RedTen: Broadband and PC for 20 a month

UK readers may find Red Ten Internet interesting. For £20 a month, you get 8mbps broadband and a free PC worth £500. The catch is that you’ll have to sign up for 3 years, but after the 3 years the PC is yours to keep. According to the Red Ten site, the PC has the following specifications:

– Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor with
  Hyper Threading Technology
– 512MB DDR2 Fast Ram
– 160GB Ultra-IDE 7200RPM hard disk drive
– All-format LG DVD-RW rewriter
– LG keyboard and optical mouse
– Microsoft Media Center 2005 operating system
– Free upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista

Unlimited 8mbps BT (not unbundled) broadband for £20 a month on it’s own is pretty decent. With ISPs like BT which will charge more you’ll often get tied into a 12 month or 18 month contract. At £20 a month for 36 months, the total cost of this package for 3 years works out as £720. With installation at £50 it works out as £770. Taking away the cost of the PC at £500, the cost of the broadband is £270.

I can’t find an entry for Red Ten on Think Broadband so I’m not sure how reliable it really is. They are however owned by Watford Electronics which also run Savastore.

Since I’ve already got a computer which I’m happy with, Red Ten won’t be aimed at an audience such as myself. However, it is a great low-cost way for a lot of people to get onto the internet.  

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  1. A friend of mine just got his RedTen kit on my say so, so now I’m embarrassed!

    First problem was a U.S. keyboard was supplied, which will need changing.

    Second problem was that  broadband connection can’t be made, and they supplied to conflicting sets of passwords. What info that is provided is often contradictory. Don’t know if the BB has been set up at the exchange end yet, even though they say it has, the indications from the router are that it hasn’t.

    Third, there is this horrible big red RED Ten thing on the screen permanently, which invites you to "shop" and get your email, among other things. This brings us to ..

    Fourth, that email link is for webmail. Suppose I want to use Outlook Express or Outlook? There is no config info supplied to set up accounts using these newsreaders.

    Fifth, the computer is generally tacky, using very cheap components, and has come badly set up – the screen was supplied set to a very low resolution, and when I set it to its’ native resolution it looked better, but not much.

    Newbies are supposed to be able to set this up "out of the box". They won’t get it running properly if they do manage it at all, and experienced users will hate it.

    Sixth, there will be a free upgrade to Vista, just like MS are offering to everyone. This computer will never run Vista.

    Overall I get the impression that this was a large amount of computers that were lying in storehouse somewhere for a long time, and someone thought of a jolly wheeze to shift them.

    Red Ten is based in Liverpool, so why would they ever supply computers that had U.S. keyboards? And horrible keyboards at that.

    Oh, and the disk for the router (which has no drivers on it that I can find) uses Acrobat 4 (yes, 4). So just how old is the router then?!  





  2. Thanks for the thoughts Stagger; it’s good to hear from someone who has tried out this service. I suppose the problem with RedTen is being locked in for such a long contract period so I certainly feel sorry for your friend. All the best to have all the issues resolved.

    If you manage to get the broadband working and can let us know how reliable the broadband service itself is, it’d be great to hear. 

  3. I just signed up for RedTen, I was looking for a PC for my 7 year old and looking to change from BTYahoo and this seemed to solve both problems.

     Dealing with the above comments in order:

    Yes, mine came with a US keyboard as well which was a bit annoying, however if US keyboard is selected in the language bar (bottom right hand side of start-bar) it will work well enough for now.

    The ADSL wizard on the desktop should set-up te router OK, but care has to be taken when entering usernames and passwords. In the first instance redten is both the username and password, when asked for a username and password after that the ones suplied in the welcome pack as BroadBand Username and BroadBand Password need to be used.

    After phoning the HelpLine they talked me through setting-up the BT Voyager router that I already had before the PC and router were delivered. I have seen between 3 and 8 Mbps connection speeds but generally it is at 4Mbps.

    The "horrible big red RED Ten thing" on the screen can be got rid of by going to Display Properties, selecting Customise my Desktop and selecting the Web tab, then untick the box C:\windows\wallpapers\web\redten.html

    Setting up the RedTen email took another Hepdesk call, they gave me the IP adresses for my Pop3 IN and OUT boxes. I have not had much success when I set up a second email address on my account, when using internet explorer to send or recieve to the second account it does not like the information that I supplied when creating the account. I may need Pop3 addresses again?

    As far as the PC goes you-get-what-you-pay-for, this one was basically free. I had to run a full recovery 4 times when I initially set-up before it became anything like stable enough to use. Even now once in a while it will crash with Graphics driver problems, problems with login.exe and even problems at login validating XP.

     One of the main gripes that I have with it is that one CD was supplied "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Vers 2005" labelled as Program Disk 2. What happened to Program Disk 1 ?? Is there a Program Disk 1??I have yet to get any answer on that as the Operations helpline (0871 285 9436) either rings constantly with no answer, hangs up as soon as it connects or reports as being the wrong number dialled. Also the "Full information on the Vista Upgrade" that was supposed to be supplied with the PC never did.

    I agree a newbee would have no end of trouble setting the machine up out-of-the-box. I had enough trouble as an experienced user. Not enough information is supplied to be able to set up. There is no clear instructions on how to use the information that is supplied. The support line costs (up to £6.73/min) suggest this may be diliberate to some degree.

    It was an interesting comment made "This computer will never run Vista". What reasons are given for this?


  4. Further to my comments on 5 jan.

     Brilliant service from RedTen, I emailed them on 10th Jan about the US keyboard and missing Program disk 1.

    On the evening of the 11th a guy was at the door with a UK Keyboard and Program disk 1. Cant ask for better than that!

  5. Hi Guys,

    I to signed up to Redten, and went for the option of moving my broadband connection before receiving the computer. Well that was fun as they moved my connection without any notice.

    When I contacted them they kindly informed me that an e-mail was sent out when they moved my connection giving me my user name and password details……need I say any more

    They did however send the details by snail mail but I had had to set up a dial-up connecton while waiting for the letter to arrive.

    The computer turned up just before Christmas and I was dreading what I would find, but I was pretty pleased, Yes it is a bit plasticie and yes they used the cheapest set-up they could get away with but lets not forget it is a budget PC, which is probably just as good as the Dell PC’s they’re always advertising on the TV and it was free.
    I’ve a new PC and paying less than my previous broadband subscription so I’m happy.

    I haven’t as yet had the problems some have mentioned with set-up or stability.

    I did get rid of that RedTen desktop as soon as it was set-up.
    The monitor took a little bit of setting up, but is I think quite good, better than some I have to work with.
    I too have noticed that I only had disk 2, so after reading the above I will be chasing RedTen for Disk 1.
    I also haven’t received the Vista voucher so I’ll be chasing that too.

    The american keyboard annoyed be too after all they could easily have provided a budget UK keyboard, but ah i’m not going to worry about that.

