits roll to a stars background.
    End credit and theme leaving the backdrop stars for a few secs.
    Suddenly a wormhole opening loud and bright and a damaged fed science ship comes out pass the camera.
    Camera swing round to show it heading to DS9.
    Scene on DS9 where they talk to ship quickly then its captain tells Kira
    “the Dominion are back”
    Next part of is on earth and the crew being gathered back up followed somehow by the rest.
    The Dominion War is about to begin , ending the film in a big ass fight etc.

    Or simply a new series with a new crew of a enterprise a new crew taking over from picard.
    Star Trek is about storylines and character development , but dont go to far with it , its why trek started to die and get dull, in this day n age we need more than just dallas in space.

  72. honestly i agree with alot of u in saying if the made a new series it need to be made in the future and not a prequel or animated if u look at tng ,ds9 and voyager u see alot of backstory that could be used i would honestly go with exploring a new quadrant as there is no mention of an omega quadrant and the species that live there and what dangers they could hold and technology is there u could have massive class battleships and cruisers that are equal in size to the borg with planet killing weapons races that are more war minded and savage than the kazon and Klingons and they could use more of the tech that was descoverd by voyager or reserched by voyager there are lots of ways to expand startrek and i think with klingon ,cardasan,romulan memebrs within a fedaration starship would be very healthy with tensions still raw between races and the new enemys and allies being formed to stop an invasion in to fedaration from the omega quadrent would be good new crew new tech and most of all it needs to be orignal tell me what u think as i think it would be a good consept for a new star trek

  73. My gripe over ST is also one of the cherished notions of ST – the going where no man has gone before with ‘bigger, better, faster’ ships and the endless 2012-syndrome epic end-of-everything storylines. It’s missing the forest for the trees.

    Surely in a polity as massive as the Federation there are stories to be told about it’s many worlds, about its ordinary citizens and life in the 26th century. Surely, it cannot be so boring that writers are compelled to blow up the universe with another new super-villain, or re-draw the borders with run away technology or change time lines to enliven things. Surely the Federation is not uniform and singular. Surely, the 26th century is not Pleasantville.

    Perhaps it is. The 26th century as described by Picard is a frightfully boring place to me – with the characters constantly escaping to the Holodeck to live in more dangerous and colourful times, when they aren’t reciting 18th century literature or being blasted by hostile critters.

    I do not think so. The idea behind the animated ST of a border patrol sounds promising at first glance – but it can be set in a ready-made world, without needing to blow it to bits. Build it around a small ship – a Sabre, or a Nova with a small crew. 40-80 crew members is what the writers tried to achieve in Master and Commander. That’s why they chose a frigate – audiences get to know everyone quickly. They can deal with intra-Federation issues – and show us a rich and hitherto barely touched aspect of ST: the lives and times of the small, the every day and the every man. That doesn’t get in the way of the crew having to sort out a major threat now again (we know from ST:TNG that often enough having a big ship just means the villains need an even bigger one) Focus on the humans again. ST needs to find a common touch – we need to stare less at the heavens when we know nothing of the world around us.

  74. OMG Star Trek animation, thats like a Ferrari with a Ford enigine. No, I say make a whole new series like TNG or Voyager, maybe a couple of years after that. TNG was the best ST ever, everything was just perfect. I recently watched the whole series again.

  75. hi all i was surfing the web thought i would see whats going to be happening with the whole ST thing its been quiet on the seires front ever since enterprise which btw i thought was quite good would have been good to see a move at least on that. i know the movie was just out there, it was good but it just didn’t have that star trek feel to it it was more like a action film lol i mean the corridors and all that, steel gurders??? come on lol that aint the startrek i love….am chapping at the bit to start watching another seires, i’m not dress up treky kind but i love it, warp cores and photon torpedo’s. any one got any insight i read that there was a new one coming out it had been “leaked” but i dont know its all a load of rubbish thanks all

