Online Shopping at Christmas

This year, I decided to do all my shopping for gifts online. Why? It’s cheaper, faster and easier. Or so I thought. 

I’ve regularly purchased things online from Amazon and Ebay and it’s never been problematic. It’s arrived on time, if not early. Unfortunately around Christmas time, this all changes. One of my friends had an order for a camera arrive about a week after it was scheduled to arrive.

Perhaps that should have set off all the warning signs. The stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon was supposed to arrive several days ago and right now I’m not sure where it is. I know that several of my friends also share this problem. 

Part of the problem was my own; I left it very late to order. But Amazon promised me a delivery date which it hasn’t managed to keep. I’m hoping that it comes in soon or I’m gonna have to give gifts in January or have to pop down to the shops to physically buy replacement gifts.

This Joy of Tech comic sums it up. Let down by online shopping or shipping?

Next year: Order Christmas gifts in October or physically purchase them from the shops.

6 thoughts on “Online Shopping at Christmas

  1. I don’t think you left it late. I ordered stuff from Amazon the same night as you and then I ordered something again two days later. The later order came on Monday and the early order has yet to arrive.

    Good to know it’s not just me.

  2. All shops get busy at this time of year. They have to advertise to get stock out, deal with lots and lots of deliveries before Christmas and stock take for the remaining things they have – stressful.
    I ordered a 50pck of DVD-Rs from Ebuyer the other day and the delivery should be on friday, I wouldn’t be suprised if it wasn’t.

  3. Hence why I’ve gone out to actual shops this year and bought actual presents, I love online shopping but I can never trust delivery dates even from the big players, actually its the big players who are the problem I get alot of stuff next day from smaller companies.

  4. Hmm..

    Thank you Ramble for understanding the plea of us…poor online shops..hehe..I know its a bit too much, but the truth is a lot similar..infact very similar. Yet, it does not warrant measures like Clear and buy EVERYTHING from offline shops. Being in the web retailing business myself (, I assure you that the industry is evolving and customer service is increasingly getting more and more focus from all segments of the industry. I hope that a few unpleasant experiences would not put you off the convinience and big bucks (we are in cashback shopping business!) forever!! 

  5. I sympathize with you and your dilemma. I’ve actually had problems with Amazon and eBay outside of the Christmas season. But definitely during the Christmas season more than anything. Online shopping is a difficult game to play and I can’t imagine any worse time to play it. But don’t chalk it up to just being a problem with online stores. You see an ad for cheap mobiles in the paper and go down to get it and they tell you that you have to pre-order it and it will be in around 7 days from the order date…16 days later and three days before Christmas it STILL isn’t there but you ordered it the FIRST day it was available to order and they keep telling you that it’s coming. Then it comes and they’ve ordered you the WRONG phone. And it happens at other stores too. You go in and they’re OUT OF STOCK, even though you held your place over night and you were the first person in the store at the day after Thanksgiving sale and it wasn’t available for pre-order holdings. It happens to the best of us. I’m actually interested: what type of items were you ordering??? And did you check to see which warehouses they were coming from? Amazon has dozens of warehouses and different items come from different places to delay your shipping. Oh, did you ever get your order or were you replacing gifts??? Just curious.

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