2006's predictions

At the start of the year, I made a few predictions for 2006:

Crazy Frog crazyness will cease.
Well, this has kinda happened. I mean the ringtone isn’t on TV all the time and nobody has it as their ringtone anymore. He released a single this Christmas and it went nowhere…

Less "AJAX"/"Web 2.0" hype as most people realize that most "Web 2.0" products aren’t really that great.
Hasn’t really happened. The Web 2.0 bubble still seems to be going strong.

People will begin finding more useful uses of XmlHttpRequest and related rich internet application technologies.
A lot of the stupidity has disappeared and people are now using XmlHttpRequest for some great things.

Internet Explorer 7 gets released to reviews of "a big improvement but not doesn’t match Firefox". Firefox continues growing. Opera will probably gain some marketing share too.
IE7 has been released but most critics still prefer Firefox. Opera has gained some market share on mobiles and the Wii and has launched a marketing campaign for the PC browser.

Freeview continues to get better. Five are planning a multi channel launch with Five.2 (general entertainment) and Five.3 (movies) whilst ITV plan to launch a kids channel. More great TV shows and if I had my way, X Factor would be cancelled. However, I doubt it’s likely.
X Factor is still around. Freeview has got a bit better over the last year.

Sunny Boy starts blogging more and stops getting Mozilla Corporation and Foundation confused in Links.
Kinda true…

Nothing much has happened on the microformat front. 2007 could be a big year for microformats though as there is talk of integrating it into Firefox.

No one can be bothered to upgrade to PHP 5 because there is nothing new which is particularly useful. Talk of PHP 6 also slows down PHP 5 adoption.
PHP 5 hasn’t seen mass adoption by the market. Haven’t heard too much talk about PHP 6.

More people stop waiting for XHTML 2 and go back to HTML 5 (or use the corresponding XHTML-ized version, XHTML 5.0).
Nobody cares about XHTML 2 anymore.

Blogs get even more popular.
Blogs still growing.

RSS becomes more mainstream with it’s introduction into Vista. Attempts at adding adverts to RSS will fail.
RSS has been adopted in all the major browsers now. RSS advertising hasn’t taken off. Vista still isn’t out of the door…

More crazy weather.
We had some stupidly hot weather over the summer.

Apple are going to continue charging crazy money and their products are going to become more popular.

Intel revival.
Intel is no longer seen as if they are following AMD’s lead. Core Processors are great.

Google keeps on adding new features and becomes more like Yahoo! doing everything from music to video.
They do cinema reviews, maps, word processing and finance.

The island of Samoa adopts PageRank as it’s national currency.
Hasn’t happened… not yet.

2 thoughts on “2006's predictions

  1. "PHP 5 hasn’t seen mass adoption by the market. Haven’t heard too much talk about PHP 6."

    I think I’ll have to disagree with this one. I’ve seen more and more talks concerning PHP 5 Development, and watching web hosts, more and more are starting to adopt PHP 5 since it’s been supported by cPanel. The Zend Framework has helped PHP 5’s adoption in Developers a bit more than some people realize, I think.

    With PHP 6’s Unicode support up to 54% (as of the last time I checked), we’ll probably see a preview release sometime around March or April (that’s a wild guess). I’m really really concerned about backwards compatibility (or lack thereof) in PHP 6, right now.

    Anyway. Happy New Year! 🙂 

  2. It’s funny you should mention Five, because they recently started 2 new channels. Five US – which is Five showing all US shows (pretty good as well) and Five Life – which is Five showing home improvement shows (gardening, moving house, all the day-time TV stuff). I watch Five a lot more now, especially as I’ve just (accidentally) discovered Prison Break.

    I agree, I’ve not really considered PHP 5, I’d rather wait until PHP 6 when there is a forced reception. For some reason I just see PHP 6 as a greater leap. It’s good that there will be very poor backwards compatibility, as it will force a quicker changeover.

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