  76. Trust me Star trek may be dead the series could be over for good! Think about it we have the next gen set in the 24 century and I assume correct me if im wrong because im not a huge fanatic but voyager was around the same time. Enterprise had a great theme the infancy of our deep space travel with great actors like scott bakula jolene blalock and the rest of the cast were very good. Poor writing hindered the series now and again but had great episodes like singulairty where they all go OCd from some form of radation exept for tapal. Good series good actors maybe needed a 5th season but just didn’t have a large enough cast to write continious episodes for it.If star trek goes into the 27 century they will have less struggle what will they improve on will they go warp 15 or will the be beyond warp in general some new theoretical model of interdimensional travel? Either way current star trek series like tng voyger and enterprise had brief periods of future encounters from the 31 century and the 26 century they were always dressed funny and somewhat less emotional. Star trek is all about humans evolving and a new futersitic series from the 27 century would depict more civilized characters pretty much more vulcan like. What new technology would they use to make for exitement what would be the struggle? In enterprise the conflict arised from everthing being new prime directives, first contact new everything they were in their infancy in space travel. The next gen was a new series anyway so what they brought to the table was new with old plots it was great and would not work again but was perfect for it’s time. Voyager had the first women captain theme a unique plot and was pretty decent for its fan following now do you see, whats next? The borg no the klingons no the romulans? anything new won’t really be star trek unless some brilliant new plot is devised maybe beyond our milky way galaxy because I assume in star trek they readilly do not venture beyond our milky way galaxy. Space and science themes create fanbase and theatrical side plots with good actors make the show a little different and more likeable Patrick stewart brought his play acting to life in star trek. Good episodes like shuttle pod one where trip and malcolm have limited air and are a drift in space this really brought acting to life in a episode that was really not about some temporal cold war but the human will to live or die with a sane mind. So a animated series will be a new venture with less risk but I disagree and think it’s a horrible idea. My idea would have to negate some of the facts from previous shows or maybe involve a permanent alternate timeline frome and odd view point that somwhow collaberates with the rest of the series. Who knows time will tell but is is clear that repetitive phaser fire and predictable outcomes give the show poor ratings.With the large variety of tv shows on today its hard to compete with criminal minds and the mentalist maybe a new network should take over. I for one feel a cast of large variety and a more sci fi feel with pondering ideas make a great show not on screen, your lying send an away team and rescue away team that’s boring. what is needed is a more diverse explanation with medical technology plus the warp engine but in a way that brings something to the table without a bore. Good episodes of star trek usually revolve around time travel weird ilness or anomoly within the crew and human exploration from good acting. The fact the star trek gets stupid when one ship tries to blow each other up kinda gets boring maybe more realism would be better? All in all I want a new star trek series but it would probably be low budget and that means weak cg so its a tough problem I hope its time for a new series good luck Star Trek!

  77. I would like to make another comment a bit more brief this time it involves a possible new plot for a next star trek series. I think the pilot should open deep in the future with our sun going supernova and by this time our technology would be so advanced the an earth relocation or moving the earth would be in the works but their would need some bizarre twist involving possible sabatoge? Another possible idea would be intergalactic collpase I just made this up but basically the milky way is dying and the need to move to another galaxy is crucial but current technology and weakned alliances prove this difficult? Maybe a this has happened before scenario where humans have traveled in space thousands of years prior to our first contact and mass extintion caused humans to cease but miraciously our genome survived causing us to evolve again maybe not? Please post some new ideas here I like this site because without fans of any series its idea can’t continue if you look at csi criminal minds and all those other popular shows they seem to have a similar plotline a murder with new forms of detective work from forensic to psychological makes an intersting show.

  78. i think they shuld do someting with the enterprise e a series of some kind see what happens to B4 if he goes like data etc also it would be good to see a movie on voyager.