    But one big question for me is what will the support be like when there is a problem, I guess I won’t know till I get one, going by the contact I have had with them earlier on this coming three year relationship, well lets just say it’ll be interesting……. 

    And finally for interest connection speed check came back with:
    download 5615kbps, upload 383kbps

  6. personally i’m happy i joined redten.  i signed up just before christmas and haven’t experienced any real problems. i didn’t have any problems with the username and password and i’m getting faster connection with redten than i was with tiscali! yes, i did receive a US keyboard, but redten replaced it within a couple of days. by the sounds of things the wrong batch was dispatched from singapore and it wasn’t an deliberate attempt to cut costs.

    i actually quite like the red desktop. it can be changed anyway, so i’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

    for anyone who can’t manage to set up email in outlook, there are instructions here…

    i’m also pretty impressed with the PC. true, the case isn’t the nicest i’ve ever seen, but the monitor is lovely and core specification is exactly as listed on the order website and in the ads. what was everyone expecting?!!!

    as for the other stuff mentioned in this thread… so what if the router disc uses acrobat 4. it just means it’s compatible with more PCs. and the PC is capable of running vista!

    there’s a full review of the service here if you want a more balanced and independent opinion…


  7. i was paying £22.99 to BT and now have broadband from BT (check the details… redten broadband IS BT broadband under a different name!) and a PC for £3 less per month. no problems to report at all.

  8. I migrated from Tiscali to Redten

    I payed for years upfront so I get a 10% discount. so it only cost an extra £50 for 3 year than what I was paying tiscali.

    Tiscali blocked p2p during the evenings and slowed down p2p during daytime.

    Redten has no restriction on p2p as far as I know.

    Also recieved the PC, Came with No XP disc (phoned and expecting xp disc in the post) , and the keyboard wasn’t LG branded as stated on their website.

     the PC is OK as a second PC for back-up etc. but I wouldn’t make it my main PC. 

  9. Hi folks,

    I ordered Redten on 2/2/7 & choose the option to wait for the pc to be ready for dispatch before activating the broadband connection.

    However they started the b/band on the 25th of Jan and now on the 7th of Feb’ I am told that I will need to wait for at least 3 more weeks before I get the pc. Despite my choice not to be connected to their ISP untill I had the pc, it now seems that I will have been connected for at least six weeks before they hold up their end of the bargain and deliver my pc.

    Their customer service could be a lot better as well, after the b/band went live without the pc turning up I had to phone them to find out what was going on, and was told that it take another week to get here, over a week later I phoned again to ask where it was only to be told that it would now be at least two more weeks, I wonder what I will be told in a fortnights time.

    Don’t go for them if you are in any hurry to get your hands on the pc, cause you wont get it quickly.

    However I must say in all fairness that I am getting five times faster download speeds than I did with Tiscali.

    Ps. The call center is based in India as most are nowadays.However Redten have had a breathtakingly novel approach to employing staff there, they neither understand computers, routers the internet or even English.

    If you are unlucky enough to be  put in a position where you need to call them, don’t, the conversation goes round in circles.

    They ask if your pc has arrived yet and you say no, they then tell you that it will arrive a week after the connection goes live. You say that it went live a couple of weeks ago and you would like to know when you will really get the pc and they again tell you that it will arrive a week after the connection goes live, so once again you say that it went live a couple of weeks ago and you would like to know when you will really get the pc and guess what, they tell you that it will arrive a week after the connection goes live.

    I think that they may actually be using (badly) trained parrots as I can’t belive that they would really employ such useless  staff however ‘cheap’ they might be.

    Good luck



  10. I was interested to read all the above comments and must say that I have not had any problems, either with the system or after sales customer service.  I have had very prompt and helpful replies to my queries from both UK and India based staff.  I am not sure about the Disk 2 issue but my came with a recovery disk.

    However, has anyone heard or read this news?:

  11. Well its now the 23rd of Feb, a month since my service went live with them, and guess what? Still no computer! I guessed as much. Most of the phone lines are now either shut down or remain unanswered and emails are still not returned.

    In the unusual event I do get to speak to someone I get told various reasons why they have not yet delivered my pc.

    The speed of the connection has now dropped to around 50% of what it was a couple of weeks ago.

    The latest news on my pc from Redten was that they are waiting for the screens to come from LG, but they wont send out the rest of my kit for me to use with my old screen.

    I have now been promised my kit would be with me on three separate dates so far, but a full week after the most recent of these (& around a month after the first) and its still not here.

    Overseas call center still not got a clue about what is going on regarding delivery,

    Staff in general both here and abroad don’t have a clue about what has happened regarding the sale of their parent company to a two day old firm based in the same office.

    Keep your money in your pocket, and tell everyone you know to do the same. 

  12. hi everyone…newbie here. i was interested in what people have been saying about redten as i too am waiting for a pc. i phoned on monday 19th and was told by support people (abroad) that i would have to phone the operations dept and they would tell me when my pc would be only, only problem was it was shut for the week which i find strange as the md of redten was quoted in a pc magazine website that they was working as hard as pos to complete outstanding orders…not working at all if closed for a week so not working that hard are they…does anybody know what will happen if i cancel the order and internet ??

  13. I got in early and pc arrived before christmas good kit and net service has proved better than my previousisp PAipex


    hope it stays that way  

  14.  hello there,iv been live with redten for just over 3 weeks now and no pc.Not only that but i cannot get through with any of the numbers supplied. Can anyone supply a number they have used to get through to talk to someone as iv run out of options.

    Saying this, their broadband is much more reliable and faster than tiscali,the company i switched from.

  15. we all seem to be having the same problems phonecall wise iv even e-mailed them 4 times and no reply…i think that is just plain ignorant if they have no pc`s they should just say so

  16. I am waiting for my PC and apparently my broadband service has been active since end of January.  However, as i opted to have everything sent out together, I have not been able to use the service even with my old PC.  Have spoken to someone in Technical Support (abroad) who advised I call Operations Dept in a few days time – only to be put on hold with a prerecorded answer machine.  Numerous emails I have sent have remained unanswered.  I have asked for whatever I need to access the broadband service to be sent out to me, while I wait for the PC, but have had no response. Not impressed with the lack of communication from a supposed communications company. 

  17. Hi all.  Well I signed up in November.  I asked for the broadband service to start at the same time as the PC was delivered but the broadband started before the PC arrived.  I was on holiday in December and asked for the PC ot to arrive until after Christmas.  Yes, it arrrived two days before Christmas with a note to leave with neighbour.  Fortunately my neighbour took it in and all was safe.  After some contradictory user ids and passwords were sorted with the redten helpline in India all has been well and the broadband service is great.  The hardware is good if basic but it does just what I want it to do.  The webmail browser can best be described as amateurish and I recommend you use Outlook.  Click on Support in the Redten Portal to find out how to set up.

