Opera 9.0 Preview Released

A preview of Opera 9.0
has been released. It looks like Opera has been tidied up quite a bit
but it’s still quite messy – default bookmarks, menus, Amazon and Price
Comparison search boxes built into the UI, etc. Quite a lot of the user
interface also seems to have been tidied up – Opera is obviously
targeting the Firefox user.

Opera 9 Opera wysiwyg

release adds support for Web Forms 2, canvas, XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0, SVG
1.1 Basic, WYSIWYG editing using designmode (IE, Moz, Opera and Safari
all support it now so there is no reason not to use it) and some other cool stuff.

Meanwhile, the Firefox guys are sending Firefox to the edge of space. “Firefox One” launches on Saturday. What was wrong with the Enterprise?

2 thoughts on “Opera 9.0 Preview Released

  1. It’s  goood..

    Seem a bit quicker than 8.5 as well.
    Hopefully they’ll tidy up the find as well, that sucks.
    EDIT: They at least made the find highlight stand out a bit more..exellent..

    UI still good.

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