MSN Messenger 8.0 “Microsoft today released a site to
sign up for the MSN Messenger 8.0 Beta program. This next generation
version Messenger will include Yahoo! integration allowing for users to
talk to people who are on the Yahoo! IM client.”

You can sign up for the beta here. According to Mess with MSN Messenger, the beta is meant to start mid-November. The Hotfix contains a list of rumoured features for MSN Messenger 8.0. Some random MSN Spaces blog
also has a list of rumoured features. Tabbed chatting sounds good (at
the moment I’m using Messenger Plus) and support for Yahoo! Messenger.
I was hoping that this meant a bridge between Yahoo! and MSN was
created but I do wonder if MSN Messenger will instead become a bit like
a multi-protocol client (Trillian, Gaim, etc.) and require you to also
have a Yahoo! Messenger account.

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  1. Is there any sites that can sign me into msn cuz im at skool and it dnt let me go on ANY sites 🙁 iv tryed meebo and nrly EVRY site possible. i NEED to go on msn itz my life!! PLZ xx

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