    Finally, main concern I have is for the future and what might happen to Redten after the demise of Watford Electronics.  At least if they go bust I have a computer.  Since the pay monthly option, which I took, is actually a finance option I wonder what liability the finance company have as they were introduced to me by Redten.

     Good luck.

  18. Basically every redten user seems to have the same problem and thats their customer services. I was given a new Operations dept no. by the call centre in India  (08718558800). And anyone who gets through this no. will only be hearing a voice recording "Thank you for holding, your call is important to us and will be answered shortly by the next available operator". Another bright idea of functioning rather than operating the department. Like me all others who have already purchased the Broadband and the PC are still awaiting the Vista upgrade and time is running short as the offer expires on March 15. Is Redten a communications company or  communications gap company. Whether the broadband is slow or fast does make a difference but customer services is utmost important. This makes me feel all are being taken for granted by the voice recording on the Operations number itself and you may be able to hear for 24hrs. Ultimately if anyone is fortunate to get thru to them they might have a ready answer to say "due to high volume of calls we were very busy". Astonishing, is it not so ? Really is there any good soul in this organisation who can help out their customers by speaking out the truth. My sincere sympathies go those customers who have not yet recieved their free PCs and opted out from other service providers.

  19. since tuesday iv spent at least 3 hours listening to the same recorded mesage your call is being monitered blah blah blah……by whom id like to know. before my broadband went active i e-mailed customer care for an activation date and i had a reply the day after, since activation iv e-mailed them 4 times and not once have i had a reply it seems once theyve got you you no longer matter. the last e-mail was yesterday telling them how disgusted i was at being ignored and other things hoping to prompt a responce…silly me eh ?. i think the fact is they have no pc`s to send out and instead of saying so they just ignore you and hope you`ll go away…pathetic isnt it

  20. I recived an email yesterday saying my order has been canceled.

    I have been with redted for over a month now. I’m happy with the connection and I’m happy to wait for my computer. But the cancelation email dose not say if it’s just the computer that has been canceled or if it is my adsl.

    I joined redten a few weeks before they pulled the free pc offer and fully intend to make sure I get one.

    I don’t mind waiting for the pc but I do mind being left in limbo. If they are going belly up I’d like to leave while they are still operational. Least I can get a mac code move isp quicker.  


  21. id like to know what that is all about toby i still havnt heard e-mails or anybody answering the phone, did you take the finance option toby ?, if so id like to know how they get round that and what rights we have

  22. I received a reply today responding to my email asking why my account was being canceld.

    The stupid thing about it is I couldn’t give a monkies abou the computer. It could be a year late for all I care.

    I have two already and a laptop. I joined them because I wanted the connection. The pc was just an added bonus.

    I didn’t ask for my MAC code it was they who mantioned it.

    I guess they just want rid of paying costomers. Or they are not prepared to keep people with them unless they have some level of control over them via the pc.

    I took out the finance @ £20 a monther for three years.

    And as I was accepted and my connection activated I assumed I was now classed as an existing customer. Aparently not. I was up and running with them on the 5th of Feb before they announced they had run out of cumpoters.

    I’m personlay not going to take this any further. I’ll just take my buisness elsewhere. A sad state for a company to be in. They must have been very very niave to think an offer like this wouldn’t produce a high demand.

    The only thing I might do is ask for my connection charge of £50 back if I don’t receive it. 

    I’m not mad I’m asstonished 

     Here is what they said


    Dear Toby

    Thank you for your email and I would like to apologise in the delay responding to your email. 

     We are unable to process your order due to the delay on the Redten PC system, which is not in stock at this current moment; therefore your order has been cancelled. A refund shall be processed in the next 4 working days.

    Your Mac code should be supplied in the next few days. 

    For further updated please check out website on



  23. well i guess i`ll be recieving the same shortly then, mine went active on the 27th jan so i wonder if i`m an existing customer, i wish they would have just said the didnt have any which is a question i asked…no reply still, anyway thanks for your reply…good luck

  24. The posts iv been reading does not bode well for me.iv now been active for approx 4 weeks and have had no reply to any emails.As im pc less i really need to get hold of it asap but its not looking good.Toby,in relation to your cancallation,was there any problems with the fact you signed a credit agreement for 3 years? how did you get out of it? Has anyone thought of giving Ofcom a call to see what they think?

  25. hi jon the address is but to be honest mate i think redten will soon be no more as the finance company told me redten had cancelled all orders and also redten are sending mac codes out so not giving option to stay with them but i could be wrong on that so dont quote me but it sure seems strange to me

  26. Hi,

    I assume because they failed thier part of the  finance agreement we are not bound by the 3 year contract. Also the fact they are forcing MAC codes onto thier customers suggests to me that they are indeed going under or atleast not taking anymore people they have to provide computer too.

    I’m curiouse to see if I will get my connection fee back. If I do then infact I’v had free adsl for a month and a half. So not all bad.

    I’m just gonna migrate asap but they haven’t sent me they code yet.



  27. still no reply to e-mails and still nobody on the phone, i think trading standards is my next phone call as this is bloody ridiculous, to just ignore people and not tell us whats going on is discusting…iv had enough, iv e-mailed v12 the finance company to see what they say but no response from them yet either so who knows what happens about the finance agreement

  28. finaly got a reply today telling me the order is cancelled, rang the finance company and they said redten had cancelled all orders and thats it. at least theres no problem with the finance end it just means now i have 2 find another isp and buy a pc now

  29. hey paul,can you give me the exact email address you used to mail them with? just wanna make sure iv been mailing the right one. much appreciated

  30. i think part if not all the £50 was for the router so we should be refunded the cost of that as we or at least i never recieved it, anyway the sooner the mac code comes the better then i`m well rid of redten. aol looks like they give a good deal i think i`ll go with them.

    i wonder whats happening to the people who did recieve a pc iff redten are going under will they have to return them or are they going to continue with the customers they already have

  31. does anybody know if the same mac code would work for everybody or do you need an individual one cos if somebody does manage to get one maybe they could post it on here….i can hear sky calling my name haha

  32. I chose not to get a router and was charged the £50 for the migration to thier service. I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get it back.

    Like you said, the sooner we get the mac codes the better.

    Still no sign of it yet. So still stcuk in limbo.

  33. I tried ringing yesterday the support number…no answer, iv been told by law they have to provide a mac code within 5 days if not then if you get in touch with bt wholesale they can remove the tag from your line…again dont quote me its just what iv been told.

    worked out that if i go with sky and get the tv, telephone and broadband package i can save around £20 a month than what i`m paying for them all seperate so i might give them a go…need the mac code tho

  34. i am a redten customer with one of their PCs and am presently connected but unable to contact redeten either by phone or email. A friend of me has the same deal with the PC but they disconnected the line and we cannot contact them to get it reconnected we don’t know what to do ?