  79. Ok…Animated…no bad idea…far future…possibly a good idea. I actually had a dream about a new series. Completely different from anything we’ve seen before. Set it maybe 10 years after Nemesis, Picard’s an Admiral at this point, so we get a quick little cameo from him once and a while, and Jonathan Frakes still works with the franchise, so an occasional run in with the Titan and it’s crew and captain would be doable. Anyway, instead of basing the story around one ship and one crew or one station and one crew base the story around an individual…maybe a Federation Marine instead of a Starfleet officer. Make him kinda the John McClane of Federation Marines, a total badass…but damaged some how. Each season would be him dealing with some kinda screwed up situation that only he’d get stuck in. In terms of a setting the Federation would be in a weak spot, dealing with a weakened Romulan Empire still rebuilding from the Reman uprising, the Klingons (left as the powerhouse on the Alpha/Beta side of the galaxy) would be trying to make territory grabs on Romulan Space, and becoming less interested in their alliance with the Federation. The Cardassians would be left in ruin also…unable to fully rebuild after the Dominion war, and consistent follow up attacks on them by pissed off Bajorans trying to get their last lil kicks in on an already beaten and destroyed Cardassian Union. The Bajorans refuse to become Federation members, eventually kicking them off DS9, and making grabs on old Cardassian territory themselves. The Federation remains at peace with everyone for now…but with the Romulans and Cardassians begging for help something has to change. The Dominion is engaged by the Borg, and in turn ask for Federation assistance…as everyone else is busy with their own problems. The Federation can’t do anything though. Knowing full well once the Borg start assimilating Jem’Hadar cloning facilities assimlated Jem’Hadar are going to be coming through the worm hole in mass. This is when our hero comes to use…he’s sent basically on a suicide mission through now unfriendly Bajoran space with a contingent of marines, to go through the wormhole, into Borg occupied Dominion space and attempt to use stealthier special ops type tactics to take cubes out from the inside with teams of Jem’Hadar and Federation Marines working together. Or he could be sent to help recover survivors on a Romulan world after a Klingon attack…then after being attacked themselves he pilots a ship away and is marooned on a world that has suffered some type of calamity, then he finds that calamity was caused by a Section 31 base on the planet. Because of his shady past Section 31 tries to blame him crash landing on the planet and the weapons payload he was carrying on the planet wide calamity, so he’s in turn handed over to the Klingons since the world was technically in their space. Each season could be so new and different, hell each episode could be so new and different. Imagine this guy fighting Gorn pirates as they try to move weapons into Bajoran Space, being captured behind enemy lines and forcing his way out either using charm, wits, or force. Taking on section 31 as a fugitive trying to clear his name…maybe hiding with the crew of the Titan for a time? Then watching him finally get caught and getting a court-martial, presided over by Admirals Janeway, Picard, and Jelico. Cameo’s by old favs from TNG, DS9 and Voyager would be doable..bringing in all the good from those series while this series keeps a flare that’s all its own.

  80. The year is 2413. Captain Mordaunt Lefanis (A Vulcan) has been given command of a new vessel, The Enterprise G. The vessel is state of the art, the latest and greatest of Utopia Planitia’s masterpieces. It is equipped with holographic weaponry and shields, resistant to the toughest barrage of attacks, and a vastly superior warp drive, giving a sustained speed of warp 9.9999 for a few minutes. They have also been equipped with a time drive, allowing them to defend themselves from the growing amount of temporal attacks…

    The Milky way has been mapped, the quadrants have been explored. The Universe lies beyond. The void between the The Milky Way and Andromeda has never been passed before, and the Enterprise has been chosen to bear the flag of the Federation to a new galaxy.

    Their Mission- To explore space and time, to seek out new life, and new civilisations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

  81. I wouldn’t like it at al…at least in the way they plan to do it. 150 after Nemesis??? PLEASE NO. We don’t even know what happened after VOY’s last episode…We have never seen the Earth-Romulan wars, even though we heard of it a lot.
    Have you guys seen the plans for the Enterprise’s new look? It fucking sucks and unlike any ST federation design there is…It’s just not Star Trek anymore.

  82. PLEASE – NO ANIMATED STUFF! I’ve watched through all ST series from the very beginning (over the past 25 years and have all of them on DVD) and absolutely loved “Enterprise”. Those guys should have been given the chance to finish like all of the other series. I would love to see them come back and finish the job. Also, I thought the theme song was excellent, the lyrics very fitting. Still, I would just appreciate it if “those in command” decided to reward the fans with a new series – not animated – but with characters in the mould of Phlox, Data, Holodoc etc. I can hardly beleive that there is absolutely no Star Trek series at all anymore – the franchise has the biggest following of any series ever – yet all we get is sitcoms, hospital stories or Sex and the City-style boredom. Surely someone out there has the guts and the foresight to get a new series on the road? Maybe in the 29th century with lots of flashback action, enabling Q, Phlox or Data to return to the screen.

  83. Here’s a new story: (I spare the details for brilliant writers out there.)

    Story set in few hundred years after DS9. Technological advances has reach the dawn of inter-galactic travel. The big push: still exploration. However, there is a new emerging enemy: not a big civilization, not another Romulan or Xindis, not even the Borg, but a wide network of small colonies/desolated planets having new emerging believe of some kind of a supernatural being, that actually caused by destabilization of the Q continuum; some rogue Q, though hunted by Q continuum, has managed to create new “galactic religion”. These believers believe that the entire milky way should submit to their god, and willing to die to achieve their goal: to make all milky way submit to the new “god”.

