Happy New Year!

The whole world is now in 2007! We managed to get through 2006 even with all the doom-sayers predicting the end of the world. London really welcomed 2007 with an impressive display of fireworks and pyrotechnics this year even though the weather caused much of the celebrations in the UK to be cancelled.

To all, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.  

My predictions for 2007: 

  • We see some real action on climate change. At the moment, we’re sleepwalking into disaster. Something has to change, and 2007 is the year.
  • Windows Vista gets released but adoption is going to be slow as Microsoft isn’t communicating improvements in Vista particularly well to the normal person (yet, anyway)
  • The death of personal blogs on sites such as Blogger and WordPress. Personal blogs integrated with social networking on sites such as MySpace and LiveJournal will become more popular.
  • The blogosphere/"techies" will begin to turn against Google as they begin to expand into even more areas. Google won’t be getting the same stupid amount of attention they’ve been getting in the last few years.
  • VoIP won’t take off especially as almost every broadband provider provides free phone calls through your standard phone line.
  • Video on Demand will continue to grow. It’ll make inroads into TV (Wii allows you to watch Youtube on TV for example) and possibly mobile.
  • Consumers will finally encounter DRM in more ways and turn against it. Similarly, record labels encumbered by Apple’s DRM will turn to selling DRM-free music.
  • Apple becomes the new Google in terms of press attention and blogosphere attention.
  • Even more crazy weather.
  • Services such as Pandora and Last FM become more mainstream as they are discovered by consumers. These personalized radio services will eat into the market share of traditional radio services.
  • Linux will still be going nowhere. There is no benefit to the average consumer and although free, the cost to the consumer is still too high.
  • Death of reality TV and manufactured pop stars; music returns to grassroots with sites such as MySpace and the internet.
  • People begin to realise the privacy implications of the internet and there will become a group of people who actively resist it due to privacy.
  • Whilst "normal" blogs may begin to fade out, video blogging or photo blogging may take off. Especially with the ease of taking photos or making videos with mobile phones these days.
  • Explosion in even faster broadband in the UK. 10mbps or up to 24mbps could become the norm with LLU.

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. I think with regards to Linux the world will see it take off more, especially with major changes in the desktop environments such as KDE 4, and a couple of Gnome upgrades and the recent Novell deal with microsoft. 

     There are alot of groups who actively resist the privacy implications from the internet, usually found as offshoots of hacker groups on the internet who give out information on using SSH and other ways of encrypting data and avoiding giving out unnecessary details out via the internet.

     I also don’t think Apple will get that much attention media wise…no one likes them 😛

     I hope the average consumer finally realises the shit storm that is DRM and personally I see that to be one of the reasons people will get more intrested in Linux.

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