  35. Been with Redten since berfore xmas got pc not bad put in extra memory seems to have done the trick, running vista no probs, no free software and the b-band is a bit erratic but still quicker than aol, dont waste your money phoneing helplines as they are running a skeleton staff with some of the lines not even manned. Power supply went on the pc had it fixed myself £25 i am sending them the bill wont hold my breath. As for the legal side read the small print they have numerous get outs but if it all goes belly up I have been told that I can cancel the credit and like itv digital they will never come knocking on the door for the pc as it would cost them to much

  36. I received my £50 back into my account today – no MAC code as yet though. My broadband was apparently activated early February but as I didn’t have a router, never actually experienced the service.  Does anyone know if this counts?

  37. well,its been 6 emails,no answer. IM now just asking for a mac code, as even if they pulled their finger out,i trust em about as much as a chocolate teapot.Called the credit company and they have told me all orders have been cancelled by redten.Just need the mac code,so i can go for the sky package.Paul,you got the right idea!!

    REDTEN!!?? more like RED HERRING!!

  38. Thanks.  I sent them an email (well, the refund gave me a small glimmer of hope) to request the code.  Watch this space..

  39. Hi, Have been with REDTEN since November, no real problems so far, except trying to get Vista via their link on their portal is impossible, have emailed them at least 30 times and received no reply, like others here. I phoned customer support as well last week and was told my COA would be approved for an upgrade within 48 hours. Guess what one week on still no luck. With just one week left to get a free Vista upgrade I guess it’s not going to happen. I really can’t be bothered to persue this any more, I just hope nothing goes wrong with the Free PC or broadband service. 

  40. I got my pc in January and have been using the redten bb service since.with no probs except today as I am getting no email off their servers even though i know I have got email there. I cant see the email remotely either. The helpdesk numbers are not answered and emails ignored or not answered either.

    Can anyone enlighten me regards the contract as it was for broadband service with a free PC. If they can’t deliver the broadband service surely I would not have to pay the contractual finance payments in the future?

  41. hey paul.

              No,i never recieved any mail from them.Iv been sending 2 emails a day with still no reply,and then this letter comes through the contacting them tomorrow to see about the time scale for the pc. There is a phone number on the letter too,maybe a new one,im not sure. its 0871 285 7173. i will be calling tomorrow to find out.Let me know if anyone has any luck.

  42. Nothing much to add, except I had my PC and broadband soon after Christmas and it’s been working fine with good connection (that was the kiss of death I suppose!). I’m also sending emails regularly as I was promised a replacement keyboard and Disk 1 weeks ago – but they never arrived. Anybody know what to do if you don’t have disk 1 and there’s problem with the PC?

  43. Hi, this may be of interest to any REDTEN customers after their Free Vista Upgrade before time runs out on 15th of March, after many, many emails to them they finally replied. They asked me to forward my COA & Serial Number to the following email address MSCOA@REDTENINTERNET.COM got to be worth a try, good luck.

  44. Has anybody had a mac code sent to them yet, i still cant get an answer on any of the phone lines and still no reply to e-mails

  45. ok,i recieved a letter today apologising for the lack of pcs and they gave me some options.To sign up to A: £10.99 broadband for 36 months B: £12.99 for 18 months or £14.99 for 12 months,and when the pc finally arrives,an option to either revert back to the origional £19.99 for 36 months,or to pay a one off £324 to buy the pc off them and to stay with which ever deal you chose beforhand.

    Also they gave me a form to send back if i wanted to totally cancel the broadband package,and then they would supply me a MAC code to emigrate with. Just not too sure what to do now,oh and i did get the £49.99 refunded too

  46. hi jon

           Did you ever get an e-mail off them cancelling your order and also did they give any time scale of when the pc might happen to turn up ?

  47. well jon i presume that as i (along with toby) had an e-mail off them actually canceling the order and i havnt recieved a letter like yours that redten have finnished with me so i wonder why they are so reluctant to send me a mac code, 8 days have passed since they said they had requested it so if what i have been told is right i should have had it 3 days ago….still no answer to e-mails, tried the number you put jon and just got the msge "extension 2111 is on the phone please leave a message"…..i`m stuck in limbo it seems

  48. I am still waiting for the mac code or any further corospondance. I have not tried to phone or email them scince the email I received saying I would be refunded and get sent the mac code.  That was ten days ago.

  49. i have just read that isp`s have to provide a mac code withing 5 working days or they can be charged 10% of their revinue….i sugest redten gets a move on, i`m going to forward the link to them

  50. Hey

         I called the number too and got the "please leave a message" message.Im not going to be leaving any message with them and have decided to cancel my broadband all togeather.Im sending the letter back tomorrow and will post here if or when i get a MAC code.

  51. just come home from work to find the letter from redten offering me the broadband options or a mac code…strange considering 9 days ago they e-mailed me telling me THEY had cancelled the order and THEY had requested a mac code for me, they realy havnt got a clue what they are doing…guess which option i ticked….bye bye redten see you never again

    i to will post back if OR when i get a mac code……..good luck folks

  52. Hi

    I too have been trying without success to contact Redten for several weeks about my order, I have been issued with a wireless router and a Broadband connection about mid Feb but no sign of the promised computer, so I’ve finally given up. I rang the credit company and as Redten have not requested any monies they said I could cancel my order and they would also request my MAC number. It seems I wasn’t the first to do so and I don’t suppose I’ll be the last judging by all your previous comments.

    Anyway as soon as my MAC comes through I’m off to sunny Sky…


  53. Just got the offer for upto 8mb (get around 6 which compares to 2 when with aol). 10.99 for broadband is still cheap, and you still have the offer of PC deal if it comes back. I know you sign for 3 yrs, but cheaper than most of competition and fast. If they go under no prob get MAC and move on, but will take deal for now.

  54. hey muppet

                  from what iv seen and heard,people with a pc already look to be ok and unaffected.All you gotta hope for is that the broadband stays connected

  55. Signed up to Redten just after Christmas, after friend had signed up and was happy with his pc/connection,

    18/1/07 Paid full £770 up front (got discount that way)

    connected before PC arrived was told had to wait, started reading about "Whatfraud" liquidating, began sending E-Mails with no answer and site was suspended,

    27/2/07 receved E-Mail order cancellation money back etc.

    28/2/07 Tariq Sharif Emailed from to tell me money will be returned within 5 days (full refund took 3 days – relief!!)

    2/3/07 Email from red ten appolgising for delay and bb has been cancelled

    12/3/07receved said letter about "alternative deals" with option of cancelling but small print states £30 cancellation fee, not sure if applies..? ignored anyway and Emailed  Tariq who said BT not releasing code,

    19/3/07 still waiting for code but still have connection at about 3M!!

  56. connected to redten service just before Christmas. Recieved pc no problem.

    Now no internet connection. No helplines.  No free monthly software.

    Spoke to Tariq at Redten on unoficial tel number from BT. 0871 285 7173

    or 0871 666 0120.

    No mention of problems with Redten service? Although he has tried to help me, I still have no service.  BT dont want to know.