    I think this will be a thrill, trying to boast exploration to another giant leap, while at the same time battling a force that want to drag everyone to the dark ages. A series like this will continue the tradition of star trek franchise of reflecting the actual condition of human race, and giving hope of a brighter future.

    We could even start the story with an attack to, let say, a future equivalent of the twin tower.

  84. I agree Star Trek Has Become more violent but most viewers now days love action. i want to see a new star trek series but not animated. how about a movie about Voyager. like make the book homecomeing and the futher sore in to a movie and contue the adventure of voyager, or even tng how did the enterprise crew arive on the enterprise E. why not anothor strek series and bring back sisco, add on to the series mabye even a voyager movie, and a new series to top it off. keep star trek star trek and why not finish off the orginal series. after the animated series, finish off the enterprise’s orginal 5 year mission and creat a series within the tmp era. keep star trek going!!!!!

  85. I am sorry but the fan that suggested the name of a starship Excalibur that was used in the Babylon 5 spinoff called Crusade. So it is not fair game as for Star Trek: Cardinal I see potential in it but they need to change the plot structure andevelop the characters and the ship should move not stay in a place. It would have been nice if they had moved Deep Space Nine the station instead of letting it stay in space. Also make a new star trek series out of the books that some Trekkies consume like Enterprise novels, TNG novels, Voyager novels, and DS9 novels. As for the animated series I never saw ST: TAS so I can’t criticize it yet. That’s all, Number One.

  86. Okay animated!! what are we 6… i thought i left thoughs kind of shows 7 years ago! i was alive when voager was on but i didnt watch it coz i was like 2. i just want a new sto. one that is full of new things and people- we must not forget the new STO (startrek online) – personaly i thing that we have had much to much war and we need to explore. transwarp hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol tom and captian janeway :/ might i remind you what happend… 🙂 i think that if the sieres is set 150 after nemisis then tom would have fix that miner problem.;0 –

  87. I agree with everyone. An animated series is a bad idea. I am not a fan of the “Cardinal” idea either. What I feel is needed is a live action series that sticks to the main principles of what we like best about Star trek. I know many feel that with the variety of Trek, finding core principles is difficult. Yet I feel a good majority of fans here could agree with me on these points below. Here’s my take on what makes good Trek:

    1. Strong, distinct, interesting characters. Such examples for me would be Kirk, Spock, Picard, the Doc, Data, Q, etc. (most people can agree on the basic list)

    2. Hopeful exploratory premise: To boldly go…. and in style. A great crew (see #1) that comes into contact with new creatures, anomalies, federations, species, all re-enforced by a history of interesting but POSITIVE civilization progress.

    3. Game changing, culturally re-defining technologies. If the internet can revolutionize the way the world works in the 20th century, how will future technologies do the same?

    4. This great crew (point 1) and their new context (point #2 and 3) then deal with the physical (battles/action), emotional (crew dynamics), and ethical considerations of their encounters.

    How I propose we meet these points:

    1. Hire good actors. Picard was good because he had a history of stage acting. We need to screen for good actors along with developing great actor concepts.

    2. We need to boldly explore in a hopeful manner. Cardinal falls short of this promise. What I propose may not suit the likes of all fans but is certainly bold: I propose we make another big timeline adjustment. Along the same lines as TOS to TNG. Klingons are not only our friends, they are a unique, but integral part of the Federation, and so are the Romulans and the Cardasians. These races have brought their own flavor to the Federation, from ideologies all the way to starship design. By incorporating these races and setting it further along the time-line, their interaction (ex. Romulan and Klingon crew members) will seem more plausible. In addition, a future date will allow studios to update aging set/ship designs.

    With a greatly expanded Federation we would surely see more infrastructural development. A semi-galatic power should have the corresponding awe. Despite its other weaknesses this is a great draw in Star Wars. We should showcase vast scales of civilizations as seen in Star Wars. This awe factor (budget permitting) will help draw in new viewers and will satisfy the ‘cool’ element Star Trek so desperately seeks. The great cast and stories will lock them in.

