Firefox hits 100,000,000 downloads

The Mozilla Press Release and a post at Spread Firefox
announce Firefox has hit 100,000,000 downloads. That’s almost a third of the population of the USA. At the moment the
counter stands at 100,027,614 for me. The 100,000,000th download took
place at Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:13:40 PDT or 17:14:40 GMT.

pretty amazing that Firefox went from being a browser very few people
had heard of one year ago to a browser which has been downloaded
100,000,000 times, has changed the face of the web by making web
designers develop for browsers other than IE, greatly progressed the
web standards movement and delivered a much better browsing experience
for many.

Firefox 1.5 RC will be released soon and the final
release to 1.5 will probably be released around November. Let’s make
the second year and the second release even better and more popular
than before.


   1. November 9, 2004: Firefox 1.0 released
   2. February 16, 2005: 25 million downloads
   3. April 29, 2005: 50 million downloads
   4. July 26, 2005: 75 million downloads
   5. October 19, 2005: 100 million downloads

Some thoughts and reactions from the Mozilla community at Planet Mozilla.

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