    WILL ATTEMPT to cancell contract as they are not providing service as advertised.


  57. I ordered best package from Redten 13th December 1006 (downpayment £49.99) and, eventually, on 9th March 2007 got the broadband connection.  No sign of PC and the rest.

    No reply to emails.  Also cannot call them as they have taken their lines down.  An update would be nice.

  58. Have just received an email saying apologies for the delay, my MAC code request has been processed today…. watch this space.  The below business card was attached to the email, if anyone wants to give a try!

    Wirginia Ciechanowska      

    t. (0)871 855 2316     
    f. (0)871 855 6316     


    1 Finway, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1WE, UK  is part of Globally Ltd        

  59. Still no MAC code, requested it on 13th March.  I called BT Wholesale and they said they were unable to do anything.  They checked and said there had been no request made on my line.  I think I will be using dial up for a while longer, unless anyone has any other ideas?

  60. hello.

           After waiting for weeks after i sent my mac code request letter i still had no reply so i emailed this address i waited two days,then got a reply with the MAC code. Everyone should try it as it has been the quickest and easyist communication with redten iv had.

  61. At last….today BT phoned with the mac code…how long did it take ????

    Anyway i have ordered my sky package…gooooodbyeeeee Redten and see you never again :))))

  62. Well, I thought I was free to sign up with Sky after I received my MAC code from Redten with a note to say that my service with them would expire on 25th April.  I signed up with Sky and gave them the MAC code at the beginning of April and as I had heard nothing about the broadband service, I contacted them on Saturday 12th May only to be told that there had been a problem with the MAC code and that Redten’s service was still active on my line (ironic, seeing as I have never had anything from them!)  What is it with ISPs and non-existence customer service?  Sky didn’t contact me to tell me about this problem otherwise I would’ve tried to sort it out sooner.  I’ve had to send an email to the infamous Tariq (I’ve given up trying the phone) to see what I can do.  Maybe I was never cut out to have broadband – dial up seems to be the most reliable, if a little slow, option for me!  Anyone have any suggestions I can try, I’d be grateful to hear!


  63. hi all,

    I’ll start by saying that I was one of the lucky ones, and put my order in before the ‘great screw-up’ at watford electronics, and have recievd the PC.

    However, I still have some major issues with my broadband connection! Funnily enough, i have been in contact with tariq since early January, as i contacted trading standards and sent them a legal warning about their breach of contract.

    Im 99% certain that Tariq (Shareef) is actually the only person in that particular department, and unfortunately, he has absolutely NO technical knowledge what so ever.

    You may be interested to know that RedTen doesnt actually have an ‘ADR scheme’ which all UK ISP’s are required to have by law, and accoridng to Ofcom they are draggin their heels in getting one….

    My advice to any existing RedTen customer would be to call 01582 891096, which is Tariq’s direct line, and tell him whats going on.

    If, however, Tariq proves of no help what so ever, call your local trading standards office and report a complaint. Trading stanards wont actually do anything unless ‘x’ amount of people complain, but at least they wil have your complaint.

    I’m also drafting another letter to redten at the mo, which i also suggest any redten customer with problems should do also. In the letter, it is definately worth giving them a final deadline, and threatening to terminate your contract if they dont sort things out. You could also bring in the legal side of things, so you could mention that RedTen have breached your contract under the Sale of Goods Act 1982, due to ‘failure to provide goods or services with reasonable skill and care’.

    Hope this helps all those in the same position as me..



  64. Thanks everyone, for what makes very interesting reading, just stumbled upon this page whilst looking at "brill" offer from Redten,I’ve not been able to decide what to do, 3 yr contract was a bit daunting, after reading all of this, I deffinately know what to do….I’ll stick with my vintage pc!!! I sincerely hope you all get it sorted, as ever nothing in life ever comes for free!

  65. My Windows Vista arrived this week, I paid for it in March…today my email servers aint working but apart fomr this hiccup I have found the redten broadband service reliable.

    I hope it stays that way.. the phone helpdesk seems to be no use number is answered…

    Where do i stand legally if the broadband service is not 100% ie no email..?

  66. Hi everyone,

    I received my Redten PC in mid December, and it’s not too bad: probably worth about £400 if you count the Vista upgrade – which I still haven’t received.

    My main problem (ignoring the non-functioning Redten email account, which I neither use nor need) is an unreliable broadband connection. It works fine for a few weeks, at speeds of 2.5-3.5 mbps, then drops to an almost unusable 250-500 kbps (once as low as 32kbps!).  It usually takes about 2 weeks of complaining to Tariq before the speed jumps back to normal – and then the cycle begins again three weeks later.

    So far I’ve been without proper broadband for a total of 43 days since 23rd February. I’m just wondering if anybody else who received a PC and is using the broadband service is having similar problems. If they are, I think we’d stand a chance of being able to wriggle out of our contracts and return our PCs without having to pay a penalty on the grounds of Redten’s failure to provide an adequate service.

    Please post your experiences, good or bad, with broadband speed and reliability.


    Paul W

  67. paul im with you on this , they cant get away with it.

     heres the email i sent them yesterday


    thankyou for your reply,

    let me just point out the reasons i have lost all faith in redten communications,

    i spent 6 weeks with no internet back in feburary.
    i was delivered the wrong keyboard (us)
    one of the reset discs were missing.(program disc 1)
    I was told by you to email all the information of my complaint including emails to , to you
    to receive compensation for 6 weeks with no internet.

    i never received a reply.

    since then i have asked several times when i will receive the vista upgrade disc, and i was told to email for it which i did , no reply

    the offer states free software on a monthly basis, ive never received any nor have i been given any information on how to receive it.

    now most recently i spent 4 days trying to ring your broadbad support line for help, to find out the lines are down yet again.
    no message on the support line , they would rather u just ring and ring nothing to say phones are down or to contact you on another number,

    the only way i can ever get a response from redten is by saying i wish to cancell.

    your offer states 365 day support, ive not had this ever. you failed to provide it.

    i have not received any compensation for previous loss of service.

    i have not received any free software.

    your are in breach of your contract for failing to supply and maintain a reasonable standard of service.

    if you continue and try and charge me for cancellation , i will go to trading standards and from there i will make my complaints public.

    please suspend my service a.s.a.p and inform me where you want the pc to be delivered to

    i would also like my mac address a.s.a.p so i can get reconnected without any more long delays.

    if you persist in applying charges i am prepaired to go to court . i have kept all emails i will do what it takes to prove how poor the service is.

    customer care and customer support is a fundemantle part of your service , which you have failed to provide.

    please explain to me why i should stay with or be charged for a service that has not been available.

    the number i have for broadband support is 0871 3176060  which is still currently on your web site. when did this change i why was i not notified.