    3. Game changing technologies: Develop new technologies and their day-to-day impacts. The future timeline gives us some options, as it did for the TOS-TNG transition. For example, many technologies from the Borg can be adapted. Neural computer interfaces, collective consciousness holodecks, even nanoprobes that scrub your toilet!

    Naturally transwarp or slipstream drives have been perfected so distant exploration may be possible.

    We need to develop new challenges to encounter. Start thinking about developing new races as different as the Borg. Stop poor design work (unending forhead designs) and start looking at non-humanoid aliens with distinctively alien ways of existing (ex. multiples sexes, organisms that exist in pieces but physically separately but are actually one entity – so much unimagined territory here!). Some of these aliens would even be crew members, maybe even the captain.

    Consider developing characters over the course of series. Carry over battle damage from some episodes. Over arching plotlines that tie the series together are good as long as they leave wiggle room for side-plots.

    Look at what type of show format is usually the most successful. For Voyager, it was often the multi-part episodes that had the budget and length to stand out. Perhaps develop the series as a multi-part one with fewer episodes but each of higher quality.

    4. In short:
    – Competition actors for a dynamic crew with fleshed out personalities.
    – A post TNG time period that allows for fresh, bold exploration
    – A truly developed galactic atmosphere
    – New original alien concepts
    – Technologies that will inspire future engineers and redefine the world they exist in.
    – New Challenges, physical, ethical etc. Wrapped up in a show format that allows the format for quality.

    What do you guys think? Suggestions? Improvements? Changes? These are only my thoughts to improve a future Star Trek. What are yours?

  88. I felt that Voyager and Enterprise were the two best series yet, TNG was great also but lagged behind the others, I would not watch a cartoon of ST, not a chance, Cardinal doesnt sound like a good idea to me either, I loved the theme of Enterprise and TNG and miss ST in general, the new movie Star Trek was the best yet by far, I would love a series staring the same cast but im sure thats only a dream.

    • Yeah i don't know about that Cardinal idea. From what i've read it has too many Klingons, and the ship itself looks just plain dumb imo. I'm also not too fond of the setting they've come up with.

  89. i find it irritating that people keep complaing about an animated series when animated doesn’t mean bad you have animes which generally have deep and involving stories or the batman animated series from the 90s or gargoyles and those were run of the mil based on dying franchises(yes batman was dying because of the campyness going on then and gargoyles actually wasn’t a franchise but orginal)those shows were dark and involving and got acclaim for putting cartoon story telling to new height’s.And someone said something about kids having the attetion span of doughnuts your crazy! the shows now are crazy smallville deep stories twist and turns most kids are into ncis and stuff don’t give in to stereotypes jordan helmer.Infact there was this cartoon avatar i watched it wondering why critics liked it it was good and very dark themes were in it such as genocide nazism and many other things including a diverse cast of character’s .So do not trash kids saying they have the attenion span of doughnuts when the same movies you see dark knight and star trek and keep up just fine.
    Now i’m done with my rant i will bring up my thoughts on a new tv series i would prefer live action but animated is just as good.I think it should be about the new movie contiueing from there give it a big budget and have less space battles and more on planet battles and it could work.Get a pilot episode about 2 hours long that redoes the movies plot thus entering a new cast or do a 1 hour one which explains that the film’s plot made two alternate realities.have the adventures change character’s like having spock and ohora’s relationship struggle bones and kirk’s friendship crumble and introduce kirk alot more human.

  90. I liked voyager the most and next generation.

    I would never watch a cartoon as well, why did the makers made a rediculous decicion?
    I was hoping they can make a proper nice ST.

    I hope it will come soon.

