Replacing Browser Bookmarks with Tagging

There are some ideas on the Mozilla Wiki about how tagging could replace bookmarks
in future web browsers. There is a planned overhaul of bookmarks and
history in a future version of Firefox – originally this was to be a
“Places” window which would merge bookmarks and history, but there have
since been several proposals on how bookmarking could be improved.

sounds fantastic and I’d certainly tag more than I bookmark but I’m not
sure whether it’ll appeal to end users. At the moment I store URLs in
my head rather than bookmarking them and Firefox’s autocomplete usually
does a good job of guessing what URL I want. Sage does a fantastic job
of checking RSS feeds built around the Bookmarks system.

doubt, bookmarking definitely needs a big overhaul and personally I
can’t wait. Perhaps the web browser to change it all is going to be Flock.

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