  68. I went looking for a new ISP after many years with AOL, who have suddenly started losing connection after been taken over my Carphone warehouse. This is also the feed back I got from friends, family and forums about companies with their own servers. Forget Tiscali, Orange and Carphone warehouse who are totally useless. The safest connection seems to be BT, who I was going to go to but then I found Redten.

    I was put off by Redtens past but it seems that Redten have been taken over by another company and things seem a lot better. Well, the offers are a lot better than just free PC, now you can get a free laptop too. Having made enquires that quashed my doubts, I was happy to sign upto Redten and for £24.99 I’m getting a free laptop and a free PC, whereas with BT I only got the line for £19.99. I cant speak highly enough of the staff, who helped me through the application form when I had problems.

    Well done Redten, keep up the good work and good luck!

  69. you should avoid the redten offer! the PC is hardly worth £500 the tech support is rubbish, your on your own…. and you’ll be very lucky to get 24mb broadband BT keep on delaying it. I was told april and now its december! depending who you speek to at redten you get told different stuff. I had to wait an extra 10 weeks for my pc as there was a delay with the shipping. and then the parent company went insolvent. Just google Watfraud electronics and you’ll see the picture.

    And now the new offer is cheaper than original offer by £250 so if your an original customer of the 2006 offer your being ripped off. Thats how I see it. Dont forget if you have problems and redten are less than helpful and if you pay monthly you can use the consumer credit act to add weight just contact v12 finance!

     I would not touch them again and would never ever touch the savastore!!!!

     Oh and redten accidently sent out PDF of everybodys accounts and not one email to say this was a mistake! so dont worry to much if you got one!

    What I cant understand is if the management are still there i thought there was rules about insolvent companies and directorship if you go bust.



  70. I’ve signed up with RedTen too, which is offering a better deal that most people. The company has indeed been bought out by another company and has a lot of financial backing. This can obviously be seen by the new improved offers. Maybe Jdjd is just bitter that he could have got laptop and PC for what he paid originally.

    Jdjd doesnt have a clue what he’s talking about and the laughable part is that he thinks he’s clever and thinks he knows what he’s talking about.

    He hasnt obviously read the RedTen site which says that the upgrade will happen when BT upgrad the lines. Jdjd also seems to have missed out the fact that although Watford Electronics went into receivership, his broadband service was not interupted. Any problems that may have occured with Watford Electronics may have had  would have affected the smooth running of any company.

    If a parent company runs into trouble and ends up in the hands of a receiver, any other businesses owned by the parent company would be considered assets and sold off to pay creditors. Does that answer your question Jdjd?

    RedTen has new owners and its only fair to give them a chance and see this as a new company. So what if the parent company had problems, you cant blame RedTen. I’m sure Jdjd wont be appreciate being blamed for his parents old mistakes.

    I wish the new owners of RedTen luck too. Good luck guys!!!

  71. AVIOD

    There are so many other better deals! Becuase REDTEN use BT and dont LLU they are in the hands of BT who are slow. You can get 24MB broadband with Be internet. and if you already have a PC or a laptop you don’t need the REDTEN offer.

    Customer service is poor with redten as I expect that lucozade is one of Redten team.

    Phone line for customer service still ring and ring with no answer!

     They went bust once who says that it wont happen again, regardless of the backers. The original offer was backed by BT LG Microsoft and it still went wrong.

    There are other references to redten and the problems people have had just google it googlers!

    Cya laters


  72. been with redten now for well …. ordered in november …… received pc in january…  so whats that  10 mths now not really had problems till… i moved ringing famous Tariq on the support number ending 331 but then found new numbers on support page (through my wap browser on phone) 090 numbers so rang it and told to ring new customer service number (for those with problems 08444820000) their support TEAM not Tariq but team are there to answer your phone (all as dumb as the twit) no service in 3 weeks finally got it sorted (BT Connected telephone to wrong house first off, then didn’t put broadband on line for redten but got it sorted only to have the internet on for 4 days before going off again for another week and back on today but was told underground cables were cut, and servers r down in exchange by tariq but with new support team they gave me a number they shouldn’t of (BT line flagger) well they told me that there are no problems with the line and that if the line had been cut the phone would be off aswell but had full working phone through out (found out what prob was ADSL filter was fucked lol i gave them shit for it to lol


    but will contact them about

    the free software disks

    program disk 1


    also for those who need to reinstall everything as the pc is starting up there is an option to recover by pressing F10 that done it ok for me


    See you round Dewiwayne 


     You’ll now notice you’ll have pay even more for tec support.

     Its now 50p per minute see below


    Redten Internet Sales: 0844 482 0000
    Broadband support: 0905 099 0200*
    Hardware support: 0905 099 0201*
    Software support: 0905 099 0202*
    Anti-virus support: 0870 013 0794

    * Calls to 0905 numbers are charged at £0.50 per minute on your standard telephone bill. Callers must be over 18. If you are not legally responsible for the charges incurred on the telephone line you use then please ensure you have the permission of that person before making the call.

    Again I’m not happy as the original offer has changed yet again. Anyone else pissed off?

    Its a fly by night operation. AVOID!


  74. Hello all,

    A quick update on my order with this firm, I placed my order in the first week of January and am still waiting for the PC to arrive (see details published above on 7th & 23rd Feb). It is now October 19th and I’ve been waiting for 9 months.

    After it became apparent that I was not going to get a PC back in Jan or Feb as they had run out / screwed up in some way, they notified me, as they did with others, that they were going to cancel my b/band connection as well, I didn’t want that as my wife had already had business cards and promotional material printed with ‘’ address’s on them and had sent them out to a number of clients already.

    I was then offered the option to stay as a customer for the b/band service only at the reduced rate of £12.99 a month paid direct to them and not as part of a finance plan. This situation carried on for a period of roughly six months until the 7th of last month (Sep) when I received an e-mail informing me that the PC offer had been reinstated and that I could sign up for it at the same £12.99 as I was paying for b/band only, back on the 3 year finance deal of course. I signed up again (as I’m a complete idiot) thinking it’s the same price as I’m paying now but at last I’ll finally get the PC.

    Anyway I got notification from V12 that the finance had been approved on the 14th of last month and that they had told Redten that the equipment could be sent out at once, I got an e-mail from Tariq informing me that I would have the PC in my house by the first week of this month, but its still not here on the last day of the third week, I’ve been told today that it will be sent out early next week, anybody fancy a flutter on the chances of that?

    On a much more positive note I was told today that Tariq Shrif is no longer with the company, oh joy of joys, the term ‘useless, lying, incompetent  halfwit’ could have been invented for him, at least I’ll never have to listen to him bullshit me any more. (If of course I was being told the truth about that, it could be that he just doesn’t want to speak to me any more. If you get to speak to him at their office after the date of this post please let us know)

    I’ll keep you updated as to the weather or not the equipment does indeed ever turn up.

    Last of all, today I’m getting download speeds of around 1.7Mbs compared to the 8Mbs that I’m paying for, I wonder if they’ll refund 75% of the monies paid for this service?