  91. To Chris, who outlined what he felt would be a good guideline for a future Trek series. I have to say I absolutely agree with you.
    One thing I will point out is that while many people like futuristic episodes there is merit in covering the beginnings of the Federation. I aboslutely do NOT agree with the above people who have desperaged Enterprise. It was extremely innovative and did a masterful job finding new explorations in an already explored area. Far from making comments about Blalock’s breasts (an absolutely irrelevant point) there is viable reason to continue the early stories for those who truly want a fleshed out backstory for the amazing franchise that is Star Trek. Enterprise was a fantastic idea that was simply canned RIGHT when it was catching on. This isn’t a foreign concept to Trek though. TOS only survived 3 seasons. It did, however still become one of (if not the) largest cult phenomenon in t.v. history. As to those who desparaged Where My Heart Will Take Me…pardon my French but f*** you. It may have been different (because lord knows we can’t accept change) but for those who have been practically raised on Star Trek it HAS been a long road. From TNG to DS9 to VGR…it was a journey. A journey into a future where mankind has evolved from it’s trivial nature and moved on to the betterment of all. The Enterprise theme-song was perfect for the show (if not the entire franchise) and brings hope that Trek WILL be revived.
    That said, I would love to see a new futuristic series and I believe Chris’s points are right on. I would also like to see a series continuing the story of the birth of the Federation. There is much to be told, much to be explored. I see nothing wrong with having two active series. In the time of TNG/DS9 and DS9/VGR…Star Trek was alive. What we need is someone who still believes in the franchise to champion it’s return. Someone to lobby for budget and airtime. And then we need to give the world of Star Trek fans their chance at constructing amazing storylines. The internet is chalk full of fan flicks, stories, e-books and roleplayers who by themselves have carried on the Trek legacy.
    Star Trek is FAR from dead. I hope to see someone with sway moving into power with the franchise and revive it the way it should be.

  92. I think anything that they come up with will be fine for now, but like everyone else, I also miss seeing Star Trek on the TV, after they announced that they were going to take a break from any future ST series, in my mind they have had enough and were not going to come out with anything new. In my personal oppinion I would like to see something else in the ST Universe, I have several ideas for new series, perhaps something from the Klingon Point of view, or perhaps Romluans or any other race for that matter, then again what about something like a series based on Star Fleet Academy, young cadets and all that, seeing how they are trained and so on, doing time on a Star Ship, you could have a whole mini series in one episode of you choose to, the possibilities are endless. Just a thought, but again I miss Star Trek, and you can only watch reruns for so long till you need a jolt from something new. Come on Design Team Put them thinking caps back on and lets see an exciting and new series next year, You know you want to.

  93. What Star trek needs is a new story every episode, not the horribly long running Xindi and Temperal cold war story lines of Enterprise. They need new technology new races and species and a proper bridge crew. They also need to leave the old races as they were, for instance the Vulcans in Enterprise were full of emotion and weren’t typical Vulcans. and keep the klingons hating the romulans, you could even make that part of the plot, the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans can be at war with a new race and are losing because the Klingons and Romulans are to busy fighting with each other to help defeat the new guys. They also need scientific aid when creating new technology as well as throughout the story, with the internet it is easier for the average person to research certain things and find out if a new tech on star trek is complete fanatasy or might actually be a rel thing some day.

    I also just want to say that an animated series is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had. The true star trek fans and even the people who are just curious will be drivin away with an animated series. If you are trying to attract kids to star trek go ahead, but for the love of god make a live action series for us adults.

    I also think the new movie was excellent, well written story. I was a little worried that they would change the Trek universe to much but they managed to do a good job. But for a new series i would stick to the original Star Trek universe.

  94. The Trek universe is basically so rich that there probably is alot of directions anyone can go for a new series… .

    You can do something like Caprica did for BSG and have something earth or planet based, perhaps a type of CSI in space after all theres bound to be interstellar crime in the UFP and you might just need space cops to go to the many Federation world where they will experience new technologies cultures and civilizations during their investigations/chases, not to mention finally getting to see how society really looks like and works in practice with this whole no money thing, we got to see a bit of it during those few Voyager episodes based in the Sol system and Earth .

    Why not continue to fill in the blanks of the Federations past ?, Enterprise returns with admiral archer and some of the old crew at the begining of the earth romulan war, and they dont need to invent new titles it would simply be a 3 year set continuation creating seasons 5,6,7, or alternatively it could be told as 3 made for tv/dvd movies like Stargate did with SG1 .

    Why not go with made for tv/dvd miniseries of different eras of star trek with different stories, or for that matter why not a new trek series that tells 2 or 3 episode story arcs set in various eras and of different carachters or even civilizations, a bit like the outer limits so one story arc is about “cardinal” lol , then the next story arc is about “the rikers in space” if youve seen marina sirtis and jonathan frakes joking about it on an interview, basically following a few days of the Rikers new life on board the Titan, then another episode could be a timeline episode with the timeship, another one could be about the time the Borg invaded Guinans world or indeed pivotal moments that led to the creation of the borg or why not even the Dominion, an arc about a startrek loveboat in space flying around Saturns rings, basically each short story arc could be used to fill in the blanks and lose ends of various trek series and canon or simply show something new and curious stories whitin the universe.

    Anyway altho i ultimately liked the new star trek movie i now think with hindsight that it was sort of rushed or not well thought through, there are allegations regarding ship size but also for myself thinking that the giant lizard creature on the ice planet looked out of place … .

    But sure id like to see another one but perhaps one where the timeline is repaired and everything reverts to the way they were supposed to be except with the new cast .

    Anyway i agree with alot of those who say that they simply miss having new trek on tv, i miss new trek on tv too and i hope they come up with something soon before BSG launches another rumoured spinoff or stargate and who knows what else for tv spinoffs … given what seems to be a sci fi rich 2011/12 cinema season .

  95. @ Scott

    The new movie was horrible from a story/Star Trek universe point of view. It wasn’t even close. Which tells me you know nothing about Star Trek. If you want to say it had good visuals or audio (which it did) then fine. There was so much that was wrong i don’t have the time nor energy to list it, but i’m sure you can find them on the internet or actually go and what the original series.

    The topic at hand (realizing the OP is from 2006), would be a new series about the original series for the last two years, i.e. year 4 and 5 of their 5 year mission. Since only 3 years actually were done. After 2 years CBS would know if the series is viable and can extend their mission. Yes it needs to have a proper group of actors to play our beloved crew, but after the last movie it should be easy to out shine that crap.

  96. A new animated series, NO… If you're going to commit to something do it right. If you wish to set it in the more distant future when the Federation is falling apart, that's Ok. Just make it far enough in the future where you don't have any of the old characters in it. Start new and fresh and refer back to the hero's of the past. Have the Enterprise destroyed in a blaze of glory saving the Federation of complete destruction. Then start rebuilding a fresh and new series of characters and don't focus on one ship or group of Hero's. Call it "Starfleet Command". Have four or five main characters at "Starfleet Command" and four or five hero's that are in different commands and have well known actors or actress' guest star as there enemy of each episode and let us guess who they are. What ever you decide to just do it right…

  97. Animated Trek no ta .. keep that for childrens TV only …. A new live action series please, boldly going on not stumbling backward into ineptness.
    A far future Trek would be better about using the temporal police era, Star fleet using their technology could open new frontiers and ideas We could see what all the other older series settings would evolve into and the interactions between future races.
    Time to step up ST or fade away into cartoon.

  98. just thinking: why keep Star Trek pigeoned-holed to one time frame in the future?
    the show (it's just a tv show) has the possiblity to continue in at least three time frames ST:ENT, left unresolved, ST:TOS, a favorate tomany viewers then ST:TNG,
    ST:DS9, ST:VOG, and then even further into the future and further away into another
    Quadrant or Galexy …

  99. I’m really looking forward to the next non animated series.
    I would like to see more refined computer graphics sequences. I would like to see the dark side of the federation when it ends up with its back against the ropes.

  100. i got so excted about a new series until i saw animated. i would like to see enterprise carry on with most of the same cast if possible. it was not fully explored but was good while it lasted. if it had been on a major network i think it would have lasted much longer than 3 years. also they would have had more money to invest in it. would be a good thing for any star trek to be on. maybe fox or sci fi if the big 3 dont want it. hope it happens

  101. Animated series?? All I have to say is OMG no…. I was hoping for something different. I mean the last series was what 4 years long? They just need to choose the right captain. I knew I couldn't see Scott Bacula as a federation captain. That's probably why it only lasted 4 years. The last Star Trek animated series lasted 22 episodes. Don't make the cartoon look like it's only gonna be another 22 episodes and end it. Get some real artist no one cheap. If a cartoon is the best you can do make it good not like a 2 year old drew it.

  102. This sounds like a terrible idea. I would be all over a new live series! Animated sounds like a terrible waste of money and a flop waiting to happen. Give me some quality or go home.

  103. I think using enterprise B would be a better series based on the lost years of star trek between the classic and next generation. But with a different captain of course not harriman from generations movie. they could show when they first met the carrdasians among others. there been very strong rumors about a star trek 1701B tv series for some time. since the fate of this ship is still unknown at this time. It would serve as the basis for the lost years of star trek. and if the rumors become true i say go for it. Lets see that lost generation of star trek enterpriseB and their untold adventures and possible appearances of the classic cast. possibly captain sulu and his ship excelsior visiting his daughter demora sulu in a story.

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