    Take care all, I’ll keep you updated,


  75. heard about redten and thought what a great idea, one of the biggest mistakes i ever made signing up!!! connecton fee paid two months ago still no connection or pc package. constant lies includidng one blaming the postal strike (which i found bizarre) from so many different people who funnily all sound exactly the same as Tariq. speaking of Tariq so much for him no longer being with the company, i spoke to him again this morning. steer well clear of this offer it will cost u more in getting it set up than actually buying new pc

  76. Couldn’t agree more, am in the process of trying to get a MAC code from them to move to another company. They are trying to get me to pay a £150 cancellation fee, which i am clearly going to fight. Constant lies, a help line which is never manned, my vista disc took months to come, had to fix problems myself, had emails to Tariq returned and then he is magically back with the company, a broadband connection which is the worst that i have ever seen. I’m prepared to let them take me to court if need be, they also collected more money than they should have done, through their dodgy company that sets up the loan so that you can pay for their useless service for three years in advance. absolutely shocking. I suspect that some of the satisfied customers are not who they say they are……..

    I had a better keyboard than theirs, so i gave my old pc to a friend, with the keyboard, and kept mine. I also took my pc in to be upgraded, so the vista problems have been reduced, but still exist. and the pc is still unstable at times, but less so since the upgrade. their service sucks big time and many of the complaints are exactly what i experienced, so i am surprised that there are any satisfied customers out there. the service and the connection stinks. 


  77. After a year of unblemished service and never any down time, my internet connection has died on Mon 14th jan 2008 for over 10 hours now. The help desk numbers do not work anymore. Can anyone shed any light, have they gone bust?

  78. Hello all,


    I was actually considering signing up with Redten because their offer seemed so good, thank god I looked around for some service information first!

    I’ve had enough problems with BT broadband but looking at these issues i’d gladly stay with them for the rest of my life & count myself lucky

    Thank you all you’ve saved me from wjat would appear to be 3 years of misery.

  79. RedtenTech support is rubbish! I’m using my neighbours pc (next door) as my internet conection has gone. well its not gone but i get this come up in IE when i type a URL eg i’m redirected to  this page from BT .

     Customer Tech support is less than Tech when it comes to support. They suggest to dust off your modem and ensure there are no kinks in the cables that might stop the information reaching your computer.

    Also Complained to redten your told to like it or lump it. you have entered a three year contract ha ha ha ha.

    If your thinking about joining. well look at the rest of this site! take it in and take your business elsewhere. it will be the best thing you’ve ever done.


  80. "Since I’ve already got a computer which I’m happy with, Red Ten won’t be aimed at an audience such as myself" ??

     What language is that?  ‘Myself‘ is a reflexive pronoun.  Your grammar is utter nonsense Frank-Spencer-Speek from ancient comedy.  Try plain English:  "Red Ten won’t be aimed at an audience such as I"  and you won’t sound so bloody ridiculous. 

    By the way, here is a correct use of the pronoun ‘myself‘:  If I want the text written properly, I shall have to do it myself.

  81. Hi all, just a couple of points, Mr reflexive pronoun (guest "myself") 11/12/2007!!  What is he/she on – apart from being a bit sad, writing sniffy emails at 0640, the comment is oh so wrong – Aiming anything at an audience such as "I" is even more wrongerer(sic)than "myself" – had this person realised a Grammar basic, he/she would have remembered that to test the veracity or accuracy of a statement, it is only necessary to make 2 sentences out of said statement – ergo: aiming at I is wrong, aiming at me is correct.  Geddit?-Goddit? – good!

    PS, I’m getting nowhere with REDTEN, it’s a shame that the people running the Company don’t realise that all we want is information then service!

    Goodnight all.

  82. Hi all, I’ve done this on the vnu forum but ‘m blowed if I canfind it again.

    Anyway, the coments above are fairly mild(if you ignore some of the bad language) but they are oh so true.  My PC arrived as promised but that is all that did.  My speed tests show the best speed I have had since switching to Redten is 684kbps and I have the printouts to prove it!  I was told initially that the speed problems were due to BT but funnily enough when I kicked up a stink the speed went to 500ish but soon dropped to the usual 200+ -redtten blame my network of course but it was achieving 2Mbps with Orange.  Why did I switch–Rubbish customer service from previous provider(OR SO I THOUGHT!!)  Rubbish does not begin to describe REDTEN, total    c*!@p is doing them a favour!  I am going to take the plunge and cancel my DD on the grounds of Breach of Contract, they most definitely do not like the possibility of Legal action.  I took the chance last week and rang the 50p a minute helpline, of course there was no help at all and after 7 minutes I went ballistic-I told the guy in India that he HAD helped and explained how – in the UK you can’t sue anyone without proof of financial loss.  I now had that proof in my phone bill and both he and redten would next have contact with my solicitor – funny thing, next day I had 3, yes 3 calls to my home from Redten offereing help, need less to say, that help was useless but at least they responded!!!  I won’t bore you all with more today, but there will be more soon.

    Regards all, Redfacer.

  83. Hi

    0905 099 0200 broadband support number is available til 10pm i believe.  Just keep ringing even though it cuts off after 2 mins – 60p a minute i think though.

  84. Dear All,I feel for everyone who has had problems with Redten, having read through all the above, but thought I’d put in my pennies worth.I signed up with Redten at the beginning of November 2006, paying the full three years fee.  I received everything as stated on there site, so no shocks there.  My BB connection started when they said it would, and have had no problems at all since (running at a tad under 8MB since day one).  As for the upgrade to 24MB, well living in deep dark Devon, I know how long BT takes to do anything, so it will happen when it happens.I must be the only one that’s been happy with the service, and if the ‘new’ Redten company is still going when I get to the end in November 2009, I hope I get offered a fantastic renewal offer.  Lets see what happens over the next 22 months!


  85. Mac Codes and Ofcom


    A mac code is required to switch internet service provider. redten use a managed service thats very different to LLU. They use BT to provide the connection and unlike LLU they dont install their own equipment in exchanges. Probably just as well really.

     If my problems continue with redten I shall seek to take them to sketchleys. Has anyone cache the original pages on the original redten offer?? Please email me at

     I will also remind them that the Mac Must be provided free and without delay. BT manage these for them. If your told anything different complain to ofcom who have the power!  

     As of the 14th of Feb Mac Codes must be provided free of charge and without delay.

     Read on at the link

    I wonder how many more people will suffer from this redten offer and be subject to poor service and tech support.



     I ordered a laptop from Saverstore on 27 Jan, and since then nothing. Phone line has the same voice and message (virtually!) as the old Watford Electronics line that I found by searching the net. They don’t respond to emails either. Have they gone bust? Concerned that I’ve lost my money.


  87. I signed up for the laptop deal before Xmas

    Broadband works but no sign of the laptop.

     On the one occassion I managed to get through they said that the supplier had changed the specification and this put the deal in jeopardy.  I asked for a MAC code but no sign of it yet.

  88. I signed up for redten on the Jan 12th.  Payed the £50 connection and sorted out the V12 finance agreement by the 15th.

    Having heard nothing from them for 10 days i rang sales and spoke to young man through a quiet, crackly phone line who whispered "get out while you can".

    I asked him not to proceed with my order any further, as you would!  He said "certainly".

    Still waiting on the refund for the connection fee.

    But…. V12 finance.  No one has said about them.  I’ve called them two times and they tell me to email their operations department.  So i do.  But i’ve had no reply yet.  Anyone else getting nowhere fast with them?

    I’m currently with pipex and have been for a few years now.  They also use bt wholesale broadband… so i’ll get the free upgrade to 24mbps anyway… and as i’ve already got a sh!t hot computer i don’t know why i ever thought about changing!

    Just wish i’d googled it sooner 🙁


  89. Has anyone else had problems with their actual computer?  Shutting down before the Windows start-up.  It’s happened to mine twice now and I’ve already sent it back to Tariq once!

  90. Hiy’all, anyone else get the BT Wholesale Notice of Termination of Redten Broadband Supply?.
    The reason they give is EITHER continued non-payment of Invoices OR Ceased Trading. Wonder which one it is. Either way, Redten is currently not available on my Redten Broadband as BT is capturing Browser traffic and re-directing it to the Notice. They also offer a MAC, which I now have. Having spoken to an employee at the REDTEN sales number to AGAIN ask why the promised actions were not taken, I returned home this evening to find the BT Notice on my PC and laptop. I had already been advised by various legal peeps that I will be within my rights to cease payment to V12.Clode due to the extremely poor B/B speeds and non-existent Customer Service, I might try them next. Luckily(?), the Redten service has been so bad recently, I was forced to take out a USB style 3G Standalone Contract just to stay on-line – good job I did or I wouldn’t even be able to let you all now what is happening.
    Meantime, I am searching for a good ISP, any suggestions?

  91. BT are being monopolistic, big bullys as usual and this has been reported to OFCOM and i believe that redten are taking legal action against bt.

  92. Redten has not ceased trading. Currently, a switch over of servers is taking place, which may effect some customer internet connection. However the enigneer i had spoke to confirmed this should not last for long, that i should have a internet connection shortly.

  93. REDTEN are assuring me that they will be transfering all customers to a new ISP, WITH a new helpdesk for connection problems wwwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww about time i think redten may actually be listening to the customers, let wait n see wat happens….

  94. about time, i have been a customer of Redten of a while now and have had nothing but trouble from BT server. i feel that BT are being monoplistic too company such as redten. Lets just wait and see if the switch over is worth it

  95. Redten may be experincing trouble with the broadband connection. I thought to myself why would i want to carry on paying for a connection that i am not getting. i then contacted V12 finance where i then found out that the money being paid to them is not for the Broadband connection as they have nothing to do with the broadband side of it. The money being paid to them is purely for the pc system and laptop i have. Clever, is it not.

  96. redten are improving there service as we speak so termination may have been a good thing at least now i can have up to24mb broadband service….at last……….

  97. REDTEN are assuring me that they will be transfering all customers to a new ISP, WITH a new helpdesk for connection problems wwwwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww about time i think redten may actually be listening to the customers, let wait n see wat happens….

  98. redten are actually doing everything in there possible power to resolve these porblems and are actually being honest at least….

  99. I have been a redten customer for over a year and never once had a problem with them. My pc system is working in order and the broadband connection was up to standards, till today that is.
    BT have sent me a message, saying that redten have ceased trading. i then rang up redten and was told that there is a switch over of servers. due to the server from bt was giving most of redten customers connection problems. i was informed that my service should be up and running shortly.

  100. Hi Redfacer – yes! I’ve had the notice of termination in lieu of internet access.
    I’ve also had similar success in getting through to the only “free” number ie the sales office. I did finally speak to a salesman who was adamant that everything would be OK in between 1 and 24 hours and that it was all to do with upgrades I told him you don’t shut things down unannounced to upgrade nor do BT terminate service at awhim. He passed me onto his supervisor who promised to get back to me today (11/03/08) with proposals of compenation- nothing so far!!
    Their Broadband help desk follows the party line of it all being upgrades to servers but after 24 hours being yesterdays down time it ids now 1-2 working days.

    Read intoit what you will – personally I believe BT wholesale
    Anyone got any suggestions? I presume we will need to go and find a new ISP

  101. Personally, I think most of the comments about how good Redten are come from Redten employees who’ve logged in to this forum.

    I’ve never experienced so much inefficiency in anything before in my whole life. I will never use them again after this episode.

    The BT Wholesale notice said find another ISP provider and that is what I have done.

    We paid our monthly fee for Broadband and the contract has been breached so legally they haven’t a leg to stand on.

    For newbies looking to join them, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  102. I just rang Redten and Clode Retail Finance.

    Redten are due to have another ISP within 48 hours but both say BT Wholesale were wrong to send out the termination notice.

    We cannot go to another ISP as BT Wholesale advise because the contract is still running with Clode, so we still owe them!

    We just have to be without internet access until Redten sort it out but can claim from them for the days without service.

  103. i think the best thing to do right now would be to take the mac code and move to another isp
    redten have not kept to the contract so i see no reason for not cancelling the whole agreement.

  104. i have never once had a problem with redten broadband. that was up till 10-03-08 where the connection went down completely with a message from bt. i am going to give redten one more chance to fix this mess as i have never had a issue with them.

  105. Well everybody, here’s the current situation. I am still using the 3g/gprs modem I have because no-one and I mean NO-ONE will do anything about this mess.
    I have called REDTEN 3 times a day for the last 2 weeks and the phone has not been picked up. Sometime, just for the hell of it, I have had 2 phones ring, neither get answered.

    I called Ofcom, they won’t help until I can prove that RedTen took my BT issued MAC without my Knowledge or agreement.???

    Ditto Trading Standards.

    BT Wholesale will not speak to me as I am the enduser, even though it was BT who disconnected my Service.

    My new ISP cannot remove the tags on my Line.

    Murphx, the wholesaler which is apparently taking on the REDTEN business will not talk to me & refers me to REDTEN.

    I have yet to contact 2 other organisations who promise to help Otelo and C.I.S.A.S. – I’ll let you know what happens.

    I also called the other ISP which is so happy with Redten that a letter sent to me stated that the new BB service which they will run with REDTEN will be up and running by the 18th March – I will say no more except that when I called them yesterday for an update, I was advised that the letter was sent in error!!

    I sent a further 2 MAC requests to Redten yesterday, no response yet.

    I’ll keep you all posted-oh, one more thing—if you read the V12 Clode Finance agreement closely, it states that if the service provider for which the agreement was made does not give stisfactory service, agreement holders mat sue the provider and/